Monday, November 30, 2009


I can't help but be curious about the accident involving Tiger Woods. Oh sure, the timing and the circumstances seem to just scream "tabloid material," but I was really more curious about the involvement of the Highway Patrol. Here in our state, the only reason any law enforcement officials come on private property regarding autos is to give a ticket for parking in the disabled space or some sort of wreckless circumstances, like going off the road into someone else's yard or tree. I had no idea the Florida law enforcement had so much available man power. I don't think I have to investigate this situation too thoroughly to detect a few inconsistencies with the Woods' statements and the timing alone indicates a story they don't want investigated. My guess is, Tiger lost control of the SUV when the golf club went through the back window, because Mrs. Tiger is aware of some activity or social life that does not meet her approval. Now, granted, it's only a guess, but considering the fact, there are remote and keyless entries for just about every vehicle on the road, I'm sure she had access to a better mode of entry than a golf club through two windows . . . Considering the fact Mr. Tiger wasn't going fast enough for air bags to deploy, yet got injured, and there is no report of drugs or alcohol, indicates he may have been suddenly distracted. I'm just guessing a golf club through a rear window would be distracting. I'm no detective, but then again, I'm not really seeing that this situation requires a detective. It sounds more like some sort of domestic issue that went beyond the closed doors and then got a bit messy. If it were my call, I'd suggest the detective start investigating more pressing matters in the state, like missing children and loose pythons. We really don't need law enforcement spending their time getting information for the tabloids.
I always end these posts with a Scripture, but something just keeps coming to my mind. A Sunday School teacher asked her class if they each could name one of the Ten Commandments. One of the children raised their hand and stated, "Thou shalt not admit adultery."
. . . wandering about from house to house; and not only idle, but tattlers also and busybodies, speaking things which they ought not. New Testament

Friday, November 20, 2009

Politicizing Greed Doesn't Solve the Problem

Basically, every time I read the headlines, we have one group of people who do not want to pay for the needs of the other group of people and we have the other group of people that think everyone should share, but don't actually have anything of their own to share. Then there's the average American just trying to take care of what they do have to best of their ability and hope their job hangs on, and they can continue to make their house payment and pay their light bill. What I don't understand in a country that supposedly espouses the rule of the majority, how it turns out the extreme minorities on both ends of the argument are the ones that cause legislation on all of us. I don't want health care reform, legislated and I don't really care to be rich. I would like to have just enough to share with those in need. I'm not talking about the perpetual state of needy, which is really sort of greed turned inside out, but just those that hit hard times from time to time while they are trying to take care of their lives. And I'd like just enough to leave an inheritance to my grandchildren some day. I'm not talking a big one, as a matter of fact, I think coming in under the death tax would be great for them and me, but our government truly seems to believe, and this is either side of the aisle, they know better than we do, how to make decisions for our lives. I don't want to live like a high rolling politician, but fortunately that won't be a problem. The high rolling politicians don't want "we the people" living like they do, either. What we the people need to do is realize our dependency is increasing all around. We depend upon the government for almost everything and we depend upon foreign trade for all of our stuff we buy with credit cards. The only thing Americans are managing to decide on their own to make is little Americans, and then either get on some sort of program, or take them to day care to go to work, to buy them stuff.
And having food and raiment let us be therewith content. New Testament

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So Many Books, So Few Still Read

I'm amazed at the number of books that are being written and the continuing increasing level of illiteracy in our country. Well, and those that can read, that simply do not choose to for various reasons like Cable TV and Gameboys. Now that Sarah is on her book tour and Carrie Prejean has come out with her book, I just can't help but think these books will be used as a segue to higher ambitions. I mean it worked for Barack Obama. I can't say much about those that believe they have a "book in them," just waiting to be written, considering I've happened upon to more than one within the depths of my soul, but what happened to the old days when someone really just wrote for the sake of sharing a concept or idea or just the fire in their bones? It seems so many books are written as a stepping stone. I still read, although not as avidly as I used to, but I really don't have any desire to read these two latest books. I love biographies and non-fiction, but I have a real problem with the premise in which both of these books are presented, and I don't know that there is a category for it yet in the Dewey decimal system. I simply don't want to read about someone that has used their body for a career, talk about their deep spiritual convictions against other's lifestyles, nor do I want to read about someone that leaves her kids home to raise themselves because she still needs attention. I guess, as an author that writes, literally from the fire in my bones, I just can't relate to what seems to be the latest motive for writing; power and money. Writing used to be a part of the world of creativity and inspiration, not politics and commerce. Maybe, just maybe, I'll curl up this evening with a book . . . to read or write.
. . . in mine heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones . . . Prophet of Holy Scripture

Monday, November 16, 2009

More Misfiguring

I'm truly beginning to wonder if this present administration has any idea of the value of a dollar. I mean, we all know that American presidents tend to come from pretty comfy backgrounds, or at least, from exceptional opportunities provided by others. We know Clinton came from rather humble beginnings, but he was definitely gleaned and preened for great things, as a young man, by the party. I know, I've seen the pictures. Then there were both of the Bushes around him, both generations were born with a silver spoon in their mouths. But back to the present administration. If he was attending private, foreign schools at the elementary age, he wasn't living the average life, much less the average American life. And from what the campaign revealed, he's had several well made connections along the way to enhance his life of upward mobility. All of the facts, clearly indicate, this man has no idea what a bottom line even is. He doesn't understand the value of the dollar compared to a hard day's work. After reading some foreign reports, it's really quite clear that he values power, authority and opulence enough to risk 30 death threats a day, or rather allow the secret service to prevent or block 30 death threats a day. Even as I type this, I am more convinced that he has no concept of the average American existence of putting bread on the table and a roof over the head of his family. After the incredible miscalculation of the cash for clunkers deal, as in not nearly enough funds to last; we now read that the so-called tax break many people received will have to be paid this year. That's right for the couples that have two incomes or the single that has two jobs or those on social security that also work, that little extra in the paycheck starting last April, may result in a little extra owed on the 1040. Now, I'm not saying he's sinister or doing this to the American public, I just think he's about as familiar with the value of a dollar, as Sarah Palin is about national politics.
For which of you, intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish it? New Testament

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Now I'm Concerned

I had stated in a previous post that I didn't want to turn the rampage at Fort Hood into blog material, but the latest headline has changed my mind. Many of us continue to think of and pray for those that have lost loved ones and for those that continue to recover. I am quite concerned about what I am reading regarding the alleged shooter, however. It seems several superiors were uncomfortable or displeased with his attitude and conversations and there had been some security concerns about him. I read that he was actually sent to Fort Hood because there would be enough coverage there to keep an eye on him. Now, I realize I'm getting my information from the media, so who knows . . . But I've noticed something else in this tragic situation. There's already talk and headlines using the word, "psychotic," which sounds like the ground work for an insanity defense. There is much conflicting information, but I guess I see both sides to the insanity defense. Can a human being decide to open fire in a crowd and be in their "right mind?" If someone premeditates that act, what's wrong with their mind, to begin with? And the fact that he's a psychiatrist tells me he'll know just all the right crazy stuff to do and say.
Ultimately the Department of Defense will have to make some sort of determination in this case as to how the citizens cannot even open a bank account without security clearance, but a man that has caused concern, and been rumored to be in touch with some anti-American sorts can have full security clearance in our military. And what about all those soldiers that he counseled? Where are they about now? How are they coping with this? What questions has it raised for their adjustment back to civilian life or back for another deployment?
Not to get too political here, but Robert Gates appears to be in the same shoes as George Tenet was in the Bush administration, from the Clinton administration. The "designated survivor" from the Bush administration to the Obama administration is at the head of sorting out how this tragedy may have been stopped but wasn't.
And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another . . . the Revelation

Monday, November 09, 2009


Although I am not going to turn the horrific rampage that occurred last week at Fort Hood, into a blog topic, I do want to express my sympathy for all those that lost loved ones. I am praying for all those that are still recuperating, as well as those just beginning the grieving process. I also pray that this does not ignite other incidents based upon religious extremism.
The House passed the Health Care Reform bill, but the Senate hasn't passed theirs yet, and then when the Senate does, some committee meets to combine the two bills and then see if the combined version will pass either group of Congress. So, I'm just wondering what other interesting bills are being passed while we're watching Health Care Reform Puppet Theatre.
I think I did find one bill going on behind the puppet theatre, and that is some financial regulatory bill that is not making many regular headlines but looking to be signed before the new year. It has to do with the FDIC! I've prophesied some calamity that I thought would be economical or should I say, I hoped that was all it would be, around the end of the year. As the power and control continue to be secluded into a smaller and smaller group of authoritarians, I have a concern about the food supply.
My state is huge on this ethanol business. So big, that the cattle are now being fed ethanol by-products. That's right, what ever is left of the corn squeezin' and the stalks gets pressed into some sort of liquid that is now cattle food. I've heard varying perspectives of this, but ultimately, I have to agree with my ancestors, because on this particular issue, they seem to be in agreement with G~D.
I go to one of the Indian nations in Oklahoma to buy gasoline because it's ethanol free. The Indians know corn wasn't created to burn, it's food for man and cattle. We are about to progress ourselves right out of the picture!
He causeth the grain to grow for the cattle, and herb for the service of man: that he may bring forth food out of the earth; a Psalm of Holy Scripture

Friday, November 06, 2009

Last Comment this Week About the Economy

Unemployment has risen to the previous all time high. Unfortunately back in 1983, two things were different. Unemployment benefits were not being extended for the 4th time, and President Reagan simply added the military statistics to the employment roles and voila, the unemployment rate went down immediately. Sadly, today however; the military is already figured in and stretched beyond the limit of the troops while some folks are literally hanging on for one more unemployment extension. Oh, not to mention the age for enlistment in the military is at an all time high, as well. I think you can be in your 40s now and still enlist. I don't know how that works out in boot camp, but . . . the solutions here over 25 years later just aren't changing the facts. Actually the facts don't change, but this time we can't even move anything to appear to be better, and yet, we are told the economy is improving. We have been told the recession is apparently ending. What an interesting concept here just weeks before the biggest shopping month of the year. Will the proclamation of our leaders be enough to make people go out and spend like they usually do for the holidays? Will unemployed people actually cheer themselves up, shopping and spending money? Will the families of those that have been deployed multiple times actually spend money and celebrate as if their loved ones were home with them? I guess only time will tell. Just because "they" tell us it's better, we have eyes, we have ears. We need to look around and see if we think it's better. Frankly, all I can see is people grasping at governmental straws and getting the short one, every time.
. . .and thou shalt not prosper in thy ways: and thou shalt be only oppressed and spoiled evermore, and no man shall save thee. Torah of Holy Scripture

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

What is the Basis?

The article began "With the recession apparently over . . ." Really now? I know that information cannot be based upon the American economy. Unemployment is still at an all time high with unemployment benefits extended twice now and still running out. The groceries aren't any cheaper and the stress level for we the people isn't any less. There are a number of people that didn't get a raise this year, but were "just glad to have a job!" And even more that are pretty nervous about whether or not they will even continue to have a job. Banks are paying next to nothing for CDs and savings, yet not very willing to make loans either. The credit card industry has a real heads up before the enacted legislation is actually enforceable. So rates are going up and credit availability is going down. But the recession is apparently over. Let's not forget the big bank that got the big TARP filed bankruptcy and many of the other recipients of the TARP don't even know what happened to the money. And they are taking care of everyone else's money! The statement containing the words "with the recession apparently over" must be based upon something the ordinary folks are not privy to. Gasoline is going up, health care is ever increasing, as is health care coverage. Our security is gone, our income is shaky, our production is all but ended, and our money is not worth much on the global market, but the gold has changed hands, those in the "radio talk show know," now have gold rather than stock. So is that the basis for the statement beginning with "With the recession apparently over . . .?"
Receive my instruction, and not silver; and knowledge rather than choice gold. a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Feminism vs. Family Values

I don't really see the difference sometimes. Oh, I know, feminism is supposed to be a certain type of woman that only cares about their own personal advancement in their job, their circle of influence, and their own agenda. Whereas, the women with family values are portrayed to be home loving, submissive to their husbands, raising their children, and if they have any aspirations toward school or career, it's put on hold until the children are grown. Now, it seems in our society, both of those extremes are just a caricature or parody of a couple of generations ago, but . . . I've noticed in everything I read there is still a strong feminist among us who is absolutely loved by the family values women and loathed by the career women. Funny, I don't get it at all, except maybe the career women are jealous and the housewives are just believing what they want to or what they are told. Sarah Palin is the strongest feminist I've ever seen. She's had five kids and a husband to raise them. She's had how many careers through her children's young lives and I saw in one of her interviews that the 6 year old was in the kitchen making a cake. You could tell by watching her, that wasn't the first time that little girl had been alone in the kitchen. Even when Sarah had the chance to work from home, as in the Governor's Mansion, she chose to commute every day and leave her kids at home in another town. And when all the questions about who little Trig's mother was, she was clearly agenda oriented the day of his birth, as in speaking and traveling long after she had some questionable symptoms and already knowing he was special needs. Feminist or Family Values? It's really hard to tell, now that they've been redefined by the religious right-wing.
She looketh well to the ways of her household . . . a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Monday, November 02, 2009

The Economic Base

The latest report that I've read indicates the economy is no longer declining, actually those in the know in Washington feel that it may even be looking up, but . . . unemployment is going to get worse for the next several months. Well, as I've mentioned before, I don't have a degree in mathematics, but if employment is going to continue to decline, then I'm guessing income is going to follow that direction, therefore it would appear that the American economy is not based upon production or the income and spending of the average American. So, if the economy can improve as the employment declines, what is the base of our economy? Fewer jobs must mean less produced and less produced means less available product, not to mention fewer jobs usually indicates fewer purchasers, so again I ask, what is moving the American economy out of the dismal, declining rut it's been in, if not good old American know how and ingenuity? And oh, by the way, CIT has filed for bankruptcy. Just one short year after we bailed them out with a TARP, they took the money, paid the executives, raised the interest rates and filed bankruptcy. This is one of the signs of an improving economy? Whatever this improvement claim is based up and whomever is making the claim is not figuring this based on America, alone. I'm wondering if there are any American based economic statistics even included in this figuring. So, if the economy is improving, I'm guessing the fat cats have found new investors and we the people have figured out how to live more meagerly and just keep moving. I knew the way Candidate Obama referred to the Middle Class, as the working class, that we were in for some change . . . like the absence of the Middle Class, but it looks as if 'working class' is about to become a term of the past also, and rather quickly I might add.
YHVH shall open unto thee his good treasure . . .and to bless all the work of thine hand: and thou shalt lend unto many nations, and thou shalt not borrow . . . if that thou hearken unto the commandments of YHVH thy G~D, which I command thee this day, to observe and to do them: Torah of Holy Scripture

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