Thursday, September 27, 2012

Before We Completely Rewrite History . . .

Giving all respect due to the Veterans of WWII, I have to make a statement regarding some propaganda that is floating around the internet. I feel it's wrong for two basic reasons. One, it's politicizing war, WWII, and two; to be exact, it's revising history. Now that some encyclopedias are no longer in print, someone has to preserve the history, as it was taught in print. I've included the picture here in the blog, at least I've attempted to. Now, as I said, I mean no disrespect to the Veterans of WWII, but the USA didn't go to war to fight the Nazis. We went to war to get the allies to help us after the attack on Pearl Harbor. The history I was taught, was this. Hitler gained power in Germany through elections, with the campaign that the Nazi party would restore the economy and fight Communism. It sounded so good at the time, he was elected! He continued to gain power and by the mid to late 30's, Europe was under siege. The Russians are reported to have lost 20 million in that war . . . Now, the US did not go to the aid of Britain or France, and Jews were turned away at Ellis Island, until . . . the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. All of our big allies were pretty busy, so they couldn't come to our aid. That's when we got involved and it became a War that affected the entire world, not just Europe and Russia. The history is actually quite fascinating and I hope it's not all lost to future generations. My point for today, though is simple. The tag line in this picture is the WWII Veterans are the reason we don't speak German. Well, that's not exactly accurate. WWII Veterans are the reason we don't speak Japanese and General Motors isn't making Datsuns. To politicize WWII, I find disgusting. To revise the history of WWII, is reprehensible. If we lose the truth, we will lose what freedom we have left.
And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. words of Messiah
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