Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Brown Shirt, Blue Shirt - TSA, the Party Today

I remember vividly, my visceral reaction to TSA. That's Transportation Security Administration for those of us who are trying to keep track of the real meaning behind the initials and acronyms of our political regime. I'm also becoming very jaded when it comes to this "invasiveness" we are just accepting in this country, on every level. It is on every level! Disrespectful rudeness abounds in our nation, from sea to shining sea, from private homes to Washington DC, and everywhere in between. I'm sick of trying to hold a conversation with people staring at their phone pushing buttons and I am sick of being terrorized by a government that tells me they are doing it for our protection. I'm sick of threads being hijacked on forums boards, and to be honest I'm sure some of my old ideas of distractions seem like hijacks to someone else, so I've offered a solution that I'll share in a bit. Now back to TSA. Some of my grandchildren have moved cross country and I miss them terribly, but I hate the idea of my young teen-aged granddaughters being groped at the airport to come see me. and I hate the idea that this is supposed to be acceptable! I also hate the idea of technological strip searching, but that's acceptable now, too. I'm guessing the first bus load to a work camp in Germany in the 30's didn't seem too ominous, either. And every article I read about the TSA is always they are following procedure. Now, see, unlike the Nazi's at Nuremberg, who were just following orders, the TSA is just following procedure. See the difference? Me either! I have compared the blue shirts to brown shirts in this blog before, but we cannot overlook a bizarre set of facts that aren't really being connected, that I think should be. It's not party lines like "they" keep baiting us with, it's government agencies that are already in place to answer to both sides of the aisle and have been for some time. We have all sorts of agencies investing in bullets, we have TSA mentality in nearly every administrative agency and "we the people" have been trained for the past 11 years to accept it for our safety and our own good! So, while we all get on our high horses about this election, keep in mind TSA, SSA, NOAA, HSD all supposedly work for us, but they've got us trained and they all answer to which ever party is in control.
He hath hedged me about, that I cannot get out: he hath made my chain heavy. a Lament of Holy Scripture

P.S. I forgot to share my solution. Check it out. I've founded a group at Facebook for all those who like to argue politics, religion, you name; and have the last word. Or for those who want to gripe about those who like to argue politics, religion and what have you. The group is called: In Your FaceBook. Come on in and be rude, nobody cares.
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