Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Being Thankful

I really have been trying to have an uplifting blog post at least once a week, or find the lighter side, but reality from Washington just keeps dragging on. I realize the conservatives are "stirring the patriotism" again and we all know what that means. If we don't start something that holds somebody else accountable the "bad guys" are going to get us. I found it interesting that Laura Bush thinks we don't need to see the scenes of war, and she seems to think they are presented in a biased manner, according to her interview with Larry King. That's another thing. I remember the Kennedy / Nixon debate that was televised in 1960 and that was a big deal to see politicians in that setting, so to speak. I really think all this interview business and Sunday morning politics is only to give the elusion that we are being kept informed, especially when it is revealed in an interview that TV is causing all this polarization and dissatisfaction by reporting. I say, stop the interviews and show us the evidence and effect of the decisions that are being made out of our control and in our "best interest." How many times did we see and hear about Cheney's problem in Afghanistan? Should the American people really have been subjected to that information, Laura? But, back to my thankfulness and actually I do owe this to the grace of G~d and the 80th Congress. This Session of Congress, which President Truman nicknamed "Do Nothing Congress" was republican. This was the Congress that gave us the 22 Amendment to the Constitution, limiting presidental terms. It was very interesting reading about how the continued re-elections of FDR seemed to center on maintaining a stable foreign policy with regard to WWII. I can't imagine that they had the insight to know that nearly 60 years later, America would actually be led into initiating WWIII, but according to Bill Bennett, that's what we have in the Middle East, so . . . I find myself very thankful, in light of what is happening and what is being orchestrated, that we do in fact have term limits, given to us by the very party that seems to know no limit.
no longer will the nations be turning their swords against one another, and the knowledge of war will be gone for ever.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Pharmaceuticals, Politics, Propaganda, & Profit

I hadn't really realized the accumulated influence of pharmaceuticals on our culture until the past ten or fifteen years. Doctors, politicians, pharmaceutical companies and the FDA are just pretty cozy. I find it interesting that the first generation to be immunized without question, is also the first generation to be "disabled" long before 65. Could be that doctors excuses provide an easy and early out and it could be that some of our preventions and cures have produced other issues. I know, when I began to really struggle with MS, I had some questions about vaccinations that had been given to me, as a child. Now, my mother didn't think I should "bother" the doctor that had immunized me for measles when it was already in my chart that I had already had them, but that's another blog topic for
We know that recently, doctors got involved in politics and succeeded in tort reform, so basically this 4P power continues to grow and strengthen, with minimal accountability. I wonder, if we weren't told about so many problems and so many so called prescriptions, would we have all these problems or would we move on in life? Since the powers that be are aware of the placebo affect, does the power of suggestion also play a part in illness? How many people are taking medications now, because the suggestion has continued to be placed before them. I was amazed when I was watching the news at someone's home a couple of years ago. I couldn't believe all the advertisements for excess stomach acid medications. Could there be a better time than through the news and the dinner hour to suggest the need for medication for digestion? I don't believe in going to doctors, it's against my religion, but obviously from an earlier statement in the blog, this is an epiphany I experienced as an adult. That being said, I think the most outstanding example I have of the 4P program is Bob and ED. Remember when Elizabeth Dole was running in the presidential primary and Bob Dole had retired from politics? He decided to become famous for a new pharmaceutical product. First, it made me wonder if grumpiness and gridlock were symptoms of ED. Next, I wondered if a frustrating 1996 was compounded by Elizabeth's early lead in the primaries. I remember when his ads began, her lead began to fail. Then I also considered the fact that President Clinton appeared to not suffer from ED and there had been 8 relatively peaceful years in American history. Solomon also reigned in peace time and he had quite a number of women in his life. I remember my stock broker mentioning the company that was making Viagra and showing the potential increase of stock value due to this new drug. I looked at the information and thought, 'I could be making money every time a frustrated man wanted to have sex . . . Wow, is that legal?' Well, I didn't invest, but it did get my attention and I have been watching the power of suggestion, not with the placebo effect, but with the pyramid of symptom management. As the pharmaceuticals and the propaganda are produced, the politicians seem to make sure everyone makes a profit. But do we really know the long range effect? How do we know, earlier drugs aren't causing the problems we are being told that we need to treat now? How did people used to live so long before we had all these solutions and safeguards?
And Moses was an hundred and twenty years old when he died: his eye was not dim, nor his natural vigor diminished.

Monday, February 26, 2007

How About Our Freedom?

As I researched my subject matter, I found myself on an endless trail of links that justify and vilify according to the source and the agenda, but there was one theme. The people calling the shots seem to know what is best for someone else, while their own party, military or nation is just being crushed under the burden of their decision. First we have Senator Lieberman on the topic of Iraq in the Opinion Journal of the Wall Street Journal. He ran independent when his democratic constituents determined they didn't want their representative to promote a war that defies reason. But somehow, he did beat out the democrat as an independent, but at the crucial point of determining which party would rule the Senate, he proclaimed that the democrats could count on him. Now there is even conjecture that he may be changing parties, all together. And all of this in the last 6-8 months. How do we Americans know how to vote? He also mentioned that General Petraeus has only had a month in Iraq and we should all give him some time to implement this new plan. Well, this is American politics. We could come up with new generals and new plans until Messiah returns. Here is just a portion of his speech.
"We are at a critical moment in Iraq--at the beginning of a key battle, in the midst of a war that is irretrievably bound up in an even bigger, global struggle against the totalitarian ideology of radical Islamism. However tired, however frustrated, however angry we may feel, we must remember that our forces in Iraq carry America's cause--the cause of freedom--which we abandon at our peril." Apparently, he, and some programmed infantry think we are in Iraq for freedom. I think most of the rest of us realize it really isn't about freedom, not Iraq's and certainly not America's.
Now, another article I read at FoxNews gave new insight to our purpose in Iraq. Just as soon as Iraq gets this oil situation resolved they can move on to other important matters like a constitution and government . . . I can't believe anyone had the nerve to say this or print it. America is controlling Iraqi oil. How many of us already knew that was what this was all about, anyway? Here is what I read about the oil in Iraq.
In Washington, White House spokesman Tony Snow called the new oil law the "key linchpin" in Iraq's recovery because it gives "everybody a shared economic interest in working together."
"That being done, then the Iraqis can turn to other things, such as constitutional reform, election reform" and allowing many Sunnis to return to public life, Snow said.
The haggling over oil went to the heart of the Iraqi crisis — the failure of religious and ethnic parties to compromise in the interest of saving the nation. Without such compromises, U.S. commanders doubt that military crackdowns and the current U.S. and Iraqi security operation can produce long-term stability.
- sounds like oil to me.
Now, this continual bluster with Iran is wearing thin and many of us think it sounds very much like the nonsense we heard before the US attacked Iraq. I read a headline this morning about the conservatives in Iran that don't agree with Ahmadinejad. Well there are millions of people here in America that don't agree with our leaders, but nobody is talking about rescuing us. Many feel the Iranian crisis is inevitable, and it probably is. The more the administration denies it, the more likely it seems, but I think I should remind Americans of the freedoms we've lost as our government has determined to bring the rest of the world freedom and to free those in other countries from remorseless leaders that use military force for their own personal benefit and exercise of ruthless power.
Our nation has changed since 9/11, but it is our leaders that have changed it. Our freedoms have been restricted since 9/11, but that again is from within. Our leaders have gone from the concept of responding to 9/11 to changing governments in countries that had nothing to do with 9/11.
And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

Friday, February 23, 2007

What Happened to Security?

I'm not talking about Homeland or war or military or any of those things we have frequently associated or heard associated with the word "security." I'm talking about the word itself! I called my bank the other day with a question about my account. I gave my name and my account number and I was told, she didn't need my account, she needed my "social." My social what? Here I am speaking to someone in bookkeeping at my bank, and they don't need the account number . . . Right down the road Bank of America is offering credit cards and you don't need a "social" to get one. So what do they 'not need' when you call with a question? Now, I realize in the name of national security, somehow all this has been explained to we, mere "citizens" just schlepping around under the watchful eye of our government. When my husband and I opened new accounts when we moved, we got the big schpeel . . ."according to the US Patriot Act" they were basically entitled to know everything but my bra size to protect our country from money laundering terrorists. But apparently anybody with no ties to the US and has no "social" just gets to do whatever they would choose, on credit! Does anyone making these rules know that an airline ticket can be purchased with a credit card? But this new line of credit without a "social" has to do with illegal immigrants, and obviously making that easier on them. Oh, that's right, the terrorists were not illegals, they had passports and visas. So, I don't get it. Is the security of the citizens so far removed from the agenda, it needs only to be removed from our vocabulary? This illegal immigration and social security has become an interesting subject for e-mails. I can't call it spam because I really know a number of people that think these internet petitions are going to make a difference. After all, it's on the internet, that makes it so! One of these so called heart felt, personal e-mails that is not spam, but has 50 isp addresses in the address line, just particularly touched me. I'm sure everyone has seen it, as I've received it numerous times myself. Interestingly, everyone I've received it from, is under the age of 65, yet without the need for gainful employment, but that's another blog. Now, on to this dear, heart warming e-mail. It's all about someone's elderly mother who was now a widow and had been a homemaker her entire life and her husband had been a veteran and she was having difficulty making ends meet on her social security check. Oh, and she splurges to have a pizza delivered once a week, and calls that eating out . . . and it goes on and on. As I read this, then received it repeatedly, I thought. 'She got to be a homemaker. Withholding is so high now and the cost of living so outrageous, our daughters don't have that option. Couples are having difficulty making ends meet working 50 hours a week, with two incomes. The war of his generation ended . . . If some little old lady is really calling for pizza delivery, without fear of opening her door at night, then she needs to be welcomed to the real world and discover that all those that are paying taxes, also call that eating out!'
And she needs to realize she is the last generation to hear the word "security," attached to the word social, in the form of a check.
And when they had taken security from . . . they let them go. the Acts

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Something Just Doesn't Add Up

I've tried to avoid blogging about Iraq as much as I can, because; frankly, it just nauseates me almost beyond words, at this point. I want to bring our troops home and know we have made such a situation that we can't just quit and bring them home. The fact that we are supposed to be hiding this dismal truth from our troops and calling it support, is sad. Has anyone else noticed that the war was going great according to the media reports, until the November election, then Rumsfeld quit and in no time, our President announced that he was sending in more troups? Now all of a sudden, there are explosions and bombs killing a hundred people a day. And my question is this. Did it suddenly get worse after the election or were we not receiving the full picture until then? I went to Fox News because 'they report, we decide' and I have come to understand that most members of the Bush camp will not believe anything, anyone else has to report, so . . . Here is the link that I used to obtain the information I am sharing.,4670,IraqCoalitionGlance,00.html
I checked the troop numbers of all of the countries that have a military presence in alliance with the US, in Iraq. First, I was absolutely amazed at the small number of countries that are represented in this "global war on terror" a.k.a. Operation Iraqi Freedom. There are 23 countries in the list along side the US. Then I began looking at the actual numbers which was absolutely mind boggling. Then I figured the troop numbers compared to the total population and that also was mind boggling. I am going to share just a few of the larger numbers, not that the smaller countries that have sent troops, are not to be acknowledged, but they are not talking about leaving, either. In this list, I saw that the countries with the larger presence are either aiming at withdrawal, already have a date set, or have "extended their mission" through this year. In layman's terms outside of the Bush camp, that means, the other countries have realized the only exit strategy is to leave, and they didn't start it, and the leaders have realized their citizens are questioning the real purpose of this war, as well. I'm not certain that any of us will ever know the real purpose of the war, until we are walking around in our captive security or secure captivity, and suddenly realize the handwriting was, in fact, on the wall and we missed the message. Undoubtedly, hind sight will be 20/20 when we see this for what it truly was. The so called "eradicated" Taliban is regaining strength in Afghanistan and we are sending more troops into Iraq, along with a small troop surge in Afghanistan. Here's just a little bit of information for all the mathematicians that are trying to "figure" this out.
The US has a population of 300 million and a troop presence over 140,000 with 21, 500 more to be deployed, because of the insurgency and "civil war." Britain, with the closest number of troops has a population of 60.6 million and a troop presence of 7,100, but . . . there is a plan is to reduce the troop number by 1,600 in the coming months. And the reason for the reduction is the progress made in the Iraqi defense force. Now, on to more . . . South Korea has the next largest troop presence, with a national population of 48.8 million, they have 2,300 troops with plans to bring 1,100 home by April and a complete withdrawal by the end of 2007. Poland has extended their mission through the end of 2007, with a troop number of 900 and a national population of 38.5 million. Vice President Cheney did not exactly receive a warm welcome from many of the citizens in Australia when he went to discuss the alliance in Iraq. Australia has 550 troops helping to train security forces, according to FOXNews, and we've been holding an Australian citizen in Guantanamo for quite some time with no charges filed. So what is the answer to all this? I did read they are going to get some sort of charges filed against the Australian detainee . . . According to the list at FOXNews, the US has persuaded and challenged countries from every inhabited continent, to enter this undefined battle, that is lacking in strategy, while maintaining an undeterminable goal, and some of these nations are now ready to cut their losses. Doesn't it make you wonder if the smaller nations are staying out of fear of terrorism or fear of losing ally status with the US?
Come hither, I will show thee the judgment of the great harlot that sitteth upon many waters; the Revelation

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Why Are We So Mean?

I'm mentioning several topics that truly have very little if anything in common, except the lack of sagacity. I heard an interesting comment from Dr. Bill this morning that really concerned me. He apparently has a new puppy that doesn't know the difference between a chair leg and chew toy and he wanted help in "training" the dog. A caller gave some tried and usually true advice. To break a puppy from chewing on something, just put lemon juice or pepper sauce on the item and when he gets a bitter or sour or hot scent, usually scent will do it, but sometimes taste, then the puppy leaves it alone, as it is no longer desireable. So, Dr. Bill, the former Secretary of Education had difficulty with this concept. He first ask why you couldn't just put pepper sauce on the puppy's nose. I guess the good Dr. thought the puppy would leave the chair leg alone if he were in distress all the time. He was already leaning toward using a muzzle when the dog was unsupervised. He then, on the air, gave comment to one of the strangest concepts I ever heard. He mentioned pepper sauce in the muzzle. To which his assistant used the term cruel and unusual, and then of course the glib Abu Ghraib comments commenced.
Then there was the man that got fired from IBM at the age of 55 with 19 years seniority for surfing the web and leaving his computer logged on in some adult chatroom, and some mature co-worker tattled. I have to appreciate this man's approach. He, of course, is suing and I say good for him, which I don't usually, but he's a veteran with post traumatic stress and his unseemly chat helps his stress level, which has resulted in rendering him a sex addict, so he's claiming a disability. Now, I truly believe most people that claim disability are simply lazy and looking for a free ride, but this is just flat original and that sort of creativity deserves at least, to be heard. He also cited the incident in which two co-workers were actually caught in the act, not virtual, and they were merely transferred, which does indicate the big corporate giant was looking to down size the pension role.
And while I am on the taboo subject of sexual issues in the news, we of course have the civil union "break through" in New Jersey. I wonder if their last governor was instrumental in that legislation. I happened to be in New Jersey the day he announced his double life, with his wife at his side. So now, we have gay couples that want to be "married" and have children. And we have heterosexual couples that choose to live together and raise their children. Before long, we married heterosexuals will be the minority. I don't want any amendments about marriage in the constitution, I think, ultimately, I'll be treated better as a minority. Can you imagine, in a few years, the office memo about a mandatory tolerance seminar at corporate headquarters? Attention all employees and "associates;" a forty something white man, married, with a homemaking wife has joined our company. We will address proper and improper terms for addressing this type of individual. Remember - Tolerance!
Now, I haven't mentioned Anna Nicole Smith, because frankly I've had difficulty sorting this out, and I'm not talking about the court battles. I don't agree with a great deal of her lifestyle, but there are a few things being judged, that I just don't understand. She was 26 and married a very wealthy 89 year old man. Okay, unusual, but not unheard of. He was out and about and making his own decisions. Does anyone think he thought he would outlive her? And why is she judged for marrying him? I've seen nurses marry elderly wealthy patients. How many women have married for financial security? Please . . . She probably could have had several millions just as a "companion." And in all these "gentlemen" stepping forward, now, that she can't dispute their claims, no one has ever claimed to have been with her through the time of her marriage. I personally have a mother that is a member of the religious right and a staunch republican that has always espoused the concept of marriage being "the right thing to do" in matters of fornication. She didn't trap him with a pregnancy! And another thing, she was widowed, I, on the other hand divorced my much older husband, although the age difference wasn't so pronounced. Yes, she is famous for being infamous, but she is dead, and I just don't understand the so-called "righteous indignation" that comes across as just pure and mean gossip.
He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Do We Americans Really Know What We Are Doing?

As I read the news and listen to the talk, I'm wondering if we, Americans, really know what we are doing, as a "world power." I have listened to Dr. Bill discuss Iran, yes Iran, and the pro-war agenda that is set forth in his program, so I Google searched the history of his show. "It's Morning in America" debuted in April of 2004, just in time to encourage the course of the Presidential campaign. And now, as I hear about Iran and Syria; and what's the deal about our ignoring Lebanon, this time and not helping Israel? That was a hot spot for us before, just like Iraq. And I realize we have been told repeatedly that since our war on terror, there has not been another attack since 9/11. As I remember history, it seems there was not an attack between 9/11/01 and 3/19/03, either. So, technically, there is still no sound reason to be in Iraq, which appears to be the concensus in Britain, according to the announcement made by PM Blair. But, on to the entire Middle East, which is where we were heading all along. I, personally, have a letter on White House Stationery that "explains" the plan for peace in the Middle East, primarily between Israel and Palestine. I checked to make sure I had the members accounted for. Although our President claims authorship of this plan, he is "sharing" the glory with Russia, the European Union, and the UN, thus "the Quartet." Now, today I read about Dr. Rice in the Middle East and she's making reference to an "Arab Quartet," which includes Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Jordan. I can't say that I understand how this alliance came about after 9/11, considering the fact that some of the terrorists had passports from some of these nations, but I am interested to see how the reference "Quartet" evolves in the next few months. I guess, I am really wondering just who we Americans think we are in the big picture in the Middle East. Many countries in the Middle East date back to Bible times and we have such a relatively recent history by comparison. I will be honest here, I am pro-Israel and I do not support any country that does not want to acknowledge the existence of Israel, but America doesn't have the power in this matter. There are some details we seem to be overlooking. I hear many people quoting Genesis 12:3 where G~d told Abraham, "And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed." This was before he had any children. America just really isn't in a position to be calling the shots in this family feud, as both the Arab nations and Israel are descendants of Abraham. G~d has already spoken the results. America may well be a major player in the precursor to Armegeddon, but is completely out of line to claim the authority or the power to broker peace in the Middle East.
for in Isaac shall thy seed be called. And also of the son of the bondwoman will I make a nation, because he is thy seed.

Monday, February 19, 2007

The Hosts with the Most

In changing the format of this blog, I want to have something uplifting to say, or at least not negative, on Mondays. Since I've had plenty of negative commentary regarding News/Talk radio, I have now been given the opportunity to give a positive report. I haven't had a television in years and after a couple of months of trying to listen to News/Talk radio, I was about to give up on that, too. But I have found one program unoffensively interesting, truly intriguing and I'm not referring to the UFO discussions.
I cannot say I agree with everything discussed on Coast2Coastam, and I can't say that the hosts agree with everything the guests and the callers say, but I can say, I've heard enough to know I want to hear more. I have listened to all three hosts of this particular program and there is something absolutely unique about this show; the hosts listen to their guests. The hosts are not forcing an agenda and are not blatantly disagreeable, they actually participate in a conversation. How absolutely refreshing! Coast2Coastam caught my attention awhile back when I awoke very early, hearing Art Bell asking for someone to offer proof of the existence of G~d, but it was a rebroadcast, so I sent him my latest book, "While He May Be Found." I caught just a portion of the program again, only with another host so ultimately by last Thursday, I decided to actually set my alarm to hear this program. Well, I didn't get it set right, so at noon Friday, my alarm came on. I reset it, not thinking about turning the alarm off for Sabbath. At midnight, I awoke to Coast2Coastam with yet another host, George Noory. Since it was Sabbath, I didn't call, but I did remain awake to listen and just as Art Bell and Ian Punnett had demonstrated, he also was very courteous to his callers. These men actually listen quite graciously, to their callers. Regardless of religous or political views, I heard moral conservatism as well as true tolerance demonstrated. He certainly never hinted at crudeness, and even with the few political references that were made, he never used disparaging terms to disrespect their names. Just when I thought I couldn't stand any more than 30 minutes of talk radio in any given time frame, I got to hear Coast2Coastam. I am actually changing my schedule to be able to listen to this program. I'm sure I don't have the same beliefs and perspectives as many of their guests, those listening and those calling in, but these three men have a professional courtesy and afford dignity to others, that I truly appreciate and have not found in any other radio hosts. All this and; the news headlines were given at the beginning of the program. It is nice to hear more information than 3 second blurbs and certainly refreshing to hear the news reported without the editorialized comments. Kudos to the hosts of Coast2Coast.
Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath:

Friday, February 16, 2007

What's Dirty Laundry and Spin, without an Agitator?

What are we talking about here in America? I talk to people that vote republican that know all about "those democrats" and democrats that know all about "those republicans," but they are always shocked at the interesting trivia about the party they support . . . Do you know how many people that voted republican in the last couple elections know that Hillary Clinton had a seance in the White House, but had no idea Nancy Reagan had invited a psychic into the Reagan White House? Do you know how many people that vote democrat, the party of the working man, have no idea how many of their party leaders are well connected, capitalistically speaking? And the pundits that intentionally interject derogatory comments and replacement words are just disgusting. And then there are the liberals who astound us all with their response to those that disagree with them . . . "I don't care!" Do you love it? So much of the spin just sounds like bad little kids that are telling whoever is listening, "You're not the boss of me!" I still remember when the conservatives made the big production out of John Kerry using his initials JFK, because that was a political decision to allign himself with John Kennedy. Duh! No kidding. That concept had to be introduced to them, by their very own Rush, and then it had to be discussed and re-discussed until they found some other way to be disgusted with Mr. Kerry. I just thought, what a deal, it wasn't like he changed his name to try it. Those were his initials and it made sense to allign himself with a successful member of his party. I don't think George W. Bush tried to distance himself from a president that had similar initials! Oh that's right, the H. in George 41 became a landmark issue, and for what? What's the big deal if he was a junior? It's not unheard of in American families for the first son to be named after his father. We've started how many wars, told how many world leaders they better tow the mark, got summits and accords going everywhere, while we've spent our time discussing middle initials, as a campaign issue. And what's amazing are the sponsors. They are willing to pay for this air time, because they know people are just eating it up. So, why does every topic have to be micro-analyzed? If someone keeps agitating, the politics will just keep spinning. I'm on to this "discussion business," to avoid the actual information. I really haven't noticed major dirty laundry any more, the trivia keeps the air waves tied up for hours, days and months. Oh, that's right, everyone just stands up and says, "I did it," and that makes it acceptable, they've taken responsibility. Neither party minds the dirty laundry any more, everybody can wear it proudly as long as they announce that it is dirty! So, we'll just all watch the same tired little topics that no one is going to do a thing about, go through the cycles. Let's discuss abortion and gay issues, initials and name similarities. Have you noticed how disagreeable the liberal talk show hosts are while they discuss the warmongers? Where's their tolerance? I wonder if Rush is aware, as he totally disrespects and speaks with disregard of the education system, that Dr. Bill Bennett is also a conservative talk show host, and just happened to be the Secretary of Education before he was the Drug Czar. And here I sit, a complete nobody, typing away on an obscure blog, disagreeing with all of them. We all have something to say, the "unique perspective" that must be heard, and the ability to make an issue of anything and everything.
. . . and a wise man's heart discerneth both time and judgment

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Heaven Can Wait

Let's talk about health, shall we? Or rather, let's talk about what it takes to provide the health care that everyone thinks they should have, that they are entitled to. We've been hearing about Medicare for the last two years, because our junior President has to appeal to the crowd that depends upon it. After all, they have a great deal of the wealth in this nation and they want to continue to collect the hard earned money of their children and grandchildren, because the whole world owes it to them, and the only way to keep collecting what they have coming, is to keep on living. So they need top notch medical care. I heard a talk/radio conservative pundit last evening discussing medicare and socialized medicine and out of respect for him, I should include his name, but I just really don't remember. He wants more medical treatment available but not socialized. Whatever . . . I have also done a little reading about some doctor/veterenarian, after hearing his multi level market schpeel on early early morning talk radio. He has some sort of health supplement so people can live healthy, well past 100. All this concern about health care has me thinking. One, there is some other decision brewing where world events are being discussed and this is a good diversionary topic. And two, people are afraid to die. Our nation has never had so many citizens on medicare before. There has just never been so many people living so long. Why, in a Christian nation, would so many people need so much medical treatment and be so afraid to die? Could it be . . .
And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wars and Rumors of Wars and Wars on Rumors

You know, there comes a point and time when enough really is enough! Now, we are discussing Iran's supply of weapons to Iraq and some alQaida big wheel has gone to Iran, that was supposed to have infiltrated Iraq. Well, then why are we talking about more war? If the guy has left Iraq, haven't we done our job? I was planning to blog on another topic, today, but I guess that will have to wait, as our fearless leader is searching out the whereabouts of yet another arch nemesis. I was reading about the increase of "waivers" for those enlisting in the military. That's right, waivers to excuse their criminal convictions, and now we are ready to forgive their mistakes and hand them a rifle. I believe the term "lower the standard" would certainly apply, here. How does this make sense, when the average law abiding citizen can't get a late payment off of a credit report? Who is this making sense to? I'm getting about half sick of listening to this new Congress, too. How many hours are they going to debate a topic that has already been decided and their discussion will have no bearing on any decision made? Do they really think the American public is impressed with how they choose to spend their time or waste it? If this subject is out of the hands of Congress, then spend the time on any of the myriad of subjects that need to be addressed by legislators. I read that five minutes will be alotted to each of the 435 House members to voice their perspective and debate the War in Iraq, which amounts to more than 36 hours spent on a subject that will change nothing. Is this the new Congress's idea of effective government?
In the midst of all of this, I read today that our President plans to bring 7000 refugees of Iraq to America. Now, we've been over there for 4 years and we don't know the insurgents from the high schoolers and the terrorists from the grandmas and we've been listening to this warmongering rhetoric about fighting "it" over there, rather than on American soil, and now we're going to fight over there and import the probability over here? Please!!! He is also promising funding to help relocate refugees internationally and over 3 million have already left the country since we started the war. Do we know who we are fighting for? Do we know who we are fighting? And who we will be helping to relocate and who we will be bringing to America? If everyone is moving away, who will be there for the freedom and democracy? Say, since this new Iraqi government is all about free elections and their leader has already said they are a sovereign nation, and this war is a liberation not an occupation. Why don't we let the Iraqi citizens vote on the presence of American forces in their country? If they vote us out, we would have the manpower to start more . . . because obviously this is our future.
For the eyes of YHVH run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward Him. Herein thou hast done foolishly: therefore from henceforth thou shalt have wars.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tragedy, Transparency, Transformation

I have to begin this blog with a retraction. In the blur of Y2K, Florida's inability to count, and 9/11, I didn't realize that Hillary wasn't even out of the White House before she was placing the stepping stones in place for her journey back. And I didn't realize that Mayor Giuliani had such great aspirations as United States Senator before 9/11. I mean he wasn't even going for State anything, just straight from Mayor to Washington. I mentioned their Senatorial race and made reference to 2002, rather than 2000. So, now we are looking at the possibility of the two of them, once again campaigning for the same position, only now 9/11 has happened and America has changed dramatically since the year 2000. It seems odd to consider these two within their party platform. At least my understanding of the two parties. Democrats usually seemed to be more amidst the common people or at least present themselves to be so, and the republicans were usually more about big business and an element of pomp. But here we have Hillary who has spent a great deal of her adult life in mansions and motorcades and Rudy, who has worked his way through and upward in life, and has already struggled against Hillary, with values being her ammo. I guess, if Obama remains as popular as he is right now, and if the conservative pundits do their jobs well, he probably will, then perhaps Rudy will really have a ticket to contend with. Especially if the democrats "circle their wagons" so to speak. But for now, we have Rudy Giuliani who has truly become the icon of what it is to build and aspire and achieve, and overcome and rebuild after tragedy, but he believes in war. And we have Hillary who has been about as transparent as anyone can be regarding her aspirations for power and has virtually lived her life on the political silver platter. And she really wasn't this popular until after the Monica deal! Hillary can truly make any situation a political stepping stone. Some other woman gives sexual favors at the office, and Hillary goes for the promotion!!! Transparency . . . While I am tossing that word around, I have to comment on our present administration who has given the word, transparency; such importance and political meaning. For years when I've watched him speak or walk amidst the crowds, especially at his second inauguration, I've been reminded of the story entitled "The Emperor's New Clothes." I've included the link.
Basically it is the story of swindlers that convince the emperor that they have made him the most luxurious and royal clothing ever imagined, and imagined being the operative, as there were no clothes, but they also had convinced him and his royal court that they were so fine, and that only a fool could not see them. So, he paraded proudly. Now, back at the ranch . . .
As our leader has heard the muffled whispers and displeased comments of the crowd, without batting an eye or being embarassed that there is no covering, he's stood there in "all his glory" and simply informed us that transparency is good and to be valued!
and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter. - Isaiah

Monday, February 12, 2007

Mending Fences, a Rural Parable

We use the term "mending fences" in reference to reconciliation and improved relations and this just really got me thinking about "fences." I suppose in a truly good relationship, there would be no need for fences or for mending them, as space and boundaries would be respected, but this is the real world and we are human beings . . . so back to mending fences. First, to need to mend a fence indicates a break or breach, perhaps a complete disregard of the fact there was a fence, so how would one go about mending? Should the same type of fence simply be replaced or should there be some sort of reinforcement, and should a sign be added, so the fence doesn't get ignored or annihilated the next time? Because, if the fence is now an issue, there will always be the possibility of a next time. Let's talk about fences. Some people have picket fences and that usually means they can see all that goes on, don't worry about a real purpose for a fence, it's mostly just for show, and they feel the same way about someone else's fence. Others have, of course, privacy fences, and interestingly they are usually the ones that have to tell everyone how open they are. They have to tell that information for obvious reasons. Then there are those that have woven wire or chain linked. It's an interesting fence in that the view is accessible on both sides and virtually impassible from either side, and strong, rarely needing mending. Then there are those that have a barbed wire fence and that is pretty much self-explanitory, and notably they are of course, the ones that have nothing to hide! In any mending, there is a place that the splice can be noticed, and the fence is forever altered. The splice is now usually the strongest and impenetrable place in the fence. Now, I have discovered, I am one of those people that seems to appear to have no fence, and at this point in life, I don't want to build one and I certainly don't want to have to mend too many, so what I have learned. I actually don't want to spend time and energy mending fences, I prefer to respect and maintain the boundaries of others, so we don't tear up the fences. Maybe it's time we learned as individuals, couples, co-workers, and even a nation, mending fences is alot more work than just using the gate.
A brother offended is harder to be won than a strong city . . .

Friday, February 09, 2007

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Wouldn't life in these United States be interesting if we really knew what was going on? Or would it be just too overwhelming to get out of bed? Our present administration seems to think we just don't need to "worry our pretty heads" about all this spy business, or maybe we just aren't as smart as our present leaders and wouldn't understand the intricate details of the terrorist's mind, like they do. Wouldn't life be interesting if we actually knew our votes would be counted to elect our next president, but since the districts have changed, who knows? And why do we still need an electoral college? Surely with all this high power "technical know how," the votes could actually be tallied in a reasonable time, well if we give Florida a headstart! It's not like two hundred years ago, when men had to be appointed to go count the votes and cast his vote based upon the determined decision. I've also been curious about these "exploratory committees" so the perspective candidate can see if he's electable. I thought that was the purpose for campaigning. So, now the polls, on any given day direct our "would be" leaders in making their decision. If a person believes they have the fortitude required to lead, why don't they stand up and tell us where they would lead us. What kind of a leader are we going to get, if he or she is led by the polls before they ever get in? We live in America, where anybody can be president, or so they used to tell us. So why do these fearless potential leaders of one of the world's super powers need to send others out to get opinions before they make their decision? And what opinions are there to offer, if we don't know their platform? What if name recognition alone gets someone on the ballot or even elected, before we know their real agenda? Oh, yeah, I guess that one's already been answered. If the office of President is really reduced now to a two year popularity contest, I guess this idea that anyone can be president will need to be amended. Anyone who can afford to remain popular and in the news for two years without major scandal before the election, can be President. And haven't we found it to be "so true," that the rich and famous are always so "in touch" with the problems of the common citizen?
I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all. Ecclesiastes 9:11

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Insane or Criminal or Simply One Bad and Regrettable Decision?

I guess we've all read or heard about the astronaut that "lost it." It's one of those stories that is just difficult to get past. It's sad and it's bizarre, and it just seems to have some pieces missing, yet the police and prosecution seem sure of her intentions and thoughts, even though their suspicions did not occur. I mentioned this particular issue, though, not to continue to beat this event to death, but rather to address my concern about the need to be evaluated and the fact that NASA is now considering some sort of ongoing astronaut evaluation, due to this isolated incident. I served for 10 years as a volunteer chaplain in a state mental facility. I maintained my volunteer status for two very important reasons. One, the state couldn't tell me what to say and not say, if I wasn't on the payroll and second, the mental health programs of this country are more demeaning than the prison system and I couldn't begin to live with myself, if I were paid to do such a reprehensible thing to other human beings, so I brought them the Good News, free of charge. I've always been intrigued by the personal lives of those that perform this task of stealing freedom, indefinitely, as they clearly do not manage their own lives in an exempliary manner and usually there is significant family dysfunction as well. The money they make to be the dream killers they are, and so often, they have their religious views to rationalize what they do, disgusts me beyond words. I have to be careful too, because Scripture says, if we take delight in the judgment that G~d brings upon them, He will relent, and frankly, I just don't want that to happen.
I have been thinking a great deal and praying for this Lisa Nowak. What she did defies explanation. I personally believe, she's already rethought every bit of this tragic event, and regrets it deeply. But I noticed as I read the report, if she is treated as a criminal, her chances of regaining some sort of normalcy and at least treated with some dignity will be so much greater than if she is placed into some sort of mental treatment facility. You see, in the prison system, there is a date of release and often even an early release for good behavior. In the mental health system, there is no date of release and the subjective decision is evasively arbitrary, yet contained and maintained within the system itself. The mental health system doesn't believe in rehabilitation, just ongoing evaluations and treatment. I can't tell you the number of times these workers have told me "there's just no changing this or that." "Once a whatever, always a whatever." These people are paid to do a job they don't believe produces results, so they simply kill the dreams, prevent death, and disallow life and hope. In the court system, there are hearings, bonds, trials, juries, and a date of release if found guilty. I hope and pray, for her sake, she simply faces the charges before a fair and just judge and gets the opportunity to rebuild her life, rather than being subjected to evaluation and undefined confinement by those who cannot manage their own lives.
He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity . . .

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A Perspective on Global Warming

As the scientists debate the cause for global warming, it would seem that they all at least agree that it is going to happen. I find it fascinating that there is an attempt to make even global warming a political issue. Some conservative talk show hosts, don't believe global warming is taking place, citing winter storms to make their case. I realize there are more liberal leaning politicians addressing this issue, and I have yet to hear the administration address any urgency regarding the topic. Well, as the scientists debate the cause and the politicians debate the reality, I have found something that I would like to share. I found something about global warming in the Bible and there is no mention as to how long the process will take, but it does mention the disastrous results and the causation of the problem. And the scientists that say man is the problem would be correct according to the passage I read. It doesn't mention emissions or green house gas, but it does say the solution to the problem will be rejected.
And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of G~d . . .
and they repented not . . . the Revelation

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Issue Behind all the Non-Issues

My husband and I are now becoming Radio News/Talk listeners. I can only compare News/Talk Radio to liquor or liver. It's an acquired taste, and frankly, there are some that just a few minutes is entirely more than enough and an hour makes you feel like you should have stopped about 50 minutes sooner. My limited time in listening to Rush has remained just that one afternoon. I haven't yet found Bill O'Reilly, so I'm reading his transcripts. I really thought I might enjoy the Alan Colmes show, and sometimes it's interesting and sometimes it's as extreme as the right wing, only to be really honest . . . isn't "extreme liberalism" an oxymoron of some kind? Extreme right is radical, but extreme left is just opposite extreme right and doesn't seem to actually make any point at all, except NOT RIGHT!!! I'd like to mention the War Prayer by Mark Twain has really reduced the forwards in my INBOX! I got a particualrly sad forward picturing an exhausted soldier holding a little wounded girl and they both appeared to be sleeping. And contained in that forward was the profound statement to the effect of the difference we are making over there. I saw the soldier, I saw the little girl, and I saw the exhaustion and I remember the term PRE-EMPTIVE. We have certainly made all the difference over there. Before we got there, there was no war.
I have also happened on to the catch phrase that reduced the forwards on the other hot button topic; illegal immigration. First, let me point out, that illegal immigration is obviously already defined by law, thus the term "illegal." If they are already breaking the law upon their entrance, how many more laws does it take to be really ILLEGAL? What I have noticed is, the KKK has increased in membership since all this anti-immigration propaganda has begun and we have a number of people from both parties just being absolutely indignant about their right to be enclosed! I get these e-mails from republicans and democrats alike. My thought on the matter is this. With this guest worker program that President Bush wants, we will have those that get into the system with social security, etc. and realize what many Americans have discovered . . . forty quarters, just ten short years and then cry injury and disability. Well, no wonder the democrats are up in arms, they'll never get enough tax increases to cover that. Then there is the added bonus for the right wing to enable so many to have dual citizenship because that helps the republican vote. Most immigrants from Mexico are conservative when it comes to certain issues. Which brings me to the next time honored issue. Can abortion be discussed any more rigorously by either side?
Let me offer this. All of these issues are really not the issue. The real issue is always what isn't said as the defense of the Constitution and Freedom are presented to be the central issue. You know, there are precious young men and women serving in Iraq that really believe they are defending freedom in America, reality not withstanding. I have already determined as I am beginning to listen to the candidates of '08. I will not vote for any Senator or member of Congress that voted YEA to go to War in Iraq. I don't care how many times they tell me, if they knew then, what they know now, they would have voted NO. I have yet, to hear one of them tell us or show us any evidence linking Iraq to 9/11 or even al Quaida before we started the war. So, just like President Bush needed proof of no weapons, I will be needing proof that there was a link between Iraq and 9/11 and if there was then the recanting and the regretting of their YEA vote only means they can be talked into a bad idea or will say anything to get what they want! But they will not get my vote. And now, let's discuss abortion. First, I will tell you that Scripture does refer to the fruit of the womb differently than it addresses murder, for those that are interested, so the religious right are missing the actual passage of Scripture that does address the loss of life in the womb. G~d's Word says choose life that you and your children may live. He doesn't separate choice and life, but He is clear regarding the choice He'd like us to make. Unfortunately I think many women when faced with this dilemma don't feel they would be giving the gift of life, but rather a dismal existence. But still, that isn't the point. The point in all these situations is America has gone beyond them and us, red and blue, dems and reps, we are now looking at
the Constitution vs. the Bill of Rights.
Notice the reference to the Constitution in all the e-mail forwards about these topics. Remember, the Constitution is the sovereignty of the government, the Bill of Rights is 10 Constitutional amendments added for the protection of the citizens.
The real issue in abortion is to define the 14th amendment and since the people are willing to get terribly ugly over it and remain undecided for over 30 years, the erosion of the first 10 have become much less noticeable.
We already knew that the interpretation of the 9th and 10th amendments were somewhat open to cultural concerns of the times, so we accepted that, and really never questioned the validity of amendments until lately. Now, it seems every time there is an election there is some amendment to undo an amendment. Our war on terror has already diminished the power of the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th amendment, and those have been by the will of the people, at least the ruling majority. So, when it all comes down to it, we have chosen to reliquish our freedoms in the name of defending liberty???
And to address the illegal immigrant situation for what it truly is besides a membership drive for the KKK, all this immigrant debate is to get the American public to ask for captivity. This is really only about giving up our 2nd amendment right. Remember the Minute Man Project? Well they had to agree to not be armed and not have any actual contact with those crossing the border, but just to be able to report to the border patrol of any activity they saw. In order to protect our borders, the Minute Men agreed to no guns. Our 3rd amendment is not likely to come under scrutiny as it pertains to time of peace.
As the propaganda intensifies to defend
an unthreatened Constitution, the Bill of Rights continues to pale.
Strive not with a man without cause, if he have done thee no harm.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Business in This 21st Century

Wow, it's time for a short break from the a-political observance of politics. Don't worry, I'll be back on politics tomorrow, but today I just have to share a good yet confusing experience. Online, I found a wonderful Brother monochrome printer for sale at Office Depot for a really great price. We were going to be in town later that day, so I called to see if the Office Depot nearby had one in stock. A very courteous and helpful young man answered the phone and told me that they certainly did have it in stock, but . . . if I purchased the printer in the store, I would have to pay $30.00 more, but would be eligible for a $20.00 mail-in rebate. Well, I'm not a math major, but I quickly figured this product would cost an additional $10.00 if I purchased it in the store, and an 8 week wait on my $20.00. In addition to the $10.00 savings, I would also be saving the price of gasoline and would be receiving free shipping if I ordered online. I thanked him for his help, but asked how this made good business sense for Office Depot and his job security. Again, his response was courteous, but he didn't know and thanked me for calling Office Depot. So, being the frugal individual that I am and considering my aversion to shopping, I ordered online. Now, I received an order confirmation stating the shipment would arrive the following day. The next day, we got a phone call. The young man attempting to make the delivery said he couldn't find us, the printer was in the store in the nearby town and he would attempt to deliver it again Monday. That's when I just had to know how this was making sense. Obviously, Office Depot was paying someone by the hour and this was turning into a monumental event. I called their toll free number, so that means the company paid for my time in the prompts, on hold, and through the entire conversation with yet another very courteous individual that was going to do everything they could to make me a satisfied customer. I was then transferred to the store nearby, discussed this with the person that answered the phone and the delivery person. They immediately determined that they would make a second attempt to deliver the product that same day. By then, I just felt like a demanding customer that was making everyone's life miserable. Within the hour, a young man was at the door with my printer in hand. He handed it to my husband and told us to have a nice day, sorry for the inconvenience. Now, through this entire situation, everyone at Office Depot was courteous and efficient. But no one ever addressed the real reason I had called. I had a question that no one ever answered. Every time I spoke with any of them, I asked how this was good for business. How was it, that their extra effort and manpower made it possible to market the product at a lower price? Why do customers that are willing to spend their gasoline and time to come to the store, have to pay extra for the product? You know, nobody ever answered that question. I really liked speaking with every single Office Depot employee that I dealt with, but how long will they be there at the store? How long will the store be there? It was so nice to be treated as a customer rather than a consumer, but I just don't understand how this method of doing business will succeed and I certainly don't understand how this company will be able to maintain it's current level of employees if they are going to reward customers to not come to the store.
If only you will give ear to me, I will give you the price . . .

Friday, February 02, 2007


Lately, I have become preoccupied with the word PREOCCUPIED. As the world continues to spin completely out of control, the media has become inundated with editorialized information, and nobody trusts the "other side" politically, it is difficult to ignore America's preoccupation. When I looked up the word preoccupied, I realized right away, it was one of those tricky deals. A form of the word was contained within the definition. The word itself basically means the state of thinking about something that remains in the forefront of your thoughts. Our entire nation is preoccupied with war and agression and politics and job security and debt and retirement or no retirement, you name it . . . despair looms ominously over everything. We are all going about our "daily lives" with all this other stuff on our mind and that is being preoccupied. It's as if the concerns ultimately take over every subject and conversation, and then the controversy takes over every concern. It's mind-boggling to hear the insistence for controversy and contention over these matters, which of course leads to further thought relating to these matters, because we must know where we stand, or at least where we don't and the preoccupation continues, and grows. The secondary definition also included a form of the word, but I found it to be even more alarming, as it described preoccupied as a mental state of being. So, the programming is working on all of us, one way or another, although it does seem to have been leaning heavily toward the right. In my own preoccupation with this word, I did divert for a moment to obsess over another concern. All of this programming! We have to be right or left. As if we aren't already overwhelmed with topics of despair and disillusionment, we have a nonstop media that just continues to polarize issues. These issues are life and death and our children's future, not politics! It's bigger than opinions, and the results will be seen and felt for decades to come. So, as a tension breaker and stress management exercise, I discovered a fun little acronym in reference to the Conservative Radio Agressive Propaganda. And after seeing this for what it is, I was able to muster the courage for the dreaded definition of preoccupied, when viewed as a compound word. I looked up 'pre' which is a prefix meaning: before or prior to. So it is now clear that this preoccupation with unwaranted war and polarized politics is simply the best way to avoid the realization that as we surrender our rights, calling it security, and spend money we don't have, calling it appropriations, we are choosing euphemisms for captivity and debt. Throughout history we can see this has had devastating results in other countries. As America remains preoccupied with opinions of issues, we may be overlooking the truth and the facts that we are actually in the time prior to that of being Occupied. PreOccupied
. . .Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Okay, Now, Why Are We There?

I wasn't going to blog about the War in Iraq, but . . .I read an interesting statement yesterday that was made by al-Maliki, the present leader of Iraq. He made the most interesting comment to CNN. He wanted to make it clear to America and Iran that they were not to fight their fight in Iraq. Here's one of the quotes. "Iraq has nothing to do with the American-Iranian struggle, and we will not let Iran play a role against the American Army and we will not allow America to play a role against the Iranian army, and everyone should respect the sovereignty of Iraq," al-Maliki said.
So, now Mr. al-Maliki has made it very clear. Iraq is a sovereign nation that is willing to tell Iran and America what is and is not allowed in Iraq. I say, great, let's get out of there and let him handle it. He's got his "court system," he's got his sovereignty, let him have his country. We've already done him the favor of taking it away from someone else and handing it to him. As I'm sure they know in Iraq, this war has simply become and remains a partisan issue in America. I, as well as most Americans have other questions and concerns, and now that we are telling Iran where they better get off, I have more questions. When America went to war with Iraq, was it really war with the country, or were we in fact, just after Saddam Hussein? Because we know there were no terror cells with any power there before we overthrew Saddam. We went over there looking for WMD, that weren't there either, so why did we go? Our President has stated, with the fall of the regime, we had to prevent terrorists from moving into Iraq, so the "terrorists issue" in Iraq, is after the fact. But back to my question. If we declared war on Iraq, then this leader is getting pretty pushy under occupation, because the war isn't over. And if the war isn't over and Iraq isn't under occupation, we are simply guarding and financing something, and I'd like to know what it is. If al-Maliki and America are on the same side, then why did he address America in the same manner as he did Iran? If he isn't afraid of the Iranian influx, then why are we there trying to protect someone that isn't worried about it? If we really only declared war to get Saddam, that's not exactly war, and that raises all new questions. If Iraq is now feeling strong enough to tell us how it should be, then why are we sending more troops into this civil war that doesn't seem to concern the leader? If America can have a sizeable troop force in Afghanistan and Iraq and now we can offer air assistance to Somalia and tell Iran "what for," but in July we didn't have the manpower to assist Israel, it's well beyond confusing, by now. And I read, now, our leader is considering some sort of funding for Fatah against Hamas. Surely all this can't just be over the oil . . . surely not! So, what are we doing? Does anybody know?
He that is first in his own cause seemeth just; but . . .

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