Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Again with Redefinition

I often get a preview of what's coming down the pike and this redefinition of good and evil has been right in front of me, my entire life, becoming more blatant in recent years.  I grew up in a home that was quite confusing by definition.  I now refer to my childhood not just as "white was black and black was white, but purple was green and orange was blue . . .  To put it mildly, I grew up confused.

I was born in the late 50s to teenagers who told me how scary the world was and how different it was from when they were growing up.  Actually, Daddy didn't do that so much, but he backed everything Mom said.  One, the stories they told me about kidnappings etc. happened before they were even born, and two, they weren't even grown when I was born.  Even in all the fear-mongering which my mother is still "family famous" for, I knew deep down, this was a control tactic.  Protection / control was my first taste of redefinition.  Appearance and reality was my next taste of redefinition.  Long before it was a social media meme I was introduced to "captivity is safety."  It went on from there, until I was a stupid teenager and made a couple of poor decisions, which resulted in my parents telling me they would never trust me again.  Now, at 57 over 20 years in ministry, they still don't, so enough energy spent there.  It has taught me, though to understand redefinition and value those who do not plant fear and do offer a mutually trusting relationship.

Moving along, I have come to realize many terms can be used to offer negative or positive implication, and quite often be very misleading.  When first coming to social media, I got a real taste of appropriate vs. inappropriate and some were lessons for my behavior and some were red flags for me, regarding the behavior of others.  After following along a particular saga of lost keys, I discovered the "victim" used the term "stalking" to describe my following in that particular situation.  Notice both victim and stalking are in quotes.  I now tend to keep my comments limited to three on any thread, with the exception of a few folks.  Of course going from yahoo groups to forum boards to now this social media, I did have some cyber manners to acquire.  Hopefully, I have, for the most part.  The funny thing about this individual who referred to me as stalking her posts, ended up unfriending me, blocking me, and now follows me . . . (need emoticon here)

Grandkids are awesome for getting the real scoop on life.  I was enjoying their visits on school breaks, especially when their mom was single and branching out socially.  As it turns out, when mom didn't need a babysitter, g-ma was informed indirectly that she was "monopolizing" the grandchildren's time.  Great vocabulary . . . serpentine definition.  That one hit kind of hard, but it was preparing me for the redefinitions that were yet to come.

In the past few years, many acquaintances have done what they can to make sure the exact location of the homestead is in a google search and on GPS.  It doesn't matter what I say . . . at any rate, one woman came to visit and wanted to learn all about everything I do.  I'm not a teacher and made that clear, but was more than happy to show her how easy it is to have a home based business in an extra bedroom.  Since I have a soap and natural health business, my product is made in batches.  Each soap batch yields about 30 bars of soap which means "inventory."  Since it takes nearly two months to cure I do try to stay a bit ahead.  I don't want to have to turn down an order or keep track of back orders.  I was certainly taken aback by her comment, as the "tour" was completing.  She voiced her appreciation for showing her my "hoarding room."  I can assure you, the very last thing any business person wants to do is "hoard" inventory.  The whole point of business is to keep product moving OFF the shelves.

As an internet journalist, I do try keep abreast of current events, folks seeking their 15 minutes of fame, and align that with where we are in the fulfillment of prophecy, as well as publishing the Good News and sounding the warning to repent.  I was speaking with one of my daughters about my distress over the Bruce Jenner deal regarding the impact on young people.  She, who took her teens to a Gay Pride Parade last year, publishing photos on FB mentioned she just didn't make time for the gossip and check stand magazines.  My first thought was to be offended at her intentional barb, but then I realized, she's chosen a path of the majority that appears to blind them as to what is really unfolding.  Bruce Jenner's need for attention doesn't concern me nearly as much as the fact our nation is choosing to rebel openly against the Word of our Creator, both in sexual perversion and blatant pride.  The fact that parents are actually introducing this to their children, is mind boggling.  How many of our young people will be confused and misled by this atrocity?  Being aware and sounding the warning has become socially synonymous with the term "gossip?"  How truly sad.

I was well aware, at least pretty sure, that we wouldn't just one day awaken in "Backward World" calling good evil and evil good, but the method seems far from subtle as the meanings of words are twisted in such a serpentine way!

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!  Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!  Prophet of Holy Scripture

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