Tuesday, April 09, 2013

The Death of Margaret Thatcher

I don't believe in speaking ill of the recently departed, so I am rather disgusted with some of the behavior in the UK in response to the death of Margaret Thatcher. I can't say that I agreed with many of her policies, but she was the Prime Minister of the UK and that really deserves, if not respect, at least decorum until after the funeral.

The fact that she and Ronald Reagan got along so well, does explain the reaction of many of the Britons, but at times like this, it's best to take the high road. I truly think America and Britain sort of lost their industry through the same era, and apparently very divisive leadership. As I was reading about her time as Prime Minister, I was reminded of the Reagan years here in America. I see many similarities. Those who are fans, practically worship, and those who were not, tend to loathe. I don't like to elevate politics and money to a religious level, and I think that is what I hold against the Reagan years, the most. Those were also the Margaret Thatcher years.

Perhaps the working class of the UK feels the same way the working class of America now feels after the passing of Ronald Reagan. Those of us who were not big fans do tend to cynically refer to Saint Ronald on occasion. I've seen comments that truly do reflect feelings of disgust where he was concerned, but it's been nearly nine years since his passing. I'm not disregarding the feelings of the people, but let's get her buried first.

For whatever reasons, I feel Britain sets the example for royal manners and regal behavior and to be honest, these comments sound like they came from America . . . I know the 80's were hard on most of us, but we can't let the leaders of that time cause us to become the people they considered us to be. We know, Ronald and Margaret considered themselves aristocrats, and we were merely commoners. So, it seems fitting to rise above their view of us. After all, their power, their fame, their wealth . . . they didn't take it with them.

What better way to demonstrate just how wrong they were?
. . . but the dead know not any thing, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten.
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