Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Source of the Evidence

The case of Meriam Ibrahim has continued to haunt my thoughts.  First, I don't understand why anyone would consider her safe in the Sudan Embassy.  In all the uproar, have we learned nothing from Benghazi?  I'm not sure I understand about the investment she and her husband have in Sudan, but I would think America would be safer for now for them, anywhere but Sudan . . . but that's not really the point of this observation.  Her case inspired a bit of research in one of the time honored political arguments here at home.

Is the current president of the United States a United States citizen?  Is the current president of the United States a secret Muslim?  I'll answer both.

When a baby is born to a mother who is a US Citizen, but outside the country at the time she gives birth, but has not been out of the country consistently for more than five years prior to giving birth, that baby is also a US citizen, regardless of actual place of birth.  In many cases, the child will have dual citizenship, as we see here in America with illegal immigrants.   Children born to illegal immigrants will have dual citizenship, both in America and their mother's home country.  Obama was born to an 18 year old from Kansas.  Whether he was born in Hawaii or abroad, she had been in the US within five years before his birth.  I have stated since this birther situation arose, if this administration had any integrity, rather than producing a disputed document, they would simply produce the Passport he used while attending school in Indonesia.  Passports are issued from the country of citizenship and a matter of permanent record.  But then, that would resolve this blame game.  Is he lying?  He's a politician . . . I, personally, don't think we'll know where he was born until he leaves office.  Regardless of the geographical location of his birth, he was born to a US citizen.

Let's move on to the question of the current president's religious status.  Is he a secret Muslim?  The answer has to be no, there is no secret to the belief of Islam.  In checking the following links, which appear to be hosted by clerics of Islam or at least followers of that religion, in the case of interfaith marriages, the children born of that union are Muslim.

We have a very glaring example of this regarding Meriam Ibrahim.  Her situation is very similar to the one Mr. Obama has chosen to share with us.  Her father was Muslim, but left the family when she was very young.  Her mother raised her in Orthodox Christianity, but the recent court ruling was clear.  The children of a Muslim father are Muslim.  Even with the international outcry against her death sentence, she has still not been released from the country . . . until today.  Her father was Muslim, therefore her claim of Christianity made her an apostate to Islam, punishable by death.  It is my understanding that one can leave Islam or be a secular Muslim, as long as a different religion is not embraced.

Mr. Obama has openly stated that his father was Muslim; apparently not a devout one, but Muslim, none the less.  I also checked for potential variations according to laws of different countries, but this is the law of Islam, regardless of the country.  I've provided some links, as well as the international response to the situation and Meriam Ibrahim's release.

This is only an opinion, but Mr. Obama has always seemed to simply be into self-worship.

He that is first in his own cause seemeth just; but his neighbour cometh and searcheth him.  a Proverb of Holy Scripture

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Since illegal immigration is making the headlines, I have to wonder what else is going on that we're not being told.  Granted, it is reported in staggering numbers, but illegal immigration has been going on for years, and no administration has done anything to curb it.  So what's next on the Agenda, that TPTB [the powers that be] need the country in divided uproar?  Perhaps this is going to be the "tool" used to build FEMA concentration camps and bring martial law.

Of course immigrants change the culture of a nation.

No American knows that fact better than my ancestors, and I've been rather cheeky about the topic on more than one occasion, actually at every meme opportunity, but . . . the bottom line is, there were no laws regarding immigration when America was overrun with European immigrants, and the culture changed beyond recognition.  As many times as I've posted the meme below, the fact of the matter is, there was no Department of Homeland Security or ICE in 1492.

Regardless of a change of law or even granting amnesty, the current laws are being broken.  I read an interesting observation the other day that went something to the effect of:  "Illegally entering the country doesn't make you a citizen any more than breaking into my home makes you family!"  Keep in mind, this is being used to politically divide this nation further.  For all those who would defend our borders, the other side of the aisle is slinging religious accusations.  To be honest, I'm struggling for a solution.  It's a shame there's not another Australia, where the powers can simply make provision and move the problem off the mainland, the way Britain did.

Illegal immigrants being allowed citizenship and benefits means, only bona fide citizens have to live by the law, and that's not freedom at all!  I know life is not promised to be fair, but those odds are really stacked against those who would abide by the law and pay taxes . . . On the other hand, I believe a border fence would not keep out illegals, but only serve to fence in the citizens . . . also, a far cry from freedom.  To be honest, my solution is to suggest we stop waiting for the government to do nothing.

I've made mention many times over how the red and the blue political lines are our modern civil war.  Realizing we don't want to do to ourselves what the previous administration recommended to Israel, and what has already been done to Native Americans, I would like to offer a non-landlocked solution.   Without transporting illegal immigrants all over the country, we need to collectively determine a few states that politically embrace the idea of ushering them in, and set those states apart for that express purpose, and ask for those who are staunchly voicing their outrage about borders, to be willing to relocate and make this plan work.

It's time to face the fact, our government has surrendered the border.  Several militia organizations are willing to protect the border, so once those who want to embrace the illegal immigrants have relocated and done that, then those who would man the border can do so, freely.  It's time for Americans to back their words with action.  My suggestion is to simply give a few border states, infrastructure and all, to the cause.  If you are an American who supports the illegal immigration, then get to Texas, New Mexico, or Arizona and support them, or send money, and for those who are in those states that don't support it, we'll help you get out.  Maybe we can do some land trading amongst the relocators . . .

If you are an American who supports the borders, then accept the compromise and protect, the southern borders of Oklahoma, Colorado, Utah, that SE corner of Nevada, and we may consider negotiations on part of California.  Since we've told Israel to go back to 1967 borders, let's take America back to some earlier borders.  Arizona was the last state to the union before Alaska and Hawaii, and we got along just fine, before.  As a matter of fact, the federal reserve began the year after Arizona became a state, so maybe we could get rid of the federal reserve system, as well, in the deal.

Face the fact, life as we've known it in America is over.  It's not coming back.  It's time to realize, the border deal was signed nearly a decade ago and the illegal immigration problem has been ignored for several decades.  If we don't negotiate a land deal soon, I think we're going to end up with a new military that has no fondness for the legal citizens and no deep respect for the Constitution, which may be a part of the judgment America is facing.

Come hither; I will show unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters:  the Revelation 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Political Correctness

One of my pet peeves is the fact that political correctness seems to only stand, one way.  I'm absolutely furious that racial issues have been included in political correctness, because racism is a spiritual matter addressed in Torah.   Numbers 12:1, 9  And Miriam and Aaron spake against Moses because of the Ethiopian woman whom he had married: for he had married an Ethiopian woman. . . . And the anger of YHWH was kindled against them; and he departed.  Our Creator is very displeased by racial bigotry.  Now to lump racial bigotry in with the rest of our social ills is deception and rebellion.

Torah speaks against racism, but it also speaks against a myriad of sexual sins.  Scripture is also completely against pride and idolatry and generally forbids that we make up our rules as we go along.  So how did political correctness become so rampant and redefining?  That would be included under the heading of "making up our rules as we go along."  The part of political correctness that really raises my hackles is that it stands precisely against Scripture.  Even the politically correct version of anti-racism is convoluted and wreaks havoc of favoritism and reversed racism.  I'm not always right, just because I'm brown!  And you aren't a racist if you are a different color and disagree with me . . . you're just wrong. [kidding].  Political correctness has redefined tolerance, not to actually tolerate different perspectives, not at all.  "Tolerance" is kowtowing socially, to the loudest crybaby, and bullying those who do not kowtow.

I disagree with much of what is going on under this present administration, but I disagreed with most of what went on in the last administration.  Since my skin tone matches neither leader does that make me a racist or just sick of being misled?  Upon further consideration in this matter, there is no logical or scientific reason to include any sort of racial issue, past or present in this present political agenda.  Moving right along to the problems that are seriously taking us down as a nation.  Ahead of the sexual devolution, there is the matter of making up the rules as we go along and claiming them to be Bible based.

That original premise is faulty.  Do you realize most countries have laws against murder and theft?  Most cultures condemn adultery and lying, and believe parents should be honored.  On that basis, America's got nothing on China or Iran!  The Biblical standard for the way to treat people in society is pretty much acknowledge around the world, and America also shares the same disregard for Sabbath that most countries share, with the exception, of course, of Israel.  Even Israel has it's "stores for Shabbat shoppers" . . . It was the value of freedom that used to set America apart, but that officially died in 2001.  Rather than repent at that warning of 9/11, we went ballistic and put ourselves on lockdown.

To further add to our lack of repentance and increased rebellion, our society has increased the momentum of the sexual agenda.  Mothers now dress their seven year olds the way rebellious teens dressed themselves a generation ago.  I remember, as a teen, girls who would roll their skirts up at the waistband after they arrived at school to give themselves a mini-skirt . . . because they'd have never gotten out of the house in a short skirt.  Now mothers actually dress their young daughters in much more suggestive attire than they would have thought to sneak.  Many middle aged women continue to seem to think beauty must be wrapped in "provocative," so they dress accordingly.

As for the gay agenda, I have one daughter who is actively exposing her children to that lifestyle, and I find that to be very poor parenting, while she claims to be a "tolerant heterosexual."  Clearly not a proud moment, in motherhood, for me!  But that's just my politically incorrect opinion.  In the name of tolerance and religious freedom, a bakery owner was taken to court over his refusal to bake a wedding cake for a same sex wedding reception.  Here's the real kicker.  Same sex marriage isn't even legal in that state, but the ruling against his religious reason was handed down.  Political Correctness and Tolerance is nothing more than an anti-Bible agenda, hiding behind a newly defined freedom and mockery of true civil rights.

. . . YHWH is with you, while ye be with Him; and if ye seek Him, He will be found of you; but if ye forsake Him, He will forsake you.  History of Holy Scripture

Sunday, July 06, 2014

The Open Introduction to the NWO

I was troubled several years ago through the time of the raid at the Yearning for Zion Ranch.  I don't really know what went on inside that place, but what I saw outside in 2008, was an ominous preview of things to come.  First was the sheriff's vehicle, which is pictured below and looks like military equipment.  Second; the church buses that served to remove all those little children from their mothers.  The first blog I ever published addressed the topic of religious devotion and political agenda working in tandem.  The first blog entry in January of 2005, was short and to the point.   Just three short years later we saw it taking place in Texas at the YFZ raid.  That was "all well and good" though because "they" were a cult, as were the Branch Davidians in the 90s . . . ?  Who will next be named as a cult?

Fast forwarding, now to our current growing crisis of illegal immigrant children coming into the country.  The Baptist Family & Children Services are actively involved and it is reported that they even refer to themselves as "Brown Shirts."  The comment appears to be made to sound a bit tongue in cheek, as a mere reference to the color of their shirts which is tan.  I'm leaning more towards programming and desensitization.  BFCS is contracted by the powers that be.  Since this is the second time the word Baptist has been associated with governmental power in Texas, shouldn't we at least consider the connection?  I'm not saying all Baptists are willing to work for the government, but then all Baptists didn't agree with Fred Phelps, either.  My point is not to be picking on a denomination, but rather to point out that organizations willing to be used by the agenda are using religious titles.

I don't know that all Baptists will bow down to the agenda, but it does seem entirely possible, especially regarding children, that this is being used to win trust, and of course, promote safety.  One Congressman didn't have anything good to report, when he tried to visit one of the facilities.

I'm certainly not promoting the Coexist concept, but in all honesty, people do believe their own spiritual beliefs are the correct ones, leaving many, many belief systems to be called false religions or cults.   Although I do not agree with the beliefs of the former YFZ Ranch, which by the way, is now the property of the government, and I didn't agree with the doctrines of David Koresh, but I also do not agree with Islam, traditional Judaism or mainstream 501c3 Christianity, so will my beliefs make the "cult list" as the end of days unfold?  Messiah clearly stated His true followers would be hated.

And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.  the Gospel according to Matthew

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