Tuesday, November 08, 2016

The Election

I'm not presenting "just the facts," but rather introducing possible supposition, as we cannot possibly know the outcome until we've lived through it or . . . not.  I do believe the choices for this election don't seem like much of a choice!  Let's look at what "we the people" have been asking for, for years now.

We are tired of career politicians that owe their election to the Big Corporate lobby.  They are owned and we already know their bills, votes, and ultimate legislation are based upon campaign funding and the size of donations.  Simply stated:  "Money talks."  So we've cried out for new names and fresh faces.  In 2008, we got "little known" Barack Obama.  Obviously, he was more well connected than any president before him, in that he is completely protected from questions and above any accountability.  He's had a peculiar way of force feeding Americans what they don't want, even many who voted for him . . .

Hillary, on the other hand, is quite well connected, or rather, her name is well known in political circles as well as Big Corporate America.  She's clearly in the upper echelon of The One Percent, while somehow condemning elitist and white privilege.  I honestly do not know how her fans keep listening, but according to the polls, whether or not they are listening, they are supportive.  Her crowds do seem a bit disorganized, photoshopped, or just disoriented, but, that's a topic for another blog . . .

Donald Trump is the antithesis of career politician, and he has his own bankroll, so he apparently cannot be bought, which brings us to an entirely different problem that has not been an issue with career politicians and those who are "lobby owned."  In American politics, there is a certain entailment of accountability to those who have written large checks toward the campaign.  If Donald Trump cannot be bought and owned, will he be accountable?  I never watched his reality show, but I did see a trailer, in which I thought he was a pompous @$$.  Yes, I know I was judging him on very limited information, so I've repented.  There are a number of reports regarding his humanitarianism long before he was running for office, and I do admire the fact that he has used his wealth to bless others!  As for him being presidential material, he is a CEO; whereas his opponent wasn't even a homeowner until 2000.

 I have a couple of theories about the outcome of the coming election, but this much I do know.  The voters and the non-voters are vehemently divided; and the voters are not mincing words about how they feel toward the non-voters.  It's interesting to see for many, their political view is as dogmatic as their religious perspective . . . yet I digress.  The potential outcome of this election could have a reaction in the streets, long before a January inauguration.  Changes in the cities could come very quickly.

If Hillary is elected, a large portion of the conservative city dwellers may "head for the hills."  Many of Hillary's fans don't seem to realize the number of cities and towns that are already well on their way to looking like Detroit, MI.  America really doesn't make anything, anymore, but fast food.  We can see from history, as the social programs in this country have increased, manufacturing has diminished.  The only job security is in health care and government.  If a community is large enough to have a police and fire department, a social service office, and their own water treatment system, the city and or county is a major source of employment.  Add a hospital, home health agency, and a couple of nursing homes and it becomes quite clear, that health care is also a major source of employment . . . Much of health care is already government controlled and we know Hillary has had her site set on government controlled health care, since Bill was in the White House.

If Donald is elected, I would not be surprised to see "rioting" in the streets, but the current administration will call it protesting . . .  I am not sure a Trump presidency will postpone the implementation toward martial law, at all, considering the current administration will still have two and a half months of power after the election.  

As for the coming election, I'm afraid America is going to get what we deserve . . .

. . . behold, ye have sinned against YHWH: and be sure your sin will find you out.  Torah of Holy Scripture  

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