Sunday, July 06, 2014

The Open Introduction to the NWO

I was troubled several years ago through the time of the raid at the Yearning for Zion Ranch.  I don't really know what went on inside that place, but what I saw outside in 2008, was an ominous preview of things to come.  First was the sheriff's vehicle, which is pictured below and looks like military equipment.  Second; the church buses that served to remove all those little children from their mothers.  The first blog I ever published addressed the topic of religious devotion and political agenda working in tandem.  The first blog entry in January of 2005, was short and to the point.   Just three short years later we saw it taking place in Texas at the YFZ raid.  That was "all well and good" though because "they" were a cult, as were the Branch Davidians in the 90s . . . ?  Who will next be named as a cult?

Fast forwarding, now to our current growing crisis of illegal immigrant children coming into the country.  The Baptist Family & Children Services are actively involved and it is reported that they even refer to themselves as "Brown Shirts."  The comment appears to be made to sound a bit tongue in cheek, as a mere reference to the color of their shirts which is tan.  I'm leaning more towards programming and desensitization.  BFCS is contracted by the powers that be.  Since this is the second time the word Baptist has been associated with governmental power in Texas, shouldn't we at least consider the connection?  I'm not saying all Baptists are willing to work for the government, but then all Baptists didn't agree with Fred Phelps, either.  My point is not to be picking on a denomination, but rather to point out that organizations willing to be used by the agenda are using religious titles.

I don't know that all Baptists will bow down to the agenda, but it does seem entirely possible, especially regarding children, that this is being used to win trust, and of course, promote safety.  One Congressman didn't have anything good to report, when he tried to visit one of the facilities.

I'm certainly not promoting the Coexist concept, but in all honesty, people do believe their own spiritual beliefs are the correct ones, leaving many, many belief systems to be called false religions or cults.   Although I do not agree with the beliefs of the former YFZ Ranch, which by the way, is now the property of the government, and I didn't agree with the doctrines of David Koresh, but I also do not agree with Islam, traditional Judaism or mainstream 501c3 Christianity, so will my beliefs make the "cult list" as the end of days unfold?  Messiah clearly stated His true followers would be hated.

And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.  the Gospel according to Matthew
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