Sunday, June 01, 2014

Correspondence From the IRS

Anyone who has ever received an envelope with the IRS as the return address knows the feeling one gets in the pit of your stomach.  I still do my own taxes, on paper, and although I am an honest citizen, the tax laws are constantly being modified.  With the IRS now the strong arm of government mandated health care, I am aware of yet another point of political contention between myself and the powers that be in the "land of the taxed."  So when I went to the mailbox the other day, correspondence from the IRS, was not exactly good news.

I opened it with trepidation, wondering what I had overlooked or misfigured.  In all fairness to the IRS, honest citizens can be lousy at math, or get something on the wrong line, so as I opened the envelope, I knew I'd been honest, even if inaccurate.  I was ready to face the music, I thought.  Now, here I'm telling my financial business.  The form stated that I was probably eligible for Earned Income Credit . . . I have a business, I have an income, and I have a little money in the bank.  You won't find my name on the Fortune 500 List, but I am definitely comfortable, and quite content.

As I looked at the form, and the potential promise of eligibility, two thoughts crossed my mind.  One, HalleluYah, my tax return had been audited and I was found to not be owing any taxes or penalties or interest . . .  That was the good news.  The second thought was a bit darker and in the form of a question.  Why would an indebted government offer me money it doesn't have, that I haven't earned?  Perhaps I would have a different perspective, if I was drowning in debt.  If debt were an issue, the potential amount mentioned, really wasn't much more than a band-aid.   How valuable is a band-aid when one is drowning?  The amount was a token figure, in my opinion.  In the grand scheme of American indebtedness, what would a token credit solve, providing I qualified for the full amount mentioned in the form letter?  

Is the Agenda really trying to snare us all?  I can't help but feel I was being baited.  I understand there are some people who need assistance, but we all know the government is operating in the red.  Some might even suggest I take it and donate it, but the reality is, I didn't earn it, and the government isn't "good for it."  Someone would have to pay for that!  Sadly, it seems our society has been programmed to "take it if it's offered or available whether we need it or not."

But my G-d shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Messiah Y'hshuwah.  words of the Apostle Paul

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