Monday, November 09, 2009


Although I am not going to turn the horrific rampage that occurred last week at Fort Hood, into a blog topic, I do want to express my sympathy for all those that lost loved ones. I am praying for all those that are still recuperating, as well as those just beginning the grieving process. I also pray that this does not ignite other incidents based upon religious extremism.
The House passed the Health Care Reform bill, but the Senate hasn't passed theirs yet, and then when the Senate does, some committee meets to combine the two bills and then see if the combined version will pass either group of Congress. So, I'm just wondering what other interesting bills are being passed while we're watching Health Care Reform Puppet Theatre.
I think I did find one bill going on behind the puppet theatre, and that is some financial regulatory bill that is not making many regular headlines but looking to be signed before the new year. It has to do with the FDIC! I've prophesied some calamity that I thought would be economical or should I say, I hoped that was all it would be, around the end of the year. As the power and control continue to be secluded into a smaller and smaller group of authoritarians, I have a concern about the food supply.
My state is huge on this ethanol business. So big, that the cattle are now being fed ethanol by-products. That's right, what ever is left of the corn squeezin' and the stalks gets pressed into some sort of liquid that is now cattle food. I've heard varying perspectives of this, but ultimately, I have to agree with my ancestors, because on this particular issue, they seem to be in agreement with G~D.
I go to one of the Indian nations in Oklahoma to buy gasoline because it's ethanol free. The Indians know corn wasn't created to burn, it's food for man and cattle. We are about to progress ourselves right out of the picture!
He causeth the grain to grow for the cattle, and herb for the service of man: that he may bring forth food out of the earth; a Psalm of Holy Scripture
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