Friday, November 04, 2011

I Made a Terrible Mistake

I've not been as active on this blog recently, because, well I just got tired of being snarkastic about politics, when I don't intend to vote. It seemed rather hypocritical to make comments when I don't intend to back them, but then again, I've misjudged myself before and this was one of those times. I, as an American, have every right to make comment, and if I believe casting a vote doesn't make a difference, I have a right to not waste my time. Worse than that, we've been calling it "voting for the lesser of two evils" for two long. The lesser of evil is still evil, so with all that being said, I was wrong to let this blog rest. I made a comment to a friend a while back that somehow in all this GOP Tea, I had a real gut feeling that wasn't a good thing. What I felt was a frightening combination of Perry/Palin to rally and bring the party together in "right outfield." With Sarah's decision to not run, and Perry lagging in the polls, I'm beginning to see that this could indeed come to pass, at least from a campaign perspective. I've got high hopes that Sarah is enjoying the lime light way too much to consider VP again, but she could certainly stay in front of the cameras if she did a bit of campaigning for the Teavangelical candidate. I can't help but wonder if Sarah hasn't stepped back just a bit to see which candidate would need her, Michele or Rick? Looks like Rick has a better chance of passing Romney than Michele, and Sarah's had enough of that "losing ticket" business in 2008. Now that I think Herman Cain has been taken out by "un-friendly fire" of his own party, looks like it's going to take a real rock star like Sarah to rally the party behind the most formidable candidate. To be honest, Romney looks quite presidential in appearance, but most of his policies in power have been quite similar to Obama, and then there's that whole Mormon thing that the Teavangelicals don't like. Sarah's been quiet for quite a while for Sarah . . . I'm thinking the former governor from the north is going to participate with the governor from the south and see if the combination of the two biggest states in the union doesn't land another Texan in the White House. Then again, I could just be overly pessimistic by now.
. . . but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn. a Proverb of Holy Scripture
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