Thursday, February 17, 2011

What Next?

I see the Middle East having it's very own reckoning day. I hear on the news that our own country manages to "create" laws on a daily basis. And now, I hear that someone is asking that our President be given power to shut down the internet with a single flip of a switch. When I heard that, a question immediately rose up in me. Why would the President have to shut down the internet, when they can just keep right on doing what they've been doing? It's very clear that TPTB can simply give us any information they choose to give, then later recant and say it was not accurate information. Who needs to shut down the internet for that? Why have the FCC up in an uproar over that? It's just so much simpler than Egypt made it or all those coming against the Middle Eastern protesters, are making it out to be. There is no reason in the world for our government to shut down the internet or filter the information like Egypt did or China has done in the past. I've heard it for several months now. All TPTB need to do is give us some sort of report, including statistics and researched data, then in a couple of weeks or next month, simply do what they've been doing. Tell us the information was faulty or inaccurate. See how simple that is? No need for a protest or revolt. The people will just accept the revision. We will lay down, roll over, and take the treat when it's offered, in a completely Pavlovian manner. Tell us what you will, there is so much division, discouragement, and confusion, there is no need to shut down the information or filter the news feed, just correct it later. It won't make any difference and it won't change a thing.
A faithful witness will not lie . . . a Proverb of Holy Scripture
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