Sunday, June 09, 2013

Red Herring - IRS

With Congress passing the appeal to Obama Care and the IRS under fire right before it was supposed to become the enforcement arm of mandatory health insurance, I smell a red herring . . .

I could include a few links to the "IRS hearings" going on, but to be honest, I truly do think it's smoke and mirrors.  There is something more ominous than the IRS picking on the Tea Party.  No offense to the Tea Party, but they had pretty much fizzled out and they had their 501c4 granted, even though it was a long and arduous path, which is uncalled for, this still smells like an old red herring . . . or perhaps a blue herring.  Color not withstanding, American politics just stinks.

As Congress plays with Obama Care, yet again, after the Supreme Court has already made a decision, we know that's a herring of some color, too.  Health care in this country has to be reformed on some level.  The fact that the IRS is now under fire tells me the IRS is about to be moved or transferred into a position of great government authority.

Here's the way I see it, and perhaps I sound skeptical, but truth be told, I think terms like skeptical, cynical, and even conspiratorial have replaced the term, logic, in our society.  We simply can not get rid of taxation now.  We can't stay ahead of the debt with taxes!  There has to be some sort of assessment, collection, and enforcement.  We all know that, it's a given.  Without taxes, there is no infrastructure, which by the way has also been neglected and in disrepair while taxes have been collected.  So, basically, these hearings will result in greater governmental power to include the IRS as a powerful arm of authority.  

The IRS is a service of an agency within a department, under the commission of the federal government, yet can't really fire the woman who won't resign . . . The IRS maintains a very nebulous description of what governmental power it truly has, yet exercises great authority.  So much authority, the top officials still get paid while refusing to resign, even after stating they aren't very good at math . . .

I am expecting a new arm of enforcement to arise from all of this.  I expect laws to be in place that the head of this service/agency/department/commission will wield a great deal of power to collect and incarcerate, even more than in the past.  I also believe a great deal of this power will be aimed at those who do not choose to be a part of Health Care Reform.   Cases of opting out of health care for religious reasons are already being prosecuted.  Now, a plan that doesn't meet the government criteria will also be prosecutable, and most everyone who is already using the ER for a primary physician will fall into the category of supplemental vouchers or medicaid.

These red herring hearings will produce a greater connection between oversight and taxation, and the people lose, either way, but with these hearings, some are given the impression they are being heard.  I've listened to a few of these videos and to be honest, much of it seems staged.  We are looking at the true change from presumed freedom to mandatory indentured servitude.  Revision in the IRS will be the path to debtor's prison and manual labor.

We know the Revelation tells us at some point there will be no buying and selling without the mark of the beast.  There is already in America, no buying and selling, no doing business, no taking donations, and now very soon, no health care without the authority of the IRS.

And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.  the Revelation of Holy Scripture
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