Wednesday, June 10, 2015

In Other News

As news of Bruce Jenner's confusion filled the headlines and social media, there was much more going on that seems truly less confusing, but ominously overwhelming and potentially life altering.

While Congress is playing politics about invading our privacy with phone surveillance, the Pentagon apparently sent live Anthrax to over fifty labs in 17 different states, Washington DC, and three other countries.  Anthrax is deadly and the Pentagon is in charge of the military.  I'm not sure what will happen in these 17 states, but foreign entities may react strongly to this discovery.  Fortunately for us, all three countries are allies, at least they were before the Anthrax.

The weather has caused some areas in some states to be declared disasters due to flooding and storms, which means FEMA to the rescue.  There were 13 states listed for federal assistance so far in 2015.  Now some, were for late winter storms, while others are as recent as last week.  Seven states were listed since the spring season began, but I was unable to determine when or if FEMA had left or if the presence of this agency has remained.

Racial tension was exceedingly high in Missouri late last summer and into autumn with continuing non-resolution and federal oversight, while Baltimore, MD has become a treacherous with nearly a stand down police force.  New York continues to experience race and police issues.  All three of these situations have not been resolved to date, but have become hotspots of potential federal policing or military guard.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, bird flu has been reported in several states, with over 45 million chickens and turkeys destroyed.  Large poultry operations in some states have suffered tremendous loss, which will ultimately result in two things.  The food supply will be reduced, and some farmers will not be able to recover.  For the powers that be, that means even more control of the food and probably some land in mortgage foreclosure.  Since bird flu has been "discussed" and studies funded for ten years now, there's probably not much time until it mutates and becomes a human illness as well.

All of this in the "background" while those of us following the expansion of Operation Jade Helm 15 are being called conspiracy theorists.  A military operation that includes all the southern states except Alabama is not a theory, it's a published fact.  Now, if untruth is being published, that's another issue, but it still doesn't make the reader the conspiracy theorist.  This military operation also includes the state that houses the agency that sent the live Anthrax.

In making a list of states affected or involved in just the previously stated issues, and taking note of the overlap, I was shocked.  Keep in mind, the previous paragraphs do not address the long forgotten Ebola virus, states reporting listeria, potential tick diseases or "disease outbreaks" from summer vacations at theme parks and cruises.  

California and Texas made more than one of the lists, but this is the reality.  Between areas declared disasters from storms, USDA regulation of bird flu, racial tensions, live anthrax, and Operation Jade Helm, not to mention Michigan's surprise military exercises; 36 states and Washington DC are on these four lists.  That is 75% of the contiguous 48!  And the timing?  

Now that we have entered the time prophesied in which evil is called good and good is evil, is discernment being labeled conspiracy theorist?  Will wisdom and knowledge soon be called dissonance?   Even though Paul penned Romans 13:1-2, we need to remember he must have come to a place of that he had to choose between The Word and Rome, as he was executed by the Roman government.

And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.  ~ words of Messiah  
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