Sunday, May 25, 2014

Hope and Change

Remember that campaign slogan in 2007 and 2008?  Yes, indeed, the freshman senator from Illinois campaigned for two years of his first term in the senate, then resigned when he won the election for President, if elections really do determine who is in office . . . Anyway, he promised hope and change, and the country was ready to buy the rhetoric, in hope of a change.  The problem with "hope and change" is, most people were hoping for a change in others.  The change that was hoped for, basically boiled down to most people wanting others to change and agree with them.

The democrats want the republicans to agree with them or go away.  The republicans want everyone to see life as they do.  The gay agenda has labeled anyone who disagrees to be a hateful bigot while those who believe the Bible on the matter will not budge.  Those claiming Biblical ground, however; cherry pick much of the rest of Scripture, so the denominations continue to strive and contend, waiting for change . . . in others.  Then we have the big hot button topic of abortion.  Both parties have had their turn of complete control of the White House and Capitol Hill without making any change in over 40 years.  This present Supreme Court now seats the most justices nominated through democrat administration in years, and it's still only four out of nine.

Hoping others will change is actually what's preventing the change and killing the hope in general.  We now have a President who hopes everyone will change to see things his way and when that doesn't happen, he name calls and blames.  I don't care what color the President is, but I would like his values to be more than skin deep . . .  but the race card is ever handy.

 The man in the Oval Office is only the embodiment of the values of the American society, at the time he's "elected."  He is also a "yes man" to the corporations that buy the elections.  We will not elect an individual to bring change.  Change has to come to each individual.  The two parties are basically indistinguishable and that's been apparent since the Reagan days.  While Reagan spoke of "smaller government" the national debt virtually tripled through his administration.

Now, here I'm going to throw out the changes I'm hoping for.   We have to stop throwing money to fight what we are against.  If you're against abortion, don't stand in front the clinic with a brochure, or send a check to some women's lobby group; reach out and offer a private adoption.  When I googled the cost of newborn adoption, the average was $25,000.  Omit the attorney and spend a modicum portion of that sum helping the birth mother through her pregnancy and the rest when she delivers and completes the adoption.  If she changes her mind at that point, you're probably not out any more than you would have contributed in donations, but you've actually prevented an abortion!

If you're against what the Bible calls abomination, then take bacon and crab rangoon of your menu; and start living by the Bible's definition of a holy life!  Donate some time to kids who don't fit in, who could be caught in the sway of the gay agenda outreach.   Volunteer for those who don't have a strong male or female in their lives to look up to.

The political parties are nothing more than the illusion of choice.  It's time to spend time doing what we say we believe.   At the risk of sounding cliche, it's time to "be" the change we want to see.  Fighting against something doesn't bring positive change, and blame isn't hope!

But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.  ~ James, brother of Messiah
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