Sunday, May 17, 2015

Are We Being Prepared?

The term "prepared" is being bandied around in many circles.  I watched two short videos this week, both about preparing, both very different, and both very sure their information is from G-d.  What I know, is, Y'hshuwah said, "Be ready."  He also said we know not the day or the hour of His return.  At the time he was on earth, he said he didn't even know, only the Father knew.  One look at social media interaction of folks talking about the Bible is clear indication, "we don't know the day or the hour of Messiah's return, because when it comes to our Creator's calendar, it's clear we don't even know what day it is!"

As to the videos, to be honest, I'm sure both are wrong, and of course there are those who would say I am wrong.  The woman spoke of a very soon rapture as the time of tribulation is becoming imminent.  There's no Scriptural basis for her belief, and her description of how this vision and dream came seemed very similar to the origin of the rapture theory.  A sick little girl had a dream or vision.  Now as for the man who made a video, his was an arrogant condescension about those of us who are watching the development of Operation Jade Helm.  We're told the treatment Jeremiah received as he tried to warn the people Babylon was taking over.  Do I think Operation Jade Helm is the government declaring war on the people?  No, not in so many words.  Do I think we should be prepared for a different way of living?  Absolutely!  I do think we are being prepared to live under a new level of what will be called "security."

Perhaps a better question than "are we prepared" or "is our military preparing," is:  "Are we being set up?"  We need to keep in mind just a few things about our recent American history, and by recent, I mean since WWII.  Our interstate highways were put in place by a general/president, for military purposes and fashioned after the German autobahn.  I would encourage you to read about the administration and accomplishments of President Eisenhower.  So, when we are told by many with a military background that the military uses the interstate all the time, they are correct, but take note; most of them are not still in the military either.

ISIS has become the latest nemesis in American culture but it hasn't united the people like invading Afghanistan did.  When I see some of the images I have to wonder if ISIS is presented to America in the same way Russian Communism was in Nazi Germany?  I mean no disrespect to those who are in the clutches of ISIS, but America really isn't taking an active stand for those people, yet our military has time to play Operation Jade Helm on our own home soil.

With the government now in charge of health care, there is a report that SS will begin to be reduced by 2017.  That's just one recent report, that may well be nothing more than inciting fear.  It is obvious, however; that the retired force and disabled force are in greater ratio to the workforce than ever before.  The following paragraph is found in the recent report found on what appears to be the official site.  This benefit formula change will be phased in very slowly, beginning in 2017 and not fully 
phasing in until 2050. Because all bend point factors will continue to be wage-indexed, 
future beneficiaries will continue to have inflation-adjusted benefits larger than those 
received by equivalent beneficiaries today.  The cost of health care is exponentially increased as we age.  Medicare is even more costly than the monthly social security checks that are issued.  We really need to look at Germany's pre WWII history regarding health care for everyone.  

I awoke to the reality that the power was out.  Since I'm heading off grid, there are a few things already in place, as well as having developed several simplicity alternatives along the way.  One individual who came across as an arrogant buffoon compared the Jade Helm discussions to Y2K.  By the details he gave, it sounded like he was "right in the midst of that fear."  I knew the Y2K scare was just to let us know how much was controlled by technology and there is even more now.  I was so sure of the fabricated fear that when I was in Haiti in November of 1999, I told the local ministries, I was sure there would be a number of generators available after the new year.  I was running an inner city mission and did three things in precaution of Y2K.  I bought a few extra bags of rice, a second propane tank for my grill, and I prayed.  So many in that neighborhood were dependent upon food stamps, that I thought one electronic glitch could result in a neighborhood of hungry children, so I spent an extra $20.00 just in case and although it was business as usual, I've never regretted that small step of precaution.  It's not hoarding or fear to be able to share into next week, yet I digress.  Back to no electricity.

Electricity is pretty vital to most of our lifestyle now.   As I considered the possibility of a power outage in the southern states in July and August, folks could get get pretty hot.  The loss of electricity for air conditioning, not to mention all the conveniences, could trigger a hostile environment.  As short fused and dependent as many Americans are, it wouldn't really take much of a glitch for lack of comfort and supply to become panic. Panicked people are not rational.

The Supreme Court's decision regarding gay marriage could divide this country in June.  The racial tension in many large cities is already intense.  The "them vs. us" mentality between citizens and law enforcement is at an all time high.  Poultry farms are being destroyed in many northern states.  Some farmers simply could not plant this year, as grain prices plummeted last year.  Raw milk is under attack, regularly; yet in all this, the majority of this nation remains dependent for their food supply.  The political differences are only going to intensify as the Presidential campaigns get an early start.  Meanwhile, we've lost track of ebola, while vaccines are possibly soon to be government mandated.  The reality is, much of our nation has already incurred some form of trouble on a large scale, yet confined to that area.  Unrest and distrust abounds, which seems to be serving to polarize our society on every issue.  We cannot keep blaming "them" and think anything is going to get better.

Regardless of what our government has planned or not planned, and regardless of the UN, the real problem America is facing, is judgment.

Evil men understand not judgment: but they that seek YHWH understand all things.  a Proverb of Holy Scripture

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