Sunday, May 31, 2015

Divided for the Conquering . . .

By now, most of us have realized, having a black president did not relax racial tension.  On the contrary, the tension seems to be heightened, while our President and First Lady continue to draw attention to racial conflict.  Undoubtedly, there are white racists in this country, but there are also black race baiters.  Meanwhile young people of all races are watching, believing the programming they are being fed from the side in which they are standing.  For whatever reason, tolerance calls us to hate bigots while baiters are given a free pass.  This country is, once again, racially divided.  Ferguson, MO and Baltimore, MD appear to have stepped back in time, and now college campuses offer "ethnic safe spaces."  The author of the article linked makes no bones about the fact, color speaks louder than freedom of the press.

Religious division is really gaining ground, even amongst those who claim the same basic beliefs.  Every week, I find at least two articles addressing the exodus from the church.  Then there are the various factions of the latest Hebraic movement that really seem rather denominational in their grouping and discussion.  The anti-religious seem to be able to unite in their anti-theism and are sadly gaining numbers and power over the public square.  The division is quite real, and the aggression against those with different beliefs is gaining momentum.  While the evangelicals tend to be divided Sunday morning, they are politically united at the polls.

Law enforcement is becoming quite militarized and while I do believe we still have some good cops, I also know there are some ruthless bad ones.  The police brutality has caused much division racially, as well as a general tone of "them vs. us" for a number of years, and now the biker situation in Texas has raised even more skepticism and distrust.  The truth is, when there is a bad guy breaking and entering, 911 is the link to our beloved law enforcement that is there to protect and serve.  On the other hand, when cruising down the highway and we see the lights on top of the car, the "them vs. us" is apparent with our own adrenaline charge and memory of every brutality video on the net.

There has been a generation gap since the dawn of creation, and along with that, the different standard of morality.  A decline in standards is a rapid drop.  Adam and Eve with their forbidden fruit, to the next generation committing murder speaks of the rapid decline of civility in this world.  The generational blame that has occurred in this country, I find to be quite, stale; for lack of a better word.  We all know the baby boomers economically and morally destroyed America and are destroying what's left . . .  Although the blame rolls off my shoulders like water off a duck's back, I will admit the boomers, as a whole sold out and haven't done much to improve the situation.  The generational division has always been, but the blame, well maybe . . . much of the church still teaches everyone is paying for past generational sins all the way back to the Garden.  Perhaps we lack the civility to not let a different perspective divide us; but blaming each other will absolutely bring division.

The Supreme Court is about to serve up a whopping dish of division with the same sex marriage decision coming in June.  There is NO way this will not bring division.  If they render a decision against same sex marriage, the gay agenda will explode.  If the decision is in favor of same sex marriage, the Supreme Court has exalted itself above Scripture, which will result in calamity of Biblical proportion.  This division will be the ultimate LOSE/LOSE for our society.  LGBT has made no bones about it. They are aggressive and will be relentless.  In the 2013 decision regarding DOMA, as the LGBT representatives stood on the steps in Washington a spokesperson for the group stated, "this is not enough."  From what I can see, the agenda wants our children, our businesses, our money, and our submission, and I don't know if that will be enough!

Thanks to mainstream media, every small glitch, and every misunderstanding can now be exaggerated internationally and blown completely out of proportion, while lacking context and be quoted as truth, while we all state, "I just don't trust mainstream media."  I find myself leaning toward news sources that are definitely outside of mainstream, yet fact checking can be very difficult and I certainly do not want to give a false report.  All things considered, though, fact checking mainstream media, doesn't offer much reassurance either.  Operation Jade Helm 15 continues to be downplayed in the news officially, while those of us trying to keep it on the radar are billed as conspiracy theorists.  More division, always more division.

Sadly, our politics appears to be divided by all of the divisive topics . . . Or perhaps, our politics are simply choreographed to give the appearance of party division, rather than the true division which is between "the powers that be" and "we the people."  Since that line appears to be based upon wealth, perhaps it's time to stop watching the politicians for leadership, and stop listening to the media for answers, and realize the love of money is the root of all evil and the only true refuge is found in our Creator.

And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.  And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.  ~ words of Messiah

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