Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Pervasive Perversion

While we look at ISIS, illegal immigration, and Operation Jade Helm 15, I see a true nemesis.  The true nemesis is the Agenda of Perversion masquerading in our society, as sexual tolerance and anti-bullying.  This so called tolerance is tolerant of everything except chaste decorum, and as for anti-bullying, I think the Oregon Supreme Court has spoken volumes in defense of bullying against those who are just living their life and not trying to hurt anyone.  I've struggled with writing this article, because on many levels, it hits entirely too close to home.  As far as I know, homosexuality is not a family issue yet, but we've had our own brand of justification for a number of years now, from shotgun weddings to illegitimate births, to my own personal divorce statistics.  The gay agenda may be the straw that breaks the camel's back, but this nation and world have been on a slippery slope of immorality for a very long time, and the perversion is much more pervasive than just the LGBT.

Although I am not an advocate of sinning, sadly; I am still not perfect.  I believe in resting on the Sabbath and keeping a kosher diet, as well as the other commandments of Torah regarding personal behavior, which includes sexual behavior.  I do not believe Messiah came to change the Instructions for righteous living.  He came to set the example for righteous living and bring redemption.  Obeying the Laws of G-d does not earn one the right to be a child of G-d.  His grace is what affords us to be His children, and grateful gracious children strive to obey.  It seems obvious, at least here in America, that ignoring the Laws of our Creator is hazardous to our health, and thus to our society.  Willful disobedience, by definition is in fact; sin.

Now with that being said, which sins are causing the most problems?  Sexual issues seem to be the most problematic, on many levels.  Probably the biggest problem with sexual sin is it tends to affect the most people, and often makes more people.  When the concept of same-sex marriage was introduced, we were told, it would not affect those who do not embrace the concept.  That isn't true!  People are losing their businesses, their jobs, and their livelihoods; and the decision has yet to be rendered by the Supreme Court.  The public school system is openly declaring that LGBT does indeed affect everyone, not only in the reading curriculum, but in sports, using the restrooms, and even showers!  For whatever reason, sexual tolerance is being forced and there's just something wrong with that on a very base level.  If two lesbians can feel "mentally raped" for someone to stand by their beliefs, I think many of the rest of us can use that same term, as this aggressive sexual agenda is forced down our throat.  Aggressively targeting and attacking a Christian bakery is just as much bullying as picking on a feminine boy or a rugged tomboy at school.   But, alas, this sexual agenda began long before two lesbians started whining or before an Olympian doubted his sexuality.

I grew up in a time in which premarital sex was frowned upon by a generation who obviously had crossed that line in their own teenage years, and our generation was bringing the "sexual revolution."  Interestingly, revolution and revolting have the same root word, and sadly the revolution has brought revolting results.  This article is in no way intended to remove personal responsibility for the moral decline of this nation, but America made a serious mistake over a century ago, when marriage became legislatively governed, thus ceasing to be sacred.  Oh, I know, we all heard that single line as the preacher officiates: "joined in the sight of G-d," but once marriage involved a state license, we had mingled holy with profane.  Now, all these years later, the Supreme Court of the land has already determined it has the right to rule on Scripture, and the social validity thereof.

With the sexual revolution came a sexual openness in our society, that included pornography.  Or perhaps, it was the pornography industry that "inspired" the sexual openness, I can't speak with true knowledge on that subject.  What I do know, is television programming became more blatant, movies were often filled with a great deal of sexual content as the rating system became blurred, and then cable brought sexuality openly into everyone's living room.  All of that was gaining momentum through last century.  The internet has made pornography available in a simple click of the mouse.  I was not raised with a father who read Playboy, but my uncle did, and provided my cousins with their own copy.  I still remember the shocking find in helping them unpack when they moved.

I was born to teenaged parents, who eloped and undoubtedly prayed for a late arrival.  I grew up, with my own set of hang-ups about that, so I decided to do it differently.  I had intended to be a single mom, but ultimately decided my child should grow up in a two parent household . . . I got that wrong, in several attempts.  I am now living undivorced and celibate with a disabled husband in what has been the longest marriage of my life . . . Considering my track record, I know this is somehow the result of the law of sowing and reaping, or as some would say; "comeuppance."   Each generation in our society appears to only intensify their stand against Torah.  The current status of society indicates my family is no exception to the rule, or substandard to the general population in America, but we've certainly done nothing to raise the standard!  By the time I came to a covenant relationship with our Creator, my kids had been raised pretty permissively.

I know a woman who is nearly 40 and married, while working in the rather kinky end of the adult entertainment industry.  She's not a dancer or stripper, nuff said there, except she has mentioned two things I find very spiritually haunting.  One, after reading my book, "Can We All Be Wrong?" I did what I thought was mentor, encourage her to read the Bible, and answer her questions, but in looking back . . . At any rate she said she realized homosexuality was wrong. Although she didn't feel led to that lifestyle, had always supported their right, until reading what was written in Leviticus.  The next year, I saw photos of her with her teen aged daughters attending a gay pride parade.  The second thing about this individual is her insistence in discussing her career and perspective with someone she knows doesn't want to hear about it.  This sexual agenda is so aggressive.  Anyway, in one of our few conversations since she's embraced the darkness, she mentioned doing some modeling . . . I can't help but wonder, now, when I see some of the illustrations of the Harlot of Babylon, if she indeed has done some modeling.

My parents generation said, you could sanctify fornication with a marriage license.  My generation said divorce and cohabitation are fine . . . The generation we raised now says anything goes, and we're going to force it on everyone . . . What will be the stand of the next generation?   Or will society even survive the absence of a moral standard?  So far, there is no evidence that a society can survive this sort of moral breakdown.  

If I were to do it all over again, or if anyone were listening to my advice, I would suggest a religious ceremony, only without a state license, and not on a Sabbath.  Then a legal change of name for the bride, and do not use the children as tax deductions . . .

And even as they did not like to retain G-d in their knowledge, G-d gave them over to a reprobate mind . . . Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful . . . Who knowing the judgment of G-d, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.  ~  letter to Rome
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