Thursday, May 30, 2013

Interesting Coincidence

I realize I've been leaning heavily against Monsanto, but my stand isn't just AGAINST, I'm standing FOR quite a bit, also. I believe we need to get back to the basics designed by our Creator, before it's too late. From the headlines, I'd say we better hurry. Now, realizing the chance of Big Corporations actually changing their ways, is slim to none, we as individuals can at least see what's happening and make a reasonable decision. My decision was repentance and running back to the garden . . . and sharing what I can with whomever is interested and inquires.

This man shouldn't have had to fight the government to do what he's been doing. The USDA and FDA should be protecting him, rather than what he went through. Vernon Hershberger, is a man who appears to be working according to the regulation of a greater power than Big Corp and corrupt government. I do like it when the good guys win . . . and now the other guys.

There have been some very disturbing connections that I believe are far beyond coincidental. Donald Rumsfeld has been the subject of my searches through the years, as well as Clarence Thomas, and now Michael R. Taylor joins their ranks. These three men have a particular professional presence as well as shared career opportunities. They have enjoyed the revolving door between representing Monsanto's interests and government power. Now, of course, there has been no "conflict of interest," just interesting appointments and opportunities between Big business, and Big government, and interestingly it crosses party lines.

Donald Rumsfeld seemed the most defined by party. He was in the private sector through the transition when government began to work for business. When he left the position of Secretary of Defense in the 70's, he became president of GD Searle Co. That company is no longer officially in business, but it brought us aspartame and the approval thereof through his leadership and good republican connections in the White House through the Reagan administration. GD Searle Co managed to acquire several pharmaceutical sibsidiaries before it became a part of Monsanto.

Clarence Thomas was an attorney in St. Louis, and just like Mr. Taylor, one of the clients of his firm was Monsanto. Now, I'm not being conspiranoid here to say, it has to be convenient to have Mr. Thomas on the Supreme Court when Monsanto does lose a case in a lower level court. Monsanto can afford to appeal all the way to the Supreme Court, while the independent farmer loses the case he first won. And of course, there's no reason Judge Thomas should recuse himself, right . . . Keep in mind, while this present administration appears to be running wild, our president still answers to Big business. Clarence Thomas has been on that bench since the first Bush administration.

Now comes Michael R. Taylor. He's been a bit bolder in his use of the revolving door. He goes straight to it. He was in government in the late 70's FDA specifically, as a staff attorney, then went private practice through the Reagan years and managed to get some things changed to redefine risk managment in food additives, lessening the restrictions and oversight . . . Went straight back into FDA accepting a "newly created position" in 1991. Although his name doesn't appear on everything he co-authored, he did a lot to lessen the labeling and reduce restrictions. He moved to the USDA in 1994 and remained there until he temporarily returned to private practice before becoming Vice President for Public Policy at Monsanto, until 2000.

He's been at a think tank since then, until he re-entered politics as Senior Advisor to the FDA Commisioner in 2009. On January 13, 2010, he was appointed to another newly created post at the FDA, this time as Deputy Commissioner for Foods. It almost seems his illustrious career has been one of strategically pressing interests of Biotechnology by way of government oversight. Having now held two newly created posts appointed by Presidents of both parties, Mr. Taylor appears to be quite the bi-partisan trail blazer, while the people are getting burned.

They that did feed delicately are desolate in the streets . . . a Prophet's Lament of Holy Scripture

Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Lab in Tornado Alley

Hoof and mouth disease has been eradicated in this country because some very wise people or person made a very wise decision years and years ago. Please allow me to share this awesome information and the upcoming plans.

On a little island off of New York, there is a lab that has been run so efficiently and cautiously that hoof and mouth disease has been basically eradicated in this country, as well as other strains of potentially dangerous disease has been analyzed. The stringency of the protocol has been beyond hospital OR standards. All lab uniforms have remained in that facility, with employees changing, showering, etc. upon leaving. I read if an employee wants to take their kids to the circus, they have to take a vacation to do so. There have been no chances taken, and no precaution overlooked to keep the herds of America safe from hoof and mouth disease.

Now fast forward to this new millenium and the decision that the facility in the harbor was outdated. First there was the big contest as to where the new one would be built. Are you ready? Manhattan, KS won. The building is due to commence in less than a year.

This bothers me on many levels.
First, there is the trust issue of questioning, who in the world with a position of authority, ever nominated one of the agricultural centers of the Midwest to be the new home of death and disease?
Second, Manhattan, KS is in the heart of farm and range country, so rather than isolating a potential problem, any possible leaks could leave the herds of the country in jeopardy.
Third, the possibility of putting down livestock on a precautionary basis wouldn't surprise me at all, especially if there are still any independent ranchers in the vicinity.
Fourth, weather can be affected, even engineered, and the far reaching effects or potential fallout, if you will, is not yet understood. We don't know if making snow in Colorado could adversely affect weather in Kansas.
Fifth, it will, in all probability, cause the official registering of animals and probably microchipping, which will put a lot of independents out of business, due to cost alone, or deeply in debt with no possible sign of recovery. Just where is the fine line between the marking of the beasts and the mark of the beast?

Sixth, it brings out an attitude in me that is somewhere between paranoid and cynical, certainly less than spiritual, that just wants to stand up and scream, "Didn't any of you Bozos in charge ever see the Wizard of Oz?"

Seventh, we've seriously seen the devastation of EF5 tornadoes and claiming to be able to build a structure that can withstand the strongest winds in tornado alley sounds dangerously akin to the statement made about the Titanic being unsinkable.

For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind . . . a Prophet of Holy Scripture

Monday, May 20, 2013

Big Brother, Why Art Thou?

Is it Washington DC politics, or is the White House just a decoy to distract? Washington politics is openly dirty and the legal shenanigans of politicians, for the most part goes unchecked, so why is it that our leaders can be so "transparent" in their disrespect, while "we the people" are being held, constantly, to the ridiculous status of potential criminals? A blatant disregard of tax laws pervaded the appointments of this administration, yet the offenders were still appointed, while children are being labeled criminals at an early age with records that will haunt them the rest of their lives. What is wrong with this picture?

Clearly right and wrong are not the issue and respect of the law is irrelevant. Are the real "powers that be" just seeing what we will put up with and the bondage we will endure, as long as we can choose political sides to blame? Why is it, that our elected and appointed leaders are no longer expected to set a standard?

The IRS is of course gaining power and according to the implications of mandated health care, soon to be a real source of job creation. I can't remember how many new agents will be needed to process the health care mandate. Not to mention, how many full time jobs can be created to make life difficult for political activism. Maybe they'll just give bonuses and overtime for that. Keep in mind the IRS is not actually part of the government, but "hired" to collect and tabulate taxes.
While the IRS is being ramped up to keep the ordinary citizens in fearful obligatory obedience, I'm reminded of the number of appointed politicians we now have lording over us, who didn't have to live in obligation or obedience. I remember, it seemed, every other appointee had a little tax matter to clear up.

While politicians continue to have their own special rules, about allowing ambassadors to die, avoiding taxes, stock piling ammo and creating Executive Orders while tabling and re-voting between vacations, we have real crime to deal with, and across America, we are teaching our children . . .

Contained in this article are some general observation of how the public schools are teaching our children.

Audibly burping in class is rude, no doubt. Actually it's more than an etiquette offense or bad manners, in New Mexico it's a misdemeanor if that alleged accusation is worded properly. In this case the official charge at the time of his booking: “interfering with public education.” Yes, according to the lawsuit filed, he was booked.

Now comes the horrific "crime" of doodling Although, using a marker does indicate something needed to be addressed in this doodling issue, the old school remedy would have been cleaning all the desks, working with the custodian after school or at recess, something reasonable that showed cause and effect. Zero tolerance has turned into zero common sense and certainly is not teaching children that their actions require remedy, but rather are desensitizing them to the justice system, and public education which in this case, both look incredibly stupid.
In all fairness I want to post this link that reports some states are re-evaluating their zero tolerance policies. The article indicated that it may have dawned upon a few folks that zero tolerance has the sum total of zero common sense, as well.

A Standout Student was suspended for the rest of her senior year over taking the wrong lunch to school. She and her dad both say the lunches got mixed up in the morning and nobody realized it until the school searched the lunchboxes for drugs and found the paring knife and whole apple. The father said the paring knife was in there to slice his apple through his lunch, but the school saw it differently because the girl hadn't "confessed" before they found it. Personally, I wouldn't want these kind of people teaching my child. So, she's finishing her senior year online and been charged with a misdemeanor. I'm sure some college, will understand . . .

This next story just makes my blood boil on too many levels. Maybe kids are having so many labels because they simply do not know how to cope with so much stupidity surrounding them. Maybe kids wouldn't have so many disorders and labels if they could just play outdoors in June . . .

Possible sex crime? I cannot believe a 56 year old was a part of making this report? As a 55 year old, all I can say is "Did this educator attend public school in the US, growing up?" "Were they involved in society at all, as a child?" Should someone who apparently does not know the difference between someone who is enamoured and someone who is accosting, be in a position of authority? What in the world is a person this inept in regard to human behavior doing working with children or in education?
Sexual battery Here is another example of adults with no sense.

I'm going to use this last example to bring it on home to my title question. Now a five year old gets a knock on the door, because some cop is "just following orders" because some librarian has her panties in a bunch and executive cabinet appointees can just pay their taxes, when they get caught? Does America really need to be using the brutish man power to intimidate children when adult legislators are evading taxes. I'm guessing economically speaking, collecting the taxes from some high power politicians is a better use of government dollars than cops collecting library fines. Overdue library books and uncollected fines can be charged as a misdemeanor, whereas I believe tax evasion was what put Al Capone in prison

Here is a quote from the New Testament in the words of Messiah regarding the treatment of children.
It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones. the Gospel according to Luke 17:2

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Riddle Me This . . .

Basement Gardening Bust photo from AP

The man in the article linked above was a simple law abiding citizen of our country, specifically Kansas. As a matter of fact, he and his wife both had CIA clearance at one time . . . I have also included an alternative media link regarding the new Kansas legislation about guns, as well as a newspaper link covering the legislation and the Attorney General's response. Wichita Eagle

All of this has truly raised a very significant question, in my mind. I've included also included a link citing the Bill of Rights for those of us trying to remember them and see if any of them still exist anywhere except as a historical document.

Now, what would have happened to this man in Leawood, Kansas if he had chosen to exercise his Second Amendment rights to protect his Fourth Amendment rights?

Even if he were holding a gun made and sold in Kansas and Eric Holder had not written a letter to the Governor, I think we all have a pretty good idea of what would have happened if he'd even attempted, in his own home, to stand on the Bill of Rights. This big gun control debate is nothing more than yet another way to divide the people over something that is already gone.

Also included is a photo from Watertown, MS, Friday, April 19, 2013.

What makes you think we still have the rights of the Second Amendment?

If a ruler hearken to lies, all his servants are wicked. a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Tower of Babel?

This new and higher World Trade Center building truly bears a great many similarities to the tower described in Genesis 11. It is in the same city as the UN, Wall Street and it's been a source of "coming together" to disagree and accommodate in a politically correct manor. While the debate of a "Ground Zero" mosque has continued to be in the forefront, we've overlooked some amazing similarities to our very own tower of babel, right here in America.

First, "they" always throw something emotional and controversial out to start the big division, knowing full well already, the course that will be taken. This is done to keep "we the people" busy and not noticing what else is transpiring. It's the exact same principle as keeping a room full of kindergarteners playing "I spy" while the custodian looks for the snake that escaped from the fifth grade science class. Those kindergarteners are looking at and for everything in the room except a snake!

Upon reading this link, a revelation truly hit me. While the religiously assured have all eyes on the UN and all blame on Obama, we've lost sight of the real power that prevails. Scripture doesn't say false religions are the root of all evil. And Scripture doesn't say false peace organizations are the root of all evil. Scripture says, "The love of money is the root of all evil." It's the New World Trade Center. How far is this from Wall Street or the UN? I've always had a sickening feeling that the UN was just a decoy or at the most, the enforcement arm of the real power. Maybe it's the fig tree leafing out, to which Messiah referred as a sign of the last generation before His return. I don't know, but we do know material riches is the one topic in which no one can find any discrepency throughout Messiah's teachings and Paul's writings . . . That in itself should be significant to New Testament believers. No matter how you interpret "grace" love of wealth is still the straight line between evil and loss of your soul.

Has the Prosperity Gospel caused us to miss this important fact? No doubt the UN is a part of bringing the world together in common issues, yet these issues are all divisive. Undoubtedly there is significant moves of ecumenicism between all religions, as well as greater animosity building. There is no question that the perpetual motion of the economy is keeping the world bustling, yet with all the talk of even distribution of wealth, it won't ever happen. Even distribution of wealth will not happen for two very clear and simple reasons. First, the very wealthy are not going to just share, and by very wealthy, I'm not just talking about the 1%. Even in the Middle Class, people do not want their wealth redistributed either, and those impoverished may not have money but often cling the tightest to their possessions. Although we all have different reasons and can easily see where someone else could and should, the bottom line is; people do cling to earthly things, like them, and simply do not want to share.

This will be the area of mankind that beckons the greatest control and monitoring. This New World Trace Center is by Scriptural definition a "high place," a tribute unto ourselves, a modern tower of babel. This monument unto confusion may very likely cast it's shadow on the UN and provide shelter for Wall Street.

And when Y'hshuwah saw that he was very sorrowful, he said, How hardly shall they that have riches enter into the kingdom of G-d!

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