Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Source of the Evidence

The case of Meriam Ibrahim has continued to haunt my thoughts.  First, I don't understand why anyone would consider her safe in the Sudan Embassy.  In all the uproar, have we learned nothing from Benghazi?  I'm not sure I understand about the investment she and her husband have in Sudan, but I would think America would be safer for now for them, anywhere but Sudan . . . but that's not really the point of this observation.  Her case inspired a bit of research in one of the time honored political arguments here at home.

Is the current president of the United States a United States citizen?  Is the current president of the United States a secret Muslim?  I'll answer both.

When a baby is born to a mother who is a US Citizen, but outside the country at the time she gives birth, but has not been out of the country consistently for more than five years prior to giving birth, that baby is also a US citizen, regardless of actual place of birth.  In many cases, the child will have dual citizenship, as we see here in America with illegal immigrants.   Children born to illegal immigrants will have dual citizenship, both in America and their mother's home country.  Obama was born to an 18 year old from Kansas.  Whether he was born in Hawaii or abroad, she had been in the US within five years before his birth.  I have stated since this birther situation arose, if this administration had any integrity, rather than producing a disputed document, they would simply produce the Passport he used while attending school in Indonesia.  Passports are issued from the country of citizenship and a matter of permanent record.  But then, that would resolve this blame game.  Is he lying?  He's a politician . . . I, personally, don't think we'll know where he was born until he leaves office.  Regardless of the geographical location of his birth, he was born to a US citizen.

Let's move on to the question of the current president's religious status.  Is he a secret Muslim?  The answer has to be no, there is no secret to the belief of Islam.  In checking the following links, which appear to be hosted by clerics of Islam or at least followers of that religion, in the case of interfaith marriages, the children born of that union are Muslim.

We have a very glaring example of this regarding Meriam Ibrahim.  Her situation is very similar to the one Mr. Obama has chosen to share with us.  Her father was Muslim, but left the family when she was very young.  Her mother raised her in Orthodox Christianity, but the recent court ruling was clear.  The children of a Muslim father are Muslim.  Even with the international outcry against her death sentence, she has still not been released from the country . . . until today.  Her father was Muslim, therefore her claim of Christianity made her an apostate to Islam, punishable by death.  It is my understanding that one can leave Islam or be a secular Muslim, as long as a different religion is not embraced.

Mr. Obama has openly stated that his father was Muslim; apparently not a devout one, but Muslim, none the less.  I also checked for potential variations according to laws of different countries, but this is the law of Islam, regardless of the country.  I've provided some links, as well as the international response to the situation and Meriam Ibrahim's release.

This is only an opinion, but Mr. Obama has always seemed to simply be into self-worship.

He that is first in his own cause seemeth just; but his neighbour cometh and searcheth him.  a Proverb of Holy Scripture

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