Monday, May 30, 2005

What Happened to the Unions?

We all remember when President Reagan fired and replaced the air traffic control union, when they went on strike. And I am sure there are some interesting statistics regarding air transportation safety since that decision, but that is just one of many examples of the loss of the power of the unions. Of course, now that air transportation is primarily in the hands of the government, I guess the union discussion is a moot point. You know, Jimmy Hoffa wasn't the only problem for the Teamsters. So much highway regulation and the price of gasoline has certainly weakened the most powerful organization ever known in the American work force. And remember when the baseball players went on strike? Baseball has never fully recovered, but there is an interesting fact that relates to both union workers and Hispanic immigrants, even in baseball. Now that our President has explained that workers from Mexico are here finding and working at jobs that Americans apparently won't do. Now I get it!!! The labor force from Mexico has many positive points when compared to the union. To a Republican President, that is. Please let me clarify . . . I am not refering to Mexican Americans, I am speaking of illegal immigrants in which the present administration simply chooses to turn a blind eye. The immigrant work force does work for less, thus saving corporate funds. The immigrant work force doesn't demand health benefits, ever notice the signs in the hospital reception area, guaranteeing free health care at the costliest level possible? Why, the immigrant worker doesn't even have to remain a member of the work force very long, if they figure out the American housing and grant system. But once, established the real preference for the illegal work force over union labor is: the union was ALWAYS democrat, while the immigrant workers tend to be conservative in their politics. What an interesting way to finally be able to manage the voice of the "grateful" work force, as well as company and corporate . . .
. . . we will be in bondage to Pharaoh

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

America's Definition of Dangerous Criminal?

It's official, the "run away bride" will be charged. The grand jury has made a decision. But in the same month, a judge threw out and called a mistrial on the soldier - England, in the Abu Ghraib torture scandal. Is any one else embarrassed by this or at least confused? A woman that either felt the pressure of a gala event or went to Vegas for a last hurrah is now possibly facing 5+ years prison because an officer "listened in" on a phone conversation and taped it [with or without her knowledge?] between boyfriend and girlfriend that obviously had some issues.
A woman is now dismissed from facing a possible 2-11 years, and they were saying not more than 2, because her boyfriend told her she was participating in a training film . . . Does anyone else find this reprehensible and illogical, or has everyone been just been dumbed down and severely numbed?
I am serious, I am casting the gauntlet. Anyone who does not find absolute illogic and a deplorable definition of right and wrong between these two cases of American justice is an absolute idiot.
Let me explain this succinctly.
A woman in the military willingly had her picture taken in "compromising" circumstances while questionable treatment of prisoners was captured on film. Her boyfriend testified in her trial, after she pled guilty, and the judge declared a mistrial.
Another woman, getting ready for an indulgently elaborate wedding decided to skip out and call her boyfriend with a lame story three days later is now facing felony charges because a town decided to look for her long before a missing person's report could be filed and without doing any real investigating, like at the bus station or cab company, yet her fiance' made the observation of potential cold feet the first day. Well, here in the heart of the definition of earthly justice, she is going to trial.
Oh, and let's consider one more issue between the women.
The notoriety at Abu Ghraib caused international fall out, complications, and uprisings, and flat out fueled the hatred for acts of insurgency.
The 'run away bride' caused embarrassment and a town full of concerned people and nosey authorities to spend a little extra time and money.
If this is how America is going to define crime, no wonder the leaders are having to release the sex offenders with only a month's worth of viagra, to make room for the real dangerous elements of society, like unmotivated potheads.
Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil . . . Isaiah 5:20a. Holy Bible

Monday, May 23, 2005

I Want My Money Back!

Well, I suppose everyone has now heard that our government has made yet another "questionable error." It has been discovered that medicare and medicaid funding has provided Viagra for sex offenders. Now, you might say, "I can't believe that." And to that I would reply, "Why not? This is America, are you new?" We fund more questionable causes than we can count and we downright contribute to ongoing problems every day. If the American federal government didn't provide grant money to enable, do you realize how many more people would be in the unemployment line?
But that isn't our topic today. . . Giving Viagra to sex offenders, when the diabetics and 40+ alcoholics have to pay for it! . . . Where is the justice? Where is the fairness? I read Hugh Hefner is a great proponent of Viagra, but he pays for it. And it's interesting that the religious right continues to find someone else to blame, while supporting leaders that allow this sort of atrocity. Giving, and I do mean giving, Viagra to a sex offender is like handing a pyromaniac a book of matches. What are "the powers" thinking? What is their excuse? . . . as if there was one.
As a tax payer, I want my money back. This misappropriation of funds should not be funded by the hard working Americans that pay taxes. This error needs to be accounted for. How much damage has actually been done? Not only have "the powers that be" wasted, no worse than wasted, our money; how many more victims have been victimized because our government provided the "empowerment" to cause victimization? As a person that does not utilize medication at all, nor do I condone the use there of, I am particularly offended. I have watched for years, as my tax dollars get pumped into medical research, and I have no say. I have also watched for years as doctors are held unaccountable, and now our politicians have capped medical malpractice suits, so they can continue to be held unaccountable. And now, doctors have prescribed and politicians have authorized VIAGRA and given me the bill.
You know, if the average businessmen in America did business like doctors and politicians, they would be out of business.
every man did that which was right in his own eyes.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

I See London, I See France . . .

And Homeland Security can see through underpants!

After seeing and reading about Saddam Hussein in the same week as I got to hear about our latest security proposal, I gotta tell ya . . . It sounds like our leaders can justify things that would mortify Hugh Hefner! As a woman that has already gotten her share of security groping with the "hands on" method, I have to admit, I'll be letting my passport go dormant, soon.
Now here's an idea . . . Maybe they could have hospital personnel run air port security and just take care of an annual physical before you travel. And you know, they could combine the vaccinations with the veri-chip and mamogram with air security and TV church on Walmart's in-store info-monitors, and who knows what next. Do I sound cynical? I sincerely hope so! I cannot believe all the revolting things that are being presented to the American public and they are just thrilled at how much our leaders care about our safety. It's as if, the special group of followers of "the powers that be" become more pleased with their leaders as our privacy and rights are diminished. And you can tell who they are. People that support this present administration are for the most part, the people that have always seen that others needed to be corraled and hemmed in, for their own sake of course. And they have done their best to take that duty upon themselves for years. It's as if their beloved leaders have personally given them a respite. Okay, now I am combining the lovely trait of sarcasm with cynicism. I'll attempt to rein myself in, before they have to start a new cabinet post for the likes of me.
Now a word about Saddam, if that's really who he is. You know, when I heard the "authorized version" of his capture, I didn't believe it was Saddam, but now that I have heard the quieted but not quite silenced story, maybe it is him. At any rate . . . His entire detaining cell is under surveillance 24/7. Not just the door and window, if there is one, but the whole cell. Maybe some member of the "powers that be" is afraid he might "off" himself, before judgment and punishment can be administered.
Our military is spread around the world and involved in two wars. How can they possibly have time for the Abu Ghraib behavior or freeze-framing video tape of Saddam? What is our military being taught? Or are things so desperate that anyone can now "qualify to serve" in the military?
I hesitate to ask "what's next" because they undoubtedly have it in the works as soon as the general public will shut up and take what's good for them.
And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Motivation + Achievement = Taxation

Now we are doing the math, yes? Here in our town, we have come across a real sore spot between the "powers that be" and those of us who live under the "powers that be." The city has insisted upon a community appearance program in which the tax paying property owners have been pushed and prodded and oppressed to the point of no return. You simply would not believe the number of places For Sale! Then when the property owner relents and attempts to make the improvements, we find the county is assessing all the improvements and telling us that increases the value of the property. Wrong!!! What that increases is our taxes, plain and simple, and nothing more. Now don't forget that we are also the ones that are attempting to "help" all the less fortunate and underprivileged, which amounts to nothing more than meeting the demands of an already overly demanding government. Did you ever think a government official would use the same manipulation as your mom and try to make you feel guilty for what someone else has, while still making you feel that it is your freedom and opportunity [well actually, obligation] to achieve? Of course, with this enabling demanding leadership at the top, what do we expect? And for those of us who would like to contribute, how do we just sit back and suck up law suits, disability labels and entitlements? I am actually related to a disabled secretary that "can't" perform her previous employment duties, but can do any other kind of work and document data for any other cause, other than of course, honest employment. And, she has all the entitlements of being disabled.
Now back to realizing our "freedom to pay taxes" has become nothing more than a penalty for achieving. You know, there is really nothing more that needs to be said. That really says it all, now, doesn't it?
But require them to make the same number of bricks as before; don't reduce the quota. . . Make the work harder . . .

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

No Free Lunch!

Anyone that still believes there is no free lunch has never been to St. Joseph, MO or probably countless other American inner cities that are getting huge government grants for charity. As a property owner and tax payer, I'm exhausted. You see, we are among the Americans that are still trying to achieve and contribute, [the true minority] while also showing compassion and charity, and you know, the demands are really intense from both directions. As I catered, and I do mean catered, to the line at the food kitchen today, I realized there is a real problem in our country. Many people have just decided they will never contribute, only receive. I am absolutely shocked and amazed at the number of able bodied people that expect a hand-out and don't find any shame in that. I am also shocked at the amount of food that isn't eaten, but gets scraped into the garbage, at the FREE food kitchen. And the recipients make no bones about it, of course neither do those in administration. As we have all become aware, there is no shame in begging any more, it's big business and even bigger government administration. This administration and beggar relationship is much more secure than company/union ever was. And for those of us who believe we should help those that are less privileged, just who has defined privileged or under privileged? Is someone that doesn't pay taxes or maintain property, yet has a warm dry place to live and three meals a day served to them, without having to go to the market or wash a dish really less privileged? Couldn't all this effort and expense actually be used to help children or people that are really disabled? As I saw those people go through the line today, demanding, yes demanding certain desserts or fuller beverages, etc., I thought to myself, they don't have to pay an increased property assessment, why they don't even have to buy outrageously priced gasoline for a mower. And, when it's all said and done, they get to cash a monthly check and ask me for a receipt on their rent, because renters can file short form and recieve a credit. When was the last time a married couple with a mortgage had that privilege? No Free Lunch! is a cliche that is well on it's way to retirement, but undoubtedly there will be no pension and no government subsidy.
the sluggard buries his hand in the dish; he is too lazy to bring it back to his mouth

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Sometimes I hear things that just seem too outlandish for the news, and then I remember, I live in America. Without free speech and freedom of the press, I wouldn't be writing this. And I certainly don't want to be monitored and censored, but journalists and politicians have really outdone themselves this week. When I read that Dr. Rice had referred to the Koran with the adjective "holy," I tried to check it out, but never found any tangible print. So, then one must begin to sort the red and blue herrings. Did somebody throw that out there to get the heat off of the Newsweek article. I mean really, where are the religious right? Can you believe that someone in America in national politics called another religion's book holy and the religious right did nothing? So, I'm thinking, maybe that "holy" adjective wasn't used after all. And I just don't know what Newsweek was thinking. Have they forgotten that when the fundamentalists of another religion get angry, decapitations take place? If they are angry at America's politicians, fine, write an article about that, blog if they have to! But America's journalists and photographers need to remember, there are other people that will pay the price, so get the story straight. Retractions just don't have the same power that headlines do.
Now, back to the politicians and the event. I actually heard a quote from White House Press Secretary, Scott McClellan, on a republican radio station use the adjective "holy" in referring to the Muslim book. I can't believe that, I don't want to believe that. When was the last time any of the "persons of faith" at the White House even referred to the Bible as Holy? Just what is the faith of our leaders?
And as far as Newsweek goes, apparently they didn't get far enough in the story to consider the ramifications of such an act on the plumbing. I do not know the dimensions of the Koran, but I really don't think a Newsweek would flush.

But as He which hath called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manner of conversation; Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy I Peter 1:15, 16 Holy Bible

Monday, May 16, 2005

Whose Side Are We Really On?

I realize it is "politically correct" to be somewhat skeptical regarding Israel and her rights in the Middle East. Some are downright indignant against Israel. After having been there and seeing for myself, I am as pro-Israel as ever. I believe America's religious right present a pro-Israel facade that is actually causing some of the "anti" sentiments. That is not a typo for Semitism. The American Presbyterians were the first to pull back from supporting Israel and if I am not mistaken, Dr. Condaleezza Rice and Dr. Bill Frist are both Presbyterian. And in all fairness, the Democrats actually do attempt to present the Palestinians to be the displaced victims. With all that being said, I am pro-Israel, simply because the Bible very clearly outlines the geographical borders of the nation of Israel and they have no where near that amount of land, anyway. Much of the land that President Bush is pushing Prime Minister Sharon to "give up" was actually purchased years ago, and even what was won in the Six Day War, was won. Nobody in Britian or the US, is calling the geography of the 13 colonies, occupied land. Let's get real, here. America has done nothing but encourage and push Israel to make concessions our leaders wouldn't dream of doing. And America hasn't really been kind or forthright about this. As already stated, we have the religious and powerful that are actually participating in a ban against Israel. Our President proclaims in the face of terrorism, "we won't relent and we do not negotiate with terrorists." But his advice to Prime Minister Sharon has been very different. I can't believe the hypocrisy. President Bush's followers can't get along with other Americans of a different party, and this is the man that thinks he can bring peace to two peoples that have been enemies for over 4,000 years? That would bring me to another reference in Scripture. The Messiah promised to bring peace when He returns and anyone else that promises is speaking lies. If only the . . . And then we get to the promises and the funding for the Palestinians. Dr. Rice mentioned that they should have a land that is contiguous. Which means, if the Gaza Strip and Golan Heights and West Bank are to connect, Israel will give up much more and basically be surrounded by a people that do not want to acknowledge the existence of Israel. And the Palestinians have been promised $200 million American dollars in their establishment efforts. Think about this, I have examples that compare. Say someone is suing your best friend and you hire the lawyer for the one filing the law suit . . . Say your best friend gets a divorce from someone whom you have called a real jerk and then you start keeping time with your friend's ex. Just how does a nation rationalize funding the enemy of an ally?
He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Political Correctness?

I looked up the definition on WordWeb . . .

Political Correctness: Avoidance of expressions or actions that can be perceived to exclude or marginalize or insult people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against

Political Incorrectness: The use of expressions or actions that can be perceived to exclude or marginalize or insult groups who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against

Isn't it interesting that the party that attempts and strives for political correctness is now socially disadvantaged?

And isn't it also interesting that the controlling party with majority favor finds political incorrectness to be a virtue?

If a man shuts his ears to the cry of the poor, he too will cry out and not be answered.

Monday, May 02, 2005

What is the Law Regarding Cold Feet?

Well, here we are, America making national headlines out of what, forty years ago, would have been beauty shop gossip. Now, granted, we all have an opinion of how we would have better handled the situation, and I am sure many opinions are much more responsible than Jennifer’s choice, but all of us with opinions weren’t in her shoes. But, I am really getting concerned about the fact that meddling expenses may be entitled to reimbursement and adults are no longer free to leave town if they choose. The laws are getting interesting. It wasn’t so long ago that a missing persons report couldn’t even be filed on an adult for 48 hours. And I don’t know a person alive that doesn’t know somebody that pulled some sort of questionable stunt regarding marriage. Remember an old Dick Van Dyke Show, in which Laura finally admitted she had lied about her age on the marriage license application? What would we do with the “likes of her” now? I did find it ironic in this woman’s situation, that in running out on a marriage, she went to the “marriage capital” of the country; Las Vegas. So, is this a matter of cold feet? Did she want to see how simple an elopement in Vegas was compared to a guest list of 600 with 14 attendants? I hear all the talk about her potential problems in what she did and I think, sure, this wasn’t a stable move, but . . . When I read Friday that she called from New Mexico and finally told the truth or the version they are accepting, there were no charges expected from the Albuquerque police, I thought ok, she’s really only been missing 3 days, less than a full day after a missing person’s official filing. Once again, not stable, her relationship is probably in jeopardy, but . . . The city is considering billing or suing for searching costs, when a great deal of the manpower was volunteers? Now, some prosecutor in Georgia wants to see if she broke a law? With all these questions in the air, now, I have a few. I am not in any way attempting to rationalize her behavior, but she’s not the only one that I am having trouble understanding.
With this frantic search, and she is home and alive, what would have been better results? and don’t forget, she’s the one that made the call, no one found her!
I remember cold feet being mentioned right away, so are city and county government now entitled to recoup funds they claim were used when there was no reason to begin the search? Is it now going to be illegal to lie to your boyfriend? Is it going to be illegal in Georgia to lie in another state? You do know, this will help the proponents of the National ID agenda, and for that I will say, she has done her part to ruin it for everyone else, but other than that . . . Men have gone to the store for cigarettes and never come back, women have left husbands, lock, stock and barrel with no note. And before all our security programs, would we have considered after finding someone alive and unharmed, to find a way to “book ’em?”
It is an honor for a man to cease from strife: but every fool will be meddling

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