Monday, October 22, 2012

The Election is Two Weeks Out . . .

One candidate is a puppet and the other, a puppet master. I'm not thrilled to say this, but if I were only considering this from a Patriotic standpoint, I'd say it would be easier to keep an eye on the puppet master, as the puppet, but seeing it spiritually, as well, I can honestly say, there really will be little difference, except . . . Mitt Romney has apparently been endorsed by the ever ecumenical, wavering, according to the wind, religious right, led by Billy Graham! And it doesn't really matter how much Bible, President Obama claims, he's not considered a "Christian" by those who just a few months ago believed Mormons to be cultists. America, isn't it grand! What I have noticed is all the lip service from both sides, so perhaps my reference to puppets is not so far off, since there appears to be a myriad of ventriloquist acts in this political season. First, Romney and Ryan are just too above us all to explain the math in their economic recovery. Okay, fine. Romney is a business man and I do think our government needs to be run more like a business than a non-sustainable charity. Obama, on the other hand, is a community organizer, which means he never operates on his own dime, which clearly states and his past four years have proven, he has no concept of a bottom line . . . just raise more funds! What has caught my attention, however; is the spiritual information that the two of these candidates are not exactly saying, but at least Ryan has intimated with his admiration of Ayn Rand. We are heading into a "me first" and "total self" time in history, more so than ever before. We have young people who are disrespectful in the old people's faces and old people who will spend their grandchild's penny bank on their senior discount. As a member of the generation sort of between, yet a part of all this, I'm trying desperately to not develop a calloused perspective, so I got in Scripture. First, I've been really struggling over the 3 horns, knowing one was energy, one was entertainment, and wondering about the other, until I heard insurance! I wrote a book back in 2006 about the 10 powers that would come together to give one entity, power. As I read about Bain Capital, I couldn't help but notice, a large percentage of those 10 powers were accounted for in the mergers, acquisitions and holdings. So with Mitt Romney, the anti-Obama, adequately endorsed by the religious right, I found myself looking at our current President and his backers. He's all about energy, he's undoubtedly in with Hollywood, and now with the Health Care Reform that no one seems to have read, he's in with the insurance, big time! And made insurance a part of the government! Not to mention, the backing of George Soros. Now, George is an interesting enigma, and a paradox in his own ideology. He's anti-capitalism, but I can't help but wonder if Mr. Soros awoke tomorrow with the same balance in his bank account as those who will vote for his puppet, just where he would stand . . . I would suggest, if Mr. Soros was truly all about wealth distribution, he'd distribute his to his fellow party members, not just those in power. So, if Mr. Romney has power over the 10 powers and President Obama is controlled by the three horns, where's the choice in two weeks? I can't find it, and I've been listening. Even their supporters and greatest fans sound simply and blindly loyal to the party, or the ideology, or mostly to the devout stand: "anti-the other one." I don't believe either of these men are "the anti-Christ," as I believe it is a government, but I do believe both men are either in control of, or controlled by powers that will prevail as the end of days unfold. I don't think either of these individual will bring America to any sort of Epiphany.
And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things . . . the Revelation
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