Sunday, July 20, 2014


Since illegal immigration is making the headlines, I have to wonder what else is going on that we're not being told.  Granted, it is reported in staggering numbers, but illegal immigration has been going on for years, and no administration has done anything to curb it.  So what's next on the Agenda, that TPTB [the powers that be] need the country in divided uproar?  Perhaps this is going to be the "tool" used to build FEMA concentration camps and bring martial law.

Of course immigrants change the culture of a nation.

No American knows that fact better than my ancestors, and I've been rather cheeky about the topic on more than one occasion, actually at every meme opportunity, but . . . the bottom line is, there were no laws regarding immigration when America was overrun with European immigrants, and the culture changed beyond recognition.  As many times as I've posted the meme below, the fact of the matter is, there was no Department of Homeland Security or ICE in 1492.

Regardless of a change of law or even granting amnesty, the current laws are being broken.  I read an interesting observation the other day that went something to the effect of:  "Illegally entering the country doesn't make you a citizen any more than breaking into my home makes you family!"  Keep in mind, this is being used to politically divide this nation further.  For all those who would defend our borders, the other side of the aisle is slinging religious accusations.  To be honest, I'm struggling for a solution.  It's a shame there's not another Australia, where the powers can simply make provision and move the problem off the mainland, the way Britain did.

Illegal immigrants being allowed citizenship and benefits means, only bona fide citizens have to live by the law, and that's not freedom at all!  I know life is not promised to be fair, but those odds are really stacked against those who would abide by the law and pay taxes . . . On the other hand, I believe a border fence would not keep out illegals, but only serve to fence in the citizens . . . also, a far cry from freedom.  To be honest, my solution is to suggest we stop waiting for the government to do nothing.

I've made mention many times over how the red and the blue political lines are our modern civil war.  Realizing we don't want to do to ourselves what the previous administration recommended to Israel, and what has already been done to Native Americans, I would like to offer a non-landlocked solution.   Without transporting illegal immigrants all over the country, we need to collectively determine a few states that politically embrace the idea of ushering them in, and set those states apart for that express purpose, and ask for those who are staunchly voicing their outrage about borders, to be willing to relocate and make this plan work.

It's time to face the fact, our government has surrendered the border.  Several militia organizations are willing to protect the border, so once those who want to embrace the illegal immigrants have relocated and done that, then those who would man the border can do so, freely.  It's time for Americans to back their words with action.  My suggestion is to simply give a few border states, infrastructure and all, to the cause.  If you are an American who supports the illegal immigration, then get to Texas, New Mexico, or Arizona and support them, or send money, and for those who are in those states that don't support it, we'll help you get out.  Maybe we can do some land trading amongst the relocators . . .

If you are an American who supports the borders, then accept the compromise and protect, the southern borders of Oklahoma, Colorado, Utah, that SE corner of Nevada, and we may consider negotiations on part of California.  Since we've told Israel to go back to 1967 borders, let's take America back to some earlier borders.  Arizona was the last state to the union before Alaska and Hawaii, and we got along just fine, before.  As a matter of fact, the federal reserve began the year after Arizona became a state, so maybe we could get rid of the federal reserve system, as well, in the deal.

Face the fact, life as we've known it in America is over.  It's not coming back.  It's time to realize, the border deal was signed nearly a decade ago and the illegal immigration problem has been ignored for several decades.  If we don't negotiate a land deal soon, I think we're going to end up with a new military that has no fondness for the legal citizens and no deep respect for the Constitution, which may be a part of the judgment America is facing.

Come hither; I will show unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters:  the Revelation 

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