Friday, October 12, 2012

Couldn't Help But Notice

Facebook is so informative. I've noticed through the various Facebook posts and comments, that the party lines are clearly drawn and regardless of what is said through ads, sound bytes, debates, and statistics, the party lines are rarely crossed in commentary. I knew Republicans were blindly loyal, but I had no idea how blindly loyal the Democrats were, until now. I became so exhausted with the anti-democrat comments from GW's followers. I couldn't believe how each of them would offer the same negative comment and then feign amazement as I said, I know, I read this on Rush's page or I heard this on talk radio or whatever. I mean the Republicans truly believe they are on the cutting edge of intellectual insight and perceptual breakthrough of historical proportion, at all times. And I made fun of them and truly derived an enjoyable "blog fodder" approach in dealing with them. I had to hear what they had to say, as they were always full of great blog topics! And GW was a great blog topic regularly, Obama, not so much. GW just has a natural sense of humor about himself that Obama clearly lacks. Now, I find myself reading and following various liberal information sites and they just keep me reeling. It doesn't matter what Obama says or does, he's awesome according to his fan base. And Biden, well according to democrats, he's mensa material! I was going to blog about all the Big Bird hoop-ti-la, but the politicians themselves keep all this on a level much beneath the intellectual interest of the average pre-schooler. Yet, it doesn't keep the devout party voters from talking about the latest political antics. Last week, there were few, very few, democrats that thought Obama was lacking and few, very few republicans that didn't sing Romney's praise after the debate, and last night was no different. The politicians could have shown up in gladiator costumes playing kazoos and their party followers would have touted their amazing integrity. I will give credit to a few making comment who have been clearly leaning one way or the other actually give credit to the other party's man in the debate, but they are very rare individuals and their openmindedness will certainly not carry the election. Now, it makes for good blog fodder, but it's embarrassing that American government has sunk to this level for leadership. Where could I have possibly included Big Bird in this discussion? He wouldn't lower himself to the preposterous notion that anyone is listening to these debates with an open mind!
I used to think the political leaning was all about money, money, money, and it is, but it's cloaked in such partisan "concern" that it's getting clearer all the time to see it's really all about money and power, and the power to keep one's own money while sharing other's.
You're not listening with an open mind if you already have your mind made up and it's not generosity if you are only willing to share what belongs to someone else. And the silent generation isn't silent, if the lobby speaks on their behalf! And I'm no better, I think they all sound alike, well all but Big Bird.
. . . because thou hast rejected knowledge . . . a Prophet of Holy Scripture
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