Sunday, June 29, 2014

In the Not So Distant Future

When the headlines present a situation that is not only emotionally charged, unstably unresolved, and a matter of life and death, I have become skeptical.  I hate that fact!  I am very concerned for the woman in Sudan, and hope she is able to leave that country.  This situation in Sudan, however; continues to bring to mind memories of the Terri Schiavo case.  Obviously the circumstances are different, but the spirit of the headlines are the same.  Life and death, hope and despair, resolution reneged . . . yet in all that, the question remains, what's not in the headlines?  Not only does the Schiavo case come to mind, but an Embassy in a country not terribly happy with the US met with some horrific circumstances, still unresolved, also comes to mind.
According to interviews with Wesley Clark, there were six other countries besides Iraq, named some years back, with Libya and Sudan being among those named.

In other headlines:  

Gun retailers, among others are having difficulty accepting certain bank cards, thus impeding sales.  We were told the background checks and doctor's questions, would be the only impediment to potential purchases, but there's more.  See Operation Choke Point

While we are being told the economy is recovering, the biggest indicator, the practical cost of living for the average American, indicates otherwise.  There's no need to take the word of John Q. Public though, and the despair of Jane Doe, here's a quote from the President right before one of his vacations last year.  And it's happening in our own personal lives as well, right?  A lot of us tightened our belts, shed debt, maybe cut up a couple of credit cards, refocused on those things that really matter. The full speech.

I don't know how many have caught this report, as so many of the reports of the economy sound wonderful when they are made initially, then are obscurely revised a few weeks later.  According to the article linked here, the first quarter of 2014 was the worst in five years.  The second quarter ends Monday.  

Meanwhile back at the ranch . . .

The couple involved in the shooting spree in Las Vegas had been to the Bundy ranch, and had been asked to leave.  Although there was little mention of it, they had also been involved in the Occupy Movement.  From various sources, they appeared to be a couple of malcontents looking for a cause, any cause.

Just in case there isn't enough confusion and aren't enough emotional hot button topics in the headlines we've had "Gay Pride Month."  We'll also soon see if our government has actually found a way around the First Amendment with the Hobby Lobby case before the Supreme Court.   Since Congress can make no law regarding religion, we'll see if the spirit of the Bill of Rights will be upheld by the Supreme Court.
I've had an interesting question continue to cross my mind regarding all this sexual confusion.
Are the Muslim countries the only ones refusing to embrace the homosexual agenda?  Are Muslim countries the only ones actually promoting procreative heterosexual sex?  Even without converts, that alone could account for the expansion of Islam.

In these few brief paragraphs that just skim the news headlines without mention of going back to Iraq, the California drought, the hundreds of unattended children from the border, and the flooding of the Mississippi; it's easy to see another major crisis, looming on the horizon.  Detroit has actually appealed to the UN for help and military style vehicles are appearing in local law enforcement lots all over this country.  Please, get your spiritual houses in order and make sure your lamps are full of oil.

And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.  words of Messiah

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