Monday, September 10, 2012

The Tax on Breathing

I've been wondering for some time now, just what this Health Care Reform was truly about. Oh, I didn't really think for a minute, any politician cared about any of the little people. Politicians have awesome health coverage, and that's who they are concerned about. So why this big health care reform bill that nobody really knows what it holds? The republicans have had a hey day making fun of Nancy Pelosi for wanting to pass the bill, so they could read it. I don't know why they are laughing if they really believe it will lead to death panels . . . The health care reform bill affects us all, one way or another, and it was the republican appointed Chief Justice that claimed it to be Constitutional, by calling it a tax. As far as the other side of the aisle is concerned, I just don't think you can be a democrat if you have any understanding of mathematics at all. There are way too many people not only NOT contributing, but living off of a government check. There is no way, this will make health care more affordable. I think I've figured it out. With weather of Biblical proportion the last several years, not to mention the insurance costs of 9/11 and the casualties of war, I'm thinking the insurance companies were running a bit low on perpetual income. We already know as the premiums continue to rise, and the coverage continues to decline, there are more and more citizens that are just carrying the basic minimum required by law. Folks have gone bare-bones insurance coverage for awhile now, and the insurance companies have begun to feel it. Remember when insurance and banking were practically interchangeable? Insurance companies offered CDs with decent rates and even checking accounts. Well, times have changed and insurance companies are scrambling . . . Justice Roberts gave the deciding decision to give the insurance industry the long term cash infusion that was so desperately desired by this corporate cow. Mandatory health care was deemed Constitutional, by calling it a tax. Wow, that's almost like taxing air or at least breathing. It really is, if you consider all breathing people are mandated to now carry health insurance, and Justice Roberts said it's a tax. So, we've sacrificed health care to keep the insurance companies alive and well to pay off cars and houses and other STUFF by mandating that everyone drawing a breath pay them or pay the penalty. The Health Care Reform Bill is proof fascism can be born of democracy.
Wealth gotten by vanity shall be diminished: but he that gathereth by labour shall increase. a Proverb of Holy Scripture
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