Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Fearfully Polarized and Potential Redefinition

To be honest, I'm not on board with the wall.  I'm not against it, fully, I'm just aware that a wall could not only keep intruders out, but could also keep Americans contained.  Then there is the fact that anyone who disregards the already established laws will find a way over, under, or around a wall!

I was born in the late 50's, and without divulging all the family dysfunction, I had a foretaste of this "freedom in exchange for safety" mentality long before it became fashionable in America.  I grew up listening to how scary the world was and since I was 5 when President Kennedy was assassinated, it seemed believable . . . for a time, but not for long.  Once I got to school and found out other kids could leave their own backyard and return home safely and show up for school the next day, I began to question the paranoia.  I had the sense or fear to not question it aloud, but the disregard of fear took root and has blossomed into courage through the years.  Now, at 60, I read headlines and realize our "public servants" are not serving "we the people" and the media is simply using emotional manipulation to keep Americans at odds with each other and all stirred up.

The government shutdown was over the lack of funding for "the wall."  Then our Representatives spent a week working on a bill they knew would not pass to resolve the issue!  Considering the tax dollars that pay the House of Representatives, shouldn't they spend their time more productively?  In crunching a few numbers, it would seem they cost us nearly 3M dollars in salaries, drafting a bill they knew would die.  A week on a bill they know won't pass seems to be a case of "time NOT well spent!"  How is that serving the people who elected them?  Why is this acceptable?  Now, there is talk about declaring a "National Emergency."  I have a few words of my own regarding "National Emergency."


HelenCarlene said...

As I said before you state your case well. There are some points that I agree on especially in regard to our so-called representatives. I definitely feel that we should have term limits.
As for the wall, I have to respectfully disagree with you. I have heard too many horror stories from the people who live along the border. Those stories are real and from real people. I do not want our country to end up like Europe.
Anyway, enough said.
You are a beautiful writer and make your points concisely. You have courage to stand up for your beliefs. I admire that.
Be blessed Eliza.

K D Elizabeth Beisinger said...

Thank you for your comment. Although, I have concerns about a wall, I do believe we need border protection. Our border patrol should not have their hands tied. We've protected the divided borders of other countries for years now. This may sound extreme, but I believe our border should be protected militarily and just let the world know, "NO TRESPASSING" Trespassers will be shot!

HelenCarlene said...

Well I could definitely go with that idea too.

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