Monday, February 01, 2016


The allegations against Bill Cosby have caused me some serious skepticism as well as motivated me to a bit of soul searching.  I've been a Bill Cosby fan since I can remember.   Although I didn't really get into "I Spy" as a kid, I did enjoy it later in syndication. He and Robert Culp were great!  As a kid in the 60s, I remember sitting in my Aunt and Uncle's bedroom listening to Bill Cosby comedy records, he and the Smother's Brothers.  While the grown ups were out in the living room discussing religion and politics, or playing cards, I was laughing at Bill Cosby talking about Noah's ark.  Then there were the HBO days, and Dr. Huxtable; which was still in syndication until these ancient allegations became current mainstream news.

Here are my thoughts on the matter, and no one has to agree.  There is a serious difference between forced against one's will, and; later regrets.  I know, I've had both . . . and I do not believe in blaming the victim.  There are many men who buy a drink or dinner for a lady with hopes of ending the date the next morning.  If they succeed in that plan, although; it isn't morally right, it isn't rape.  The morality of our society has caused many to take a very casual approach to sex, but casual sex does not constitute rape.  Casual sex is fornication according to Scriptural morality, but casual sex is also consensual.   I was not a Covenant believer until I was 36 years old, so my morals were not based upon Scripture.  I had my own definition of morality and I didn't sleep around casually, per se, but I wasn't always living a chaste life, either.

As I've read the stories about Bill Cosby, I've noticed a couple of things, one about myself, and the other about his accusers.  First and foremost, I was a Bill Cosby fan, and if I were a young woman aspiring fame and fortune in Hollywood, he'd be a very good connection . . . Bottom line, women will use sex for professional advancement.  Heck, women use sex for a profession!  If I were hoping to become famous with my own standard of morality; and Mr. Cosby showed the least bit of interest in me, no drugs would be necessary and the sex would be completely consensual.  I'm not saying I should be proud of that, but if I were in that world, it is a very honest assessment.  I was not a believer in my 20s, nor was I a virgin, and I'd be lying if I said I would decline an opportunity to be with a famous man of whom I was a fan.  The simple fact is, I've had consensual sex for much lower aspirations!

The accusers seem to have a common theme as well, except in the case of Kurt Cameron, and he was promoting a movie at the time he jumped on the accusation bandwagon . . . The common theme in the women, is a lack of fame.  I've never heard of any of those women, who are now claiming rape.  Obviously to be in Mr. Cosby's company at one time, they had to be in the social circle of Hollywood, or trying to access acceptance.  I can't help but wonder if things just didn't turn out as they'd hoped, or even as Mr. Cosby may have claimed.   Mr. Cosby had no business having sex with these women, but that doesn't mean it was rape.  Later regret, still doesn't remove the possibility that it was consensual at the time.  Women have been having sex for centuries to secure a future or a career, not to mention just the opportunity to be with a star.  So many allegations, really sound more like bitter middle aged women with regrets.

 Thou shalt not commit adultery.  Torah of Holy Scripture

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