Thursday, September 06, 2012

We Have Redefined the Word "LEADER"

Early this morning, it hit me! We aren't electing leaders, we are electing the best beggar for donations and the guy that will say what ever it takes to get enough votes to be called our leader. We're electing the popular people, just like in High School! Does that sound like a leader to you? No, it isn't even a decent follower. The men running for President are not leaders and they are pandering to people who know little about leading. Romney is pandering to people who know a little something about acquiring and amassing and have more of an elitist entitlement mentality. Obama is pandering to the people who make very little upfront investment in life, but believe they are entitled to the same payoff as those who do invest. Both men are pandering to people who have plenty of free time to be pandered to, and like to feel they are a voice to be reckoned with. The majority of America is really too busy trying to make a living or make a tangible difference to be swayed by the hot button issues which are basically manufactured in Washington DC, by a group of people we call Congress, who also pander to be elected, but they pander to the lobby, because the lobby treats them like aristocrats. It seems our members of Congress enjoy being wined and dined by the lobby of Big Corporations, then have a meet and greet with their constituents, a.k.a. the little people,to tell them how much they are listening . . .
Pandering results in being owned and a person who is owned is not a leader. Persons who are owned are slaves. Some are slaves to big corps, others are slaves to their own narcissism while some have simply sold their souls to the highest bidder, which is never "we the people." No matter the reason, the purpose, or the definition, none of this says LEADER. A leader has direction, a leader doesn't have to read the crowd to see where he/she is going. A leader has vision. A leader of "the free world" should have a vision for the next generation, not seek the approval of those that want to exhaust all resources for their own comfort. A LEADER leads people who know where they want to go and a GOOD LEADER, leads for the good of those who are yet to come, who as of yet, have no say. In the redefining of LEADER, the term public SERVANT has been thrown around to be synoymous. Well, the only place that mentions both leader and servant to be the same is Holy Scripture, and America does not share that definition, nor does either party want to. The only vision either of these men who are campaigning have right now, and it is shared, is the vision of being declared victor in November. What is the saddest observation to me, is the fact that no matter what happens, the victor's followers will revel in his every decision and excuse his every failing, and the followers of the defeated candidate will have four years of blame to cast and anger to feed. To have a real LEADER, we need a candidate with true vision beyond himself!
Where there is no vision, the people perish . . . a Proverb of Holy Scripture
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