Thursday, July 26, 2007

Reality Check

Well, I still have heard nothing else from Hillary, but I have noticed Bill is more in the forefront, so she appears to be presenting him as an "involved party," but she's never answered my question. John Edwards is still determined to battle poverty and is asking "millions" of hard working Americans for money. I wonder what the annual average income is, for all of us that he's soliciting donations. I still have issues with the basis of this thinking. How is a rich guy that is asking for donations going to fix a problem as big as poverty? Now, Mr. Obama, as he proclaims his new approach and fresh face for politics, he's so very "business as usual." Big promises of personal interest, and please send money. So what's new about his politics? Pretty wife, adorable children, and all his activities that make him qualified to want to be our president keeps him away from those very people or keeps him dragging them along on his political agenda. So, again, what's new about him? He is thorough, however; after sending my question via e-mail, I received a phone call from someone in his campaign, inviting me to attend some organizational meeting just 80 miles away from where I live. What a personal, hands on, American experience kind of guy he must be . . .
I said, I wasn't going to comment on republican candidates, but that really isn't fair or balanced of me, so I'll start with McCain. All the headlines indicate that he is not long for the '08 race. He's out of money, his staff is leaving, and he's promoting some very unpopular policies. Senator McCain is still very pro-Iraq war. He was instrumental in the bill that failed regarding illegal aliens. He has already been told by America in 2000, that he's just not what the republicans want, and now here it is; 2008 is fast approaching and he is insisting that he has a chance at leading America in a direction we are obviously not interested in going. I was truly saddened by a quote I read at CNN.
"I think we're doing fine. I'm happy to see the reception I'm getting here in New Hampshire," McCain said. "We're going to be fine over time. Most people aren't focusing on the race yet. Our campaign has had ups and downs, but at the end of the day, we'll be just fine."
If this man, by some bizarre chance ended up at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., just how realistic does any of his rhetoric sound? I respect the fact that he served in the military and I have great sympathy for the fact that he was a POW, but we need more reality in the White House, especially considering what has gone on through the Bush/Clinton/Bush years. We need someone who can truly address reality.
Come now, and let us reason together . . . Holy Scripture

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hey Sports Fans

I'm going to keep this short and simple. I don't understand why the baseball people continue to tiptoe around Barry Bonds, while the suspected use of steroids makes the news. I just don't understand how someone can skirt the issue while challenging the standing records made by men that really achieved their accomplishments by pure stamina and strength. It makes me so sad that the record of Babe Ruth is supposedly or allegedly beaten and Hank Aaron's is about to be surpassed or at least challenged. Why is it, that Barry Bond's personal medication habits are continually in media question, yet unproven, while he continues to "beat" the records set by men that literally accomplished what they did, by pure human endurance and discipline? I heard a quote on the radio from one of the baseball "officials" that they are not there to judge. Now, how is it that Vick has been "invited" to not attend training camp? Vick is making the news everywhere, and although he has not been found guilty, I would hardly say he is presumed innocent.
Can anyone explain what is happening here, and what is happening in the professional sports arena? Barry Bonds is presumed innocent and awarded, until proven guilty. Michael Vick has been tried by public opinion without a jury.
I am not advocating animal abuse, it is a horrible thing. But I am also not willing to condone physical self-abuse. If sports figures are going to be held to account or esteemed to be above accountability, by whim, who is mandating the legal proceedings?
Remember, until the jury says "guilty" the charges are referred to as allegations, regardless of everyone's presumed opinion or in spite of the evidence. Whereas testing for steroids have resulted in one more way to treat everyone as potential drug abusers, except the one that caused all this stir. It would seem a presumption of guilt, regardless, for all those that would follow Barry Bonds, yet the baseball commission cannot judge him . . .
know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of G~d, and ye are not your own? New Testament

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Right and Power to Play "I've Got a Secret"

Years ago one evening a week, for 30 minutes, probably Tuesday or Thursday, the panel game show "I've Got a Secret" was aired across America. Now it's live from Capitol Hill, all day, every day, we can see the 21st Century version of "I've Got a Secret," better known as American politics. I read in the opinion journal yesterday, an interesting discourse, to of course, discredit democrats, but as I read it, I realized, our nation truly has it's priorities out of whack, and yet it's explained with absolute "moral justification." I've included the link.
In this article, the topic of Executive Privilege is discussed. It would seem that republicans interpret that to mean anything they don't choose to tell us about meetings and security, etc. Democrats seem to like it best for what they consider personal and private matters, like girl-friends and old business associates.
It seems Executive Privilege has always been open to the interpretation of the Resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Although I don't condone adultery, I truly never saw why a tryst in the White House became the issue it did. All involved were consensual adults and there was no indication that she was there through top secret discussions. She signed in as an intern, so there was a degree of clearance already established. I never did know why it was such a matter of proportion. And I truthfully don't know what the concern is about 8 laywers that got fired. Everything that happens in Washington, DC is partisan and political, so what's the big deal about this? Clinton appeared to have a history of regularly having another woman in the picture. And President Bush clearly has a reputation of surrounding himself, only with likeminded individuals.
What bothers me about this Executive Privilege and the article was the statement:
Without secrecy, the government can't function.
This article was clearly partisan and standing "right." I guess, I feel a little less fearful of tyranny when some smooth talking, hen-pecked, middle-aged politician is trying to use Executive Privilege to hide the young woman under his desk, than when some cocksure, war-mongering, fear inciting politician starts enlarging the circle as to who is included in this special Executive Privilege outside of the awareness of Congress.
I don't know where the line is drawn between a government that functions in secrecy and leaders that consider themselves above accountability, but it is now in writing that we the people shouldn't expect our leaders to keep us informed. Even with "sunshine laws" regarding government, our leader has the power and right to interpret executive privilege and say "I've Got a Secret."
For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad. New Testament

Friday, July 20, 2007

Politics, War, and 2008

I've been reading the various perspectives of just who will do what about what the other party has done. Here is my perspective. It isn't in great detail yet, and perhaps it will never need to be, but here it is. Political parties are just theatre here in America. In the past fifty years, the appointments to the Supreme Court have primarily been made by "conservative" presidents, each party has had their opportunity at being the majority in Congress, and we have had more republican years than democrat years in the White House in my life, and frankly the conservatives don't seem any more moral or forthright than those at whom they would cast stones. The democrats, by the same token do not appear to be the bleeding hearts they would like we the taxpaying people to be. I haven't read any great headlines about Hillary using that cattle future "windfall" on health care for underprivileged kids, and I don't think the Edwards are talking about poverty from a personal "give til it hurts" perspective. And I'll start buying pricy flourescent light bulbs when Al parks the Escalade. See, just theatre! But while we are watching the puppet show and the circus, the real power lies in the corporate money and amazingly most of the first Bush cabinet are now serving on some pretty interesting boards! I'm suggesting that we will have a democrat elected in 2008 for three reasons. 1. The money really rules this country and by in large most of Wall Streets major investors lean to the right. 2. There is no exit for this war, so it will have to continue and probably, the way the leadership is talking, will be intesified rather than reduced, so . . . no one in their right mind would enlist. That's right, we'll be needing a draft, and the republicans would be pretty sharp to step back and let the dems have credit for that fiasco. and 3. Historically, any president who walks into or assumes the post through a major mess, is a one termer, and the previous party is ushered back in.
I've found it interesting for a few months, that the campaign began so early, and there is virtually no electable republican, even running. Are the democrats are so desirous of the pompous prestige, they do not realize the other party has stepped back?
There is a generation that are pure in their own eyes, and yet is not washed from their filthiness . . . a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Thursday, July 19, 2007


I don't use this blog as a pulpit, per se, but . . . how can a so called Christian nation not see this? I will keep this short and to the point.
Just how many laws are the religious right willing to embrace to avoid the laws of G~d? Funny, every time I bring this topic up with an evangelical Christian, I get the same response. "Jesus said . . ." Well, Scripture says, the Word of G~d stands forever. I find this food fight between China and the new executive order, intriguing. Since America has supposedly received unsafe catfish, shellfish, and eel, we now have food tasters in the empire. And since America has declared this new action, China is now refusing the American pork. Just how many man made laws will there be to govern this "aggressive debate" and ultimately how far reaching and invasive will these laws become? Why does a Christian nation need to give up their rights to their own food? The Bible already says, the import items in question, from both countries, are not to be consumed, anyway. So, rather than decide to live by G~d's simple instructions for life, we have elected a man that by executive order will establish a panel, make many new rules, and somehow through all this, override what G~d said over 3,000 years ago . . . also for health and safety.
And the swine . . . he is unclean to you. And all that have not fins and scales . . . in the waters, they shall be an abomination unto you: Torah of Holy Scripture

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I Never Liked the Circus

I wanted to just pen a light hearted blog today. Something has been on my mind for a couple of days and I wanted to share my perspective. There is a town in Vermont that makes the news once in a while because they have no ordinance against public nudity. Once in awhile a headline about that town makes one of my news sources. Well, finally the town is considering an ordinance. The ordinance isn't over rowdy teens or youthful indecency, it's because a 60 some year old man made a point of allegedly exhibiting himself. Isn't that nice. These seniors are just determined to ruin everything for everyone. They have special discounts, special menu items, special days to shop at a discount, and all of us working our fingers to the bone so they can get their monthly checks and spend half of at least one day a week in the waiting room of some doctor, that is also provided by we the taxpayers; and all the while arguing vehemently against a socialist society. Wow, it finally occurred to me, socialized anything would give the rest of us the same benefits they enjoy. I say, in light of all this special treatment for being a senior, they should realize they "deserve" special treatment in this little Vermont town, and keep their clothes on!
Now, on to more urgent matters.
While the Senate gave speeches, snoozed, and showed off for themselves last night, to accomplish nothing; the executive branch of our government didn't losing any sleep. He seemed particularly confident in his new executive order today. I don't know why the Senate and House can't see that they are merely props that accomplish nothing and keep the focus distracted. Senate and the House are like the jugglers in the circus. They are entertaining, even fascinating for a time, but they are certainly not center ring in this three ring circus.
Here is the point I would have a "drum roll"
And in the center ring, we have Fearless George. He is going to perform for us, a feat that has not yet been tried on our soil. Although, we have had presidents that pay farmers not to produce crops, we've not had one, til now that seems so passionate about total control in every area. Our FDA has been answerable to a point to the legislative branch, and America used to produce more than it consumed, but that is no longer the case.
Our food supply is now in the hands of the executive branch of the government. He has now established a food safety panel for imported food, that directly answers to the Health and Human Services Secretary. And the FDA is closing a large number of their laboratories. Coincidence? Perhaps to the exceedingly faithful neo-con extremists . . .
We do, of course, realize that most of our food is imported, and what isn't, is genetically modified. What does that mean to the average consumer? We don't yet know the future long term effects of all this disorder against the statutes and natural laws of G~d, but what we can glean from history would be this:
Absolute Power is in the hands of those that hold the food supply.
. . . buy us and our land for bread, and we and our land will be servants . . . Torah of Holy Scripture

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Everybody Loves a Puppet Show

I have two memories from very early childhood. And nearly 50 years ago, neither had anything to do with the other, but times have changed . . . I, like many children, had a real fascination and enjoyment with puppets. They were just fun. There was Sherri Lewis and lambchop. There was Tory Southwick and Gus, don't forget Kukla, Fran, and Ollie; and there was my toybox and my vivid imagination. My second memory is distinctly different. I remember the Kennedy / Nixon debate in 1960. I realize many Americans remember that famous debate, but I was born in 1958. In 1960, I had no idea how connected those two trenchant memories would become in the 21st Century. It would appear that most of our leaders also enjoyed the shows that focused on puppets. Here, it is Tuesday night and Capitol Hill is supposed to be an all night debate, but it's already been reported that there are cots, so it just sounds like a theatrical sleep-over to me. I've read some very interesting information regarding PM Al-Maliki. He seems pretty confident that America can stay or go, he's rather indifferent to our national division over his claim to "sovereignty" with his inability to maintain his country. Besides, his government is going on vacation next month, as is our Congress. Don't you wonder what the next puppet feature will be? The only independent decision Iraq seems to be able to make and carry out, is capital punishment. And the Bush followers can't see the puppet government in that, at all. Next in the news is all this talk about impending doom at the hands of terrorists, with alQaida central, supposedly now in Iraq. Well, America has given them a wonderful headquarters and recruiting station in Iraq, and the entire Iraqi government will be "out of town" next month. I keep reading about Taliban and alQaida training camps in Pakistan, yet the Pakistani leader is our ally? Isn't it at least time for an intermission on that show? We knew binLaden was headed to Pakistan shortly after 9/11, but our leadership opted to go to Iraq instead of Pakistan. Obviously, if binLaden was a real issue, there would have been a different choice and direction in '02, and clearly in '03, but then that would change the theatre of fear here on the homefront, now wouldn't it . . . How would the people continue to be led to cower in fear, if the dastardly villian, binLaden, were captured? That would make the puppet show end too quickly! And I noticed today that the Bancroft family is, after all, considering Murdoch's offer for the Dow Jones. So, we'll have a new theater soon, and the props have already been "raised" into place. Remember how Kukla and Ollie used to "thump" each other through the program? Now, consider our cast for this puppet theater: Rupert Murdoch, News Corp., FOXNews, the Dow Jones including the Wall Street Journal, and FEATURING: "fair talk" radio "persecution" vs. Ted Turner, CNN, Hollywood, Michael Moore, and THE "liberal media" . . . I'm here to tell you, in 1960 there was no comparison to politics and a puppet show!
When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. New Testament

Monday, July 16, 2007

EXTREME-ly Fair and Balanced

I awoke this morning to the sound of the fair and balanced news right before Dr. Bill. I truly don't think I get the first hour of Dr. Bill and I know I don't get the entire show, but he's certainly doing his best to beat the war drum in the direction of Iran. But, truthfully, I'm getting used to the pundit's agendas, so I listen in the morning and check in, in the evening, so I know what the programmed people are being programmed to think and believe. I'm not really addressing what the "good" teacher, Dr. Bill is educating his listeners to believe and think. As I listened to the headlines at the top of the hour, I was shocked to hear the word "assault" used in reference to the bill proposed by Warner and Lugar regarding Iraq. The newscaster or should I say, news commentator made mention of the "assault" on President Bush . . . 's war plan or lack thereof. As I listened to him, and to be honest, I haven't heard it since, nor could I find it in the printed reports online, but I know I heard it. I've been noticing a great deal of that type of reporting. A word used that is really not appropriate to the situation, will stick in the mind of the programmed listener and they will begin to think about it, then a "news" commentator will elaborate upon that thought and the next thing you know . . . those "dirty so-and-so's" are out to get the moral conservatives. I'm noticing that "news/talk" radio makes their own issues, then beat them to death, like some sort of martyred persecution, and the next thing you know, it is the topic of controversy in the news. It's extremism, plain and simple. These overstated verbs, excessively dramatic adjectives, and mole hill comments made into 3 hour commentary mountains, serve no other purpose than to incite extremism, and exacerbate illogical ideology.
The simple believeth every word: but the prudent man looketh well to his going . . .
a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Friday, July 13, 2007

The Wheels Go 'Round and 'Round

Our grandchildren have been visiting another week with us, and it's been delightful, but I discovered something I hadn't realized. I've been hearing a "recommendation" to use booster seats for children, on talk radio. My mother called and informed me, that in their state, there is a fine, if they don't use these booster seats for children over 4 until they are 80 pounds. She says it's a law and she's a staunch believer in tons of laws and rules, because there are just so many people. I, personally believe, we had to increase laws when the boomers became of age, because there were just too many people not quite willing to give up any control, but that's another blog . . . I want to address this big circle of vehicles, events, and laws.
For years, vehicles were huge. They were big metal tanks. I remember some without seat belts! Then, there became a "fuel shortage" or so we were told, and the Big 3 started reducing the size of our vehicles and the speed limit was reduced, and Texas quit pumping oil. When the speed limit was reduced, that made the most wonderful method for revenue. Reduced limit, increased fines! Simple math. Then some researcher realized smaller cars did not have the same safety features in the event of a collision, so . . . seat belts became an issue. When that didn't catch on right away, emissions became an issue and the big companies were fined and it was "back to the drawing board" again for them. See that word fine, again? This time, the Big 3 provided the revenue. In the midst of all this, however; we here in America ended up with imports and foreign oil. Remember the bumper stickers? That was a little better on the general public, as the foreign countries paid the tarrifs, etc., but the Big 3 began to downsize in lieu of globalization. As the vehicles were cheaply made, and became more disposable and more costly to repair, the price of insurance began to soar, which "required" legislation to make insurance mandatory. Once again, there would be a fine for operating a motor vehicle without insurance, but our insurance premium includes a fee for "uninsured motorists." Now, of course, seat belts are mandatory and so are car seats for infants and toddlers. And since seat belts are mandatory, but don't come in "one size fits all" varying booster seats have become required. Doesn't it make you wonder how so many of us reached adulthood, before all these laws? So we can now attempt to keep up with and abide by all these ever increasing laws, penalties, and road tax. When are we going to start hearing the stats about accidents with the drivers on cell phones? More legislation, more fines! Now that the Big 3 is all but bankrupt, and children are in some sort of car seat until they drive, the vehicles are back to massive but insurance must continue to rise, because these large plastic vehicles are virtually irrepairable upon impact. So, car seats are now an ongoing part of childhood, insurance is more controlling, laws are more confining, and gasoline is now figured into the cost of living for young working families, and the vehicles are huge, gas-guzzlers, once again. It's made the complete circle, and what's crazy? We're all still driving, trying to keep up with the laws and fines and the expenses of this perpetual rat race.
Woe to him that increaseth that which is not his! . . . the Prophets of Holy Scripture

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Let's Talk Privatizing

I read a bit about this private prison program and even went to a promotional website. Oddly, through the website, it is presented as just another big business. It has stock value, etc. Conveniently, this company also has clients for privatized health care and mental facilities. Isn't that just grand? This came as no surprise, but Texas is just full of these "facilities." I'm going to share the link, as I don't know how much I can quote while respecting copyright and I'm not about to make any errors with this group . . .
Their "World Headquarters" is in Florida. I have no idea how far from the Veri-Chip group, but it's enough to rattle my cage and devote a blog to give warning. At the risk of sounding apocalyptic, it would seem that our religious right, Christian, "one nation under G~d" is doing everything within the power of it's present administration to fulfill End Time prophecy, but . . . it is America that is promoting wars and rumors of wars, imprisoning, and ID marking. I'm just wondering if all this Guantanamo "talk" is leading to the eventual privatization of that place. What a great deal. Taxpayer dollars build this prison outside of the country, in the shadow of fear of 9/11, then it gets closed, leaving a multi-million dollar facility empty. Big privatized, global, corporate America could move in, take it off the taxpayers hands, and keep it "open for business." . . . Just a thought
America insists upon being a world leader in global events. Why should the Apocalypse be an exception?
So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors. New Testament

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Can You See This Coming?

This article really bothers me. It just says more than I think I wanted to hear, and I'm no fan of the present administration, but it simply confirms so many of my suspicions. I have the FOXNews link, because, as everyone knows, FOXNews is fair and balanced, and we know that because FOXNews tells us that. Here is the link and a couple of quotes from the article and my comments in red and blue through the article.,2933,288600,00.html?
The leader of an Al Qaeda umbrella group in Iraq threatened to wage war against Iran unless it stops supporting Shiites in Iraq within two months, according to an audiotape.

. . . The surge of American troops that was introduced in January, supposedly just now implemented a few weeks ago, to go to September "within two months" . . . Just what part does America play in this upcoming situation, and what part has the present administration already planned for?

Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, who leads the group Islamic State in Iraq , said his Sunni fighters have been preparing for four years to wage a battle against Shiite-dominated Iran.
"We are giving the Persians, and especially the rulers of Iran, a two-month period to end all kinds of support for the Iraqi Shiite government and to stop direct and indirect intervention ... otherwise a severe war is waiting for you," he said in the 50-minute audiotape released Sunday. The tape, which could not be independently verified, was posted on a Web site commonly used by insurgent groups.
Iraq's Shiite-led government is backed by the U.S. but closely allied to Iran. The United States accuses Iran of arming and financing Shiite militias in Iraq — charges Tehran denies.

If the new government is Shiite-led, then how will the Shiites have the strength to contend with the insurgents warring with Iran? And how will the Shiites manage this "war expansion," when they already can't manage to manage their own country? Will Iran be sure to only war with the Sunnis?

Al-Baghdadi criticized Kurdish leaders for their alliance with Shiites in Iraq's government and accused them encouraging unsavory morals.
"The leaders of apostasy ... have impeded the march of Islam in Muslim Kurdistan and helped communism and secularism to spread. ... They insulted the religious scholars ... encouraged vices and women without veils," he said.

Is this what Saddam was up against and maintaining, until his murder? In America, new Afghanistan, and even newer Iraq, this so called apostacy is called DEMOCRACY!
Doesn't it just seem an incredible coincidence that the prevailing political group in Iraq has the strength to rules those that would threaten Iran, but not the strength to defend their own purpose in their own country, and remain a faction of sorts? And isn't it an interesting coincidence that we in America will get some sort of progress report in September regarding the so called "surge?"
I'm wondering, by now, if "the threat" has to be fulfilled within the same two months that we will be staying the "surge" course, just where the direction will overlap and who will truly be accountable?
Will it be the Sunnis that attack Iran and then, America, the world's morality monitor will simply have to orchestrate and arbitrate that situation, also? Or if the Sunnis go to war in Iran will that end the insurgency in Iraq? Surely if the Sunni insurgents go to Iran to fight, our soldiers can come home. They'll be fighting even farther "over there . . ."
Buy the truth, and sell it not; also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding . . . a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Monday, July 09, 2007

Where Do We Go, Now That It Has "Sunk In?"

It has finally "sunk in." America is going to continue on this collision course, until it collides with an immovable and/or unsinkable object or presence. The present administration has determined that America will be a force to be reckoned with, and yet America has proven it simply operates on fear. How do we, even begin to think, we can come out of this mess as victors or as some sort of authority, when this nation is cowering at every corner and living in "fear" of the potentially imagineable? I read again in the past few days, that since the war in Afghanistan and the war in Iraq, America has not been attacked. You know what? America was not attacked between the war in Afghanistan and the war in Iraq. So, with that logic, we could safely say that America has not been attacked since we declared war on Afghanistan, Iraq was unnecessary. I say unnecessary, since all the other "axis of evil" can be dealt with diplomatically.
It has finally "sunk in." I am not going to vote. I can't believe this! I am going through some sort of withdrawal, but I am not even going to bother. I truly, in my heart of hearts, believe it is already decided and I refuse to participate in the facade and help "create" the concept that the government is by the people and for the people. I have realized, or at least, come to believe that I am simply a prop in the scenario of "free elections" and democracy.
It has finally "sunk in." This nation will continue to inprison those that are suspected of terrorism or "enemy combatant," but the definition of terrorist or combatant will continue to be broad and vague and expandedly encompassing. I read that our nation's leaders are actually debating what would happen if Guantanamo Bay were shut down . . . Would all of those prisoners be relocated to prisons in the US and then "have some sort of rights?"
We've gone over the edge and we're over the top . . .
This is a collision course that will not redirect or refocus.
So what do we do?
How do we maintain our sanity, while discerning the magnitude of the mess that has been made? How do we support the troops, while wanting to bring them home?
How do we participate in a "democracy" when we believe it is a puppet government occupying other lands?
This realization is disheartening. I truly wanted to believe that our government was on the level with us. I truly wanted to believe that our leaders simply didn't know how to protect the general public, but the fact that the present administration has no direction other than inciting fear, has raised a level of concern for me.
I am an American citizen, that truly loves the people of this nation and devoutly believes that America has been "lead astray" or "sold out," and taken Israel with us, for this enticement of perpetual motion and perpetual propaganda of fear.
as YHVH G~d of thy fathers hath said unto thee; fear not, neither be discouraged.
Torah of Holy Scripture

Friday, July 06, 2007

"They" Are Winning, and We, the People are Losing

I don't usually beat a topic to death once it appears to have closure, but this Scooter Libby deal shouldn't have closure. I don't mean Scooter sitting in the slammer will solve it, either. By the way, I read he's paid his fine, and the judge says the way his probation was ordered, can only begin after his release, but with no time served, there is no release . . . Isn't all that just slick? I really don't think Scooter is the brains behind this plan, but what I'm really wondering about is the true solution. A man named Jeff made a comment, here in an earlier post referring to my comment about Scooter's crime not being high treason. Jeff believes that revealing the name of a CIA operative could be considered treason, but definitely a federal offense, and I agree with him, and according to some quotes, so did President Bush at one time. So, why were the federal investigators unable to find the culprit? Or how was it determined that leaking the identity of a CIA agent was not a federal offense? Some politicians want her husband blamed for this and the others want Scooter blamed, and of course; there are those that want to blame the media with their audacity to claim "freedom of press." I just don't understand why the investigation came up empty. Can our federal investigators only find people who are maybe . . ."thinking about committing a crime?" Can they not find the true criminals? Can they not solve cases when there has been an actual crime? If leaking Valerie Plame's name was not a federal offense, then Scooter's trial and all this maneuvering is just about getting the American public up in partisan arms, AGAIN! And of course, to remind us, the mere peasants, that the resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. has absolute, unquestionable, unaccountable authority. I have a problem with Cheney, in this deal, but suggesting he has a conflict of interest just becomes partisan, AGAIN! I think all the hoop-ti-la about illegal immigration is another game our leaders and legislators are playing on us, as well. If all the legitimate immigrants wanted to be a part of the American culture, and the illegals were "in hiding," would we be seeing and hearing so much in Spanish? I can't call anywhere without one of the first prompts telling me to press a number for English or Spanish. Our government is well aware of the illegals. It would be a very simple matter, since the high cost of health care seems to be what they claim to be protecting for the rest of us. Just put an immigration bureaucrat at every emergency room. When it becomes apparent that there is a lack of proper paperwork, the solution is simple. Treat them, and get them HOME to recuperate. This is not about illegal immigrants, it's about electronic records and surveillance of "we the people," the American citizens. It's as if the politicians themselves have all made a game that always leaves the people talking, wondering, and unrepresented, and we engage zealously in talking and speculating, without realizing we are unrepresented, by either party. I truly am beginning to take this personally. I had always considered voting to be my responsibility and privilege, but I'm beginning to feel like "they" are just making fun of us and seeing how much "they" can get away with and how much we will put up with. The next big topic, of course, will be fair talk radio! Because that will put immigration, Iraq, and Libby on a back burner, and keep the listeners up in arms, while providing the theater for the next showing of SMOKE AND MIRRORS. I just feel, everything "they" throw at us, is either already decided or simply a smoke screen. I truly wish I didn't feel this way, but I do. There will be no average American citizen ever able to raise enough funds to buy their way to the White House. Corporate Politics is now the biggest business in America, it is totally bipartisan and is financed by donations from all the big money.
If they say, Come with us . . . we shall fill our houses with spoil; Cast in thy lot among us . . .walk not thou in the way with them; refrain thy foot from their path: from the Proverbs of Holy Scripture

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Bush and Clinton

Well, the comments are atrocious from both sides. I used to say that I thought Clinton was a republican in sheep's clothing, but in reality, if republicans are for small government and less spending, then Bush doesn't qualify, either. Actually, I don't know of any politicians that really believe in "less government." How could they? How would they earn an "honest" living? If we had less government, we'd have fewer politicians. What in the world would we do with unemployed politicians? What other line of work offers such networked, high end income, exceptional benefits, and so little accountability? And what other skills do these people have? But back to these two guys and their comments about pardons and commutations. Everything that has been said "officially" is ridiculous about this situation, and Bill Clinton did the same thing when he had the power. From the stats I read, all of the presidents in the last sixty years, have granted a number of pardons. In all fairness to Bush, he has granted the fewest, but then he was that kind of Texas governor, also. Texas has certainly earned the reputation it has for crime and punishment. Bill Clinton did raise, even some liberal eyebrows with some of his pardons, but the number of his pardons and commutations, according to my source; was quite near to Ronald Reagan's numbers. I don't care to join the bashing and debate about which party is more hideous, or which man has less integrity, because frankly, I think what Mr. Bush and Mr. Clinton have both proven, is the fact that politicians simply don't feel the need to answer to the people, once the votes are counted.
I had trouble finding a Scripture to end this blog, because the word SMARMY is not contained in Scripture.
Fair words are not to be looked for from a foolish man, much less are false lips in a ruler . . . a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Holding Doctors Accountable

I debated about whether or not I'd blog today, realizing most people won't be at their usual computer sites today, but since our religion is not NATIONALISM, it's business as usual around here. I don't want to be a hypocrite that gripes about the war and the administration, then celebrates the rocket's red glare and bursting bombs. Oh, I used to be outspoken about the fact that fireworks should not be illegal, when used in celebrating independence . . . but there are so many more issues now, and that one is a far cry from important. I do think, however; that these people that have placed their trust in their government and their allegiance to a piece of cloth, should be able to celebrate according to their faith. Now, to the real topic of the blog . . .
I told some right wing folks a few years ago, that I thought the increasing costs of medical care could be funding terrorism. I commented on the number of foreign doctors, but the right wing folks don't listen to me anyway, they think I'm a religious fanatic. I guess I need to have a talk radio program to get their attention, so I'll blog this for the group of people that receive information. I'll qualify this upfront. I do not believe in doctors, nor do I utilize their powers. Doctors are truly gods in our culture, and to that end, they are held to very little accountability. Patients can say or do the wrong thing and immediately doctors can invoke court orders, but doctors are investigated for months before any action is taken, if any ever is. How much more damage is done to how many more people, in the investigative interim? Usually patients die before a doctor is held to account. I've noticed in news headlines in the past few years, that many bizarre murders have been committed by those on some sort of medication . . . Medicated kids shooting up schools and malls. Medicated mothers killing their children. I's a frightening phenomenon that will unfortunately probably only be researched by those in the medical field. The UK has realized, just because a person has an education and wears white, doesn't necessarily make them good guys. Sadly, here in the states, an entire family has died, because a doctor assumed way too much arrogant authority. Actually, I have given thought to the Edwards campaign on the simple fact that he has held doctors to account with mal practice law suits. Perhaps it's time to realize, we the people, need to reduce our dependency upon this elite group that finds accountability incompatible with a god complex.
And I will come near to you to judgment; and I will be a swift witness against the sorcerers . . .
Holy Scripture

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

. . . and Justice for All

I've been following the headlines about what President Bush has done for Mr. Libby. I find the commentary from the other politicians, just priceless. About four words into the quote, you can immediately tell the party of the individual. I'd really like to sit down and talk to Nancy P. She is so clearly partisan, that frankly, her point is lost. These people need to remember just 8 short years ago, their favorite fund raiser was accused and impeached for lying to a grand jury. Now, where did Nancy stand on that issue? And of course, the republicans that wanted blood from democrats, find jail too harsh for one of their own. Well, I have a few non-partisan observations that I just need to get off my chest.

The party that felt Libby should not go to jail, also believes in harsh, harsh sentences for uncommitted, but potential crimes. Most of the republican party is also in favor of the ultimate punishment for crime. Now, just a side note, in case there are any evangelicals reading this blog. Only a theocratic government that maintains the laws of Torah can morally use the death penalty. Any non-theocratic government using capital punishment is simply an arrogant group of murderous heathens. But back to this harshness of a 2 1/2 year sentence.

The democrats act like Libby had committed high treason or something. Get real, he was just covering his boss, which under the circumstances, should be held to some accountability. Libby clearly took heat for this entire administration, and they clearly let him. The democrats can be caught with money in their freezer, big money deals on inside info, and whatever else, they, as politicians can manage to get away with, just like the other side of the aisle. But, when it comes to "one of their own" they don't want any accountability or consequences, either.

In reality, every criminal case in this country in which a guilty verdict is rendered, there is someone that believes the sentence is too harsh and someone that believes the sentence is not harsh enough. And as we have also seen there are some that "should" simply get preferred treatment for a myriad of reasons. There will always be someone that thinks the present justice system has failed in some way, and it does, but it's the one that holds 300,000,000 citizens to account. If the sentences are too harsh, then change them for everyone. If someone shouldn't serve their sentence, then don't find them guilty. If there was no crime discovered, then no one obstructed justice. It gets pretty ridiculous, but I saved the most ridiculous for our leader. His quote was from the Opinion Journal of the Wall Street Journal.

"My decision to commute his prison sentence leaves in place a harsh punishment for Mr. Libby. The reputation he gained through his years of public service and professional work in the legal community is forever damaged. His wife and young children have also suffered immensely. . . . The consequences of his felony conviction on his former life as a lawyer, public servant, and private citizen will be long-lasting." I chose to print his quote in orange; a blend of republican red and non-courage yellow. If Libby does not deserve prison, then he doesn't deserve a harsh punishment. If he's guilty and the punishment is prison, then how is getting out of his sentence, harsh punishment? But you know, I can see Bush's point here. Libby is just a pawn anyway, so why not get a dig in at the dems, and remind us all of his unaccountable power at the same time. On the other hand, what does he have to lose? His faithful, think he can do no wrong, and the rest of us wouldn't have changed our opinions, regardless of what he did, so why not throw that executive power around a bit, he knows where he stands. Too bad Martha Stewart wasn't on better terms with Cheney and the White House. Or if Libby had only been sentenced to 5 months, would that have reduced the harshness enough that he would have to serve? See, we'll never know what the real deal is, but that's politics in America, and we're doing our level best to spread this around the world! I read one other quote in the Washington Post, from a former Wyoming senator:
Many letter writers expressed frustration over the Libby saga's conclusion. Former senator Alan K. Simpson (R-Wyo.) wrote that he "shall always remain eternally puzzled how the situation ever 'came to this.' Some are of the opinion that he has 'fallen upon his sword' and yet, it is my perception that the sword has fallen upon him!"

And it is my opinion and perception that he was thrust upon the sword!

He that justifieth the wicked, and he that condemneth the just, even they both are abomination to YHVH. a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Monday, July 02, 2007

It Just Depends

I'm having a very difficult time dealing with the inconsistencies in this present administration, especially while their die-hard constituents can do absolutely nothing but bash democrats. The republican following has no answers as to why they continue to hold fast to the inconsistent, unaccountable leadership. I realize democrats are about taxes and questionable freedoms, they always are, so whether I agree or not, they are consistent. This present administration, however; is a completely different kettle of fish. They talk about loyalty and patriotism, then sell out their own aid over some trumped up charge in a criminal investigation that never uncovered a crime . . . How many times have I heard our leader talk about the "rule of law" and then just flat, belligerently refuse to acknowledge subpoenaes, not only for himself, but for his inner circle. So, we now realize that executive privilege is above the rule of law. So, my question to all of his faithful followers would be: If we all respected the rule of law in the same manner as our leader, would we have democracy or anarchy. Since we can't all respect the rule of law in the chosen manner of our leader, do we have democracy or tyranny? I really do have to laugh as these faithful followers say the dems treat their candidates like "rock stars," while they cherish their autographed photos of the first couple. I have to agree with them, I think Obama is flash with out substance, and obviously Hillary is riding Bill's coat tails, but then an autographed photo from the White House seems like a gift from a star to a fan. Now, let's move on to his second in command, because I just have more than one issue with this man that plays second fiddle. He doesn't have to report a shooting until everyone has their details synchronized. While his party attacks gays, his daughter is "off limits," but it was okay for her to publicly campaign for him. Get real, Mr. Cheney, which way is it? And the way you choose, is it that way for everyone, or just you? What about this executive privilege for Mr. Cheney regarding subpoenaes? When he's a part of the Senate, which he is, he's legislative branch, so he can't testify because he's one of them, but when they want second in command White House information, he doesn't have to testify, because he's part of the executive branch. I'm thinking there is another term for "executive privilege," we ordinary folks call it double-dipping, hedging, skirting, side-stepping, just to name a few.
With so many situations being dependent upon who is involved, rather than simply right or wrong, it would seem American democracy can't really be based upon the "rule of law," but rather situational ethics.
The integrity of the upright shall guide them . . . a Proverb from Holy Scripture

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