Wednesday, May 25, 2005

America's Definition of Dangerous Criminal?

It's official, the "run away bride" will be charged. The grand jury has made a decision. But in the same month, a judge threw out and called a mistrial on the soldier - England, in the Abu Ghraib torture scandal. Is any one else embarrassed by this or at least confused? A woman that either felt the pressure of a gala event or went to Vegas for a last hurrah is now possibly facing 5+ years prison because an officer "listened in" on a phone conversation and taped it [with or without her knowledge?] between boyfriend and girlfriend that obviously had some issues.
A woman is now dismissed from facing a possible 2-11 years, and they were saying not more than 2, because her boyfriend told her she was participating in a training film . . . Does anyone else find this reprehensible and illogical, or has everyone been just been dumbed down and severely numbed?
I am serious, I am casting the gauntlet. Anyone who does not find absolute illogic and a deplorable definition of right and wrong between these two cases of American justice is an absolute idiot.
Let me explain this succinctly.
A woman in the military willingly had her picture taken in "compromising" circumstances while questionable treatment of prisoners was captured on film. Her boyfriend testified in her trial, after she pled guilty, and the judge declared a mistrial.
Another woman, getting ready for an indulgently elaborate wedding decided to skip out and call her boyfriend with a lame story three days later is now facing felony charges because a town decided to look for her long before a missing person's report could be filed and without doing any real investigating, like at the bus station or cab company, yet her fiance' made the observation of potential cold feet the first day. Well, here in the heart of the definition of earthly justice, she is going to trial.
Oh, and let's consider one more issue between the women.
The notoriety at Abu Ghraib caused international fall out, complications, and uprisings, and flat out fueled the hatred for acts of insurgency.
The 'run away bride' caused embarrassment and a town full of concerned people and nosey authorities to spend a little extra time and money.
If this is how America is going to define crime, no wonder the leaders are having to release the sex offenders with only a month's worth of viagra, to make room for the real dangerous elements of society, like unmotivated potheads.
Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil . . . Isaiah 5:20a. Holy Bible
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