Sunday, September 16, 2012

Something Obvious is Amiss

This particular blog is a two part rant, and I don't believe either are tangents. I was deeply saddened by the horrific death of our ambassador to Libya, as well as some of his staff. In light of this tragedy, I am also saddened at what has transpired since. First, of course, it's America, so lets dissect comments made by Romney and analyze President Obama's and Clinton's reactions and confirm their professionalism. Well, whatever, but I'd rather look at some of the more long reaching potential "unintended consequences" of the blame and perhaps some circumvention that could avoid this in the future. First, about the amateur film. I'm sorry, any religious person feels justified to kill in the name of their religion when they are offended. I've seen Messiah depicted in some pretty heinous ways, and it's called free expression of art in this country, so I hope, I seriously hope, our country upholds the same standard for the 13 minute movie. Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" was immensely commercialized and contained overtones of anti-Semitism, but it grossed millions off of the evangelicals. So maybe the problem is not religious violence, but a problem with honor of the religious leader involved. Christians don't seem to mind their seeing their professed leader treated horribly, even killed. I could not bear to see the movie for many reasons, but the primary one was, I love Messiah, I couldn't bear to watch his death depicted. Feel free to quote me on this next statement. I don't want to watch anyone I love die, or have their death simulated. Although sometimes we may be called upon or feel the urgency to be vigil at a loved one's death bed, we needn't ever watch their death simulated . . . Yet, because of freedom of speech and freedom of religion, and our national aversion to censorship, these works have been allowed to be displayed and sold. The 13 minute movie should be no different. Now, on to more about our free speech and expression. It was just about a month and a half ago, our nation once again was up in arms over free speech and the subject was, of course, "gay." The controversy arose over the CEO of Chick-Fil-A's answer in an interview for a religious magazine, but oh my, the backlash and the anger. It was through various discussions I found myself in, with single men ranging between the age of 30-55, that I began to wonder just how deeply this issue runs in our society in general. Just how many boy-cotters and flag wavers and chickin' consumers had issues of their own? This brings me to one possible solution to avoid another incident like the one that took place in Libya this past week. First, let me say this is not anti- anything. I'm a serial bride, a fornicator and adulteress by many religious teachings, so there are extremists of all religions that think I should be stoned! As a matter of fact, I was actually asked to not speak my religious beliefs to my own Grandchildren, by a member of what I now call the American TEAliban. But I digress . . . back to our slain ambassador. Upon seeing his picture and reading his obituary, something just stood out starkly. We sent a single middle aged man into a country that believes not only, that homosexuals should not have the same rights as everyone else, but that they should die. His obituary made me do some searches and of course there were sites that confirmed my suspicions, but that doesn't make it a fact. The man was 52 years old, with no wife, no divorce, and no children mentioned in the obit. And there was some guy on face-book writing updates. Now, this isn't judgment against Christopher Stevens, at all. My question is, why in the world would our government send him into such an obvious harms way? Libya has been completely politically destablized in the last year. Considering there had been 42 years of reported oppression, any first year political science major knows that new found freedom is a hot bed of instability. Just because a man is single in middle age, doesn't mean he's gay, but when the circumstances could lead to the assumption, why take the chance in potentially volatile conditions? If he was gay, why would a government that has evolved to support gay rights, not protect him? Why would our people choose to blame a 13 minute movie rather than a few extremists that are no longer under oppression? While we're here in America, smugly arguing over where to eat chicken; why are we still buying oil products when Libya killed a presumed gay American and Saudi Arabia won't allow Jews in and Christians must be secretive?
But if not, be it known unto thee, O king, that we will not serve thy gods . . . prophecy of Holy Scripture
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