Thursday, September 13, 2012

Obama's Net Worth

I read the most interesting article in Yahoo Finance, the other day and I will include the link for those who are actually forming their opinions with information. I'm not saying it's full of facts, it is the American media, so that fact has to be taken into consideration, but I want to talk about the information and the article itself. First and foremost, this article confirms that President Obama is in fact a 1 Percenter! That's right, through the course of his time "tending to the interests" of the Middle Class, he's become in that lofty elite group in which the 98% are so disgusted. This article truly brought out the hypocrisy of the Obama followers regarding net worth. President Obama is now worth between 2.8 and 11 million. I would have thought the income would have been clearer on his taxes, since everyone is demanding to see Romney's. I'm guessing once you're in the 1%, and I have no personal knowledge of this, but still, you would know how much over that 1 million mark you've reached! Who was the accountant verifying this information? I cannot imagine any bank, accounting firm, or IRS auditor considering a spread over 8 million dollars to be accurate information. I remember very clearly sitting in my mother-in-law's living room as Candidate Barack Obama was introduced as the keynote speaker for the 2004 DNC. He wasn't even a US Senator at that time, only a state senator running for national office. He's certainly come a long way from total obscurity, eh! I've checked other DNCs. Every other DNC had some seriously well known names giving speeches, but in 2004, it as though the stage had been set for him, exclusively. I'm also going to include the link to Wikipedia entitled 2004 Democratic National Convention Keynote Address.
Of course with this fantabulous speech entitled "The Audacity of Hope" came the book deal! It was a 7 digit deal. Then he "decided" to run for president, which skyrocketed the sales, WIN/WIN and with those big winnings he invested in Bonds and Treasury Bills to the tune of millions, and in one particular portfolio that was "more bond heavy" than most balanced funds. Wasn't that fortunate for him through those economically turbulent years for which we all blame President Bush? And rightfully so, or Greenspan or Bernanke, or someone besides Obama, he didn't have the authority, but it was as though he had a certain inside track that kept him from losing half of his saving and investments, when everyone else did. He was also a big enough player in investing by then, he was somebody with the banks who were bailed out. If I didn't know better, it would just seem like a serious of very fortunate wise decisions, but this is America and powerful people that are well taken care of are taken care of by even more powerful individuals.
To have the insight or inside info to be heavily invested in bonds and treasury bills and less in stocks before the crash, then gain the power to distribute as he chose. . . Now that he's controlling the economy, isn't that sort of a conflict of interest or double dipping? Everything about the ascension of Barack Obama just seems so orchestrated . . .

neither is his eye satisfied with riches . . . Holy Scripture
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