Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Glimpse of Insight Over 20 Years Ago

I didn't realize until yesterday, what I had been shown back in 1993.  Before the days of internet, before the days everyone carried a cell phone, before FEMA was fully in charge of every disaster, I was privy to some mind-boggling information.  I lived in a town that was left without water for a week, due to the flood waters of the Missouri River.

The position in which I found myself at that time proved very unique.  I truly didn't even understand what I was being shown, but that was a year before I came to YHWH.  Over ten years into my walk of following Messiah, I wrote "While He May Be Found" and referenced the possibility of the ten powers being something other than countries or governments, but I still didn't make the full connection of what I'd seen.   Now, being led of His Spirit in reading Scripture, following current events and reporting news from a prophetic perspective, much has become ominously clearer.  

The National Guard came to the rescue of the town and brought water.  There were several "water stations" throughout the town.  Although I did not hear of any resistance or rebellion and don't remember a curfew, it was common knowledge that people were refused passage into some areas.  There was no doubt that the gift of water was accompanied by armed authority.  The Guard had access to guns and water.

My husband at that time was the "First Line" for the phone company in that town and the surrounding area.  He was for all practical purposes, "the man" for communication, with his superior being at a home office in another city.  He had total access to any area of town, by virtue of his position.

I had food.  We owned a small old time fast food type restaurant, and I was one of the few places in town that astounded the health department with my ingenuity in the crisis.  Since I had a walk up window, I was open and in business, and our kids made deliveries to all the water stations . . .  So we had complete freedom of access, as well.

The town had voted against having a prison built there a few years earlier, so it was built in a town about 30-35 miles away, but when it looked as if the levy was in danger, prisoners were brought in to sandbag and they never left.  The prison (diagnostic center) was built without a vote.

There was also insight into media through this ordeal.  Late Saturday evening, my husband received a call from one of his crew that said the water treatment plant was flooding. . . The man was a large man, taller than my husband if I remember correctly, anyway, he said the water was nearly to his waist as he was literally trying to make flotation devices for the phones and communication system.  He also said, when it hit his chest, the plant was going down.

The girls and I organized filling tubs, sinks, even the washer, while my husband and son headed to the restaurant to fill the sinks and any empty containers.  While we were all doing that, since we had two lines at the house, my husband did have a mobile phone, and the phone at the restaurant, we were all calling everyone we knew to give them a heads up to collect some water.  Every response was the same.  "Oh, there's nothing to worry about, we just watched the news and they said the report of the water treatment plant was exaggerated."

By midnight, the water treatment plant was shut down, and of course, by morning, the water pipes of the entire town were empty.  Thankfully that was a temporary situation.

As I now peruse the list of 10 powers in "While He May Be Found," it's clear, those with guns and control of the water will have the authority.  Those who control the food and communication, will have great access and possible exemption, and media will feed the ignorance.

For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.  I Thessalonians 5:3
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