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In recent weeks, name calling and labeling has been on the rise.  Some of us have been called paranoid, fear-monger, gossip monger, and our beliefs have been labeled a couple of different "____ phobics."  Then, there is always the religious fanatic or cultist, and conspiracy theorist.  I'd like to address these various labels that have been so openly used by none other than the "thou shalt not judge" crowd.  There are actually three different cliques or camps, within this crowd.  First, there is the group that is tolerant of everything that goes against Scripture, and absolutely intolerant of those who believe they are standing on Scripture.  Second, there is the group that cherry picks what is religiously acceptable and what is their idea of fanaticism.  Third, there is the group who have learned a new word, called "lashon hara," so the world is evil, but when it comes to the special group waving the Bible, honesty can often be considered "evil tongue."  Since the name calling has come from all three camps, perhaps it's time to look at the bigger picture.

To make an open statement regarding my trust of mainstream media, is just that, a statement.  I don't have to be afraid to voice my view on this matter, much more famous voices than my own have name called.  I'm not going to call names, but simply state, I absolutely do not trust everything we are being told, and if I know I don't trust everything, I'm not sure how much or what I will trust.  If I were paranoid, I'd say the media is aiming their misrepresentation at me personally, but I don't believe that, I believe it is intended as a distraction for the entire listening audience.  The majority of media headlines are hype and the majority of television programing is exactly that!  It's programming!

As for fear-mongering, unless you've been in a cave, under a rock, or comatose for the past several months, it should be obvious that trouble is brewing.  The racial division is deepening, the distrust between law enforcement and citizens is nearing a dangerous level, unemployment or underemployment has not been resolved with jobs.  Many of the unemployed have simply come of age to collect social security, or become eligible for disability or supplemental income from the federal level rather than their home state.  Underemployment continues to skew the statistics in that many are working two part time jobs, giving the illusion that employment has risen, when the reality is, one person is represented twice in the stats. Now, that the presidential campaigns have officially begun, more labeling will commence.  This will lead us into the next term:  gossip monger.

I'm walking a tightrope on this one, because I've already admitted I don't believe everything in the news, so if I repeat a headline or story, am I spreading gossip or reporting?  Some days, it's a toss up, but I try to go with stories I've verified.  Once in awhile, though, I cave into a just making a snarkastic comment . . .  We know, most of the ads for presidential campaigns truly are designed, not to share the accomplishments and resume of the candidate but to sling mud and cast dispersion against the opponent.

When it comes to the labels involving "_____phobic," I have to simply disagree.  The definition of phobic according to WordWeb is:  Suffering from irrational fears.  When it comes to the Gay Agenda or Islam, I am not afraid and my views are not irrational.  If Islam wants to portray itself as a religion of peace, then stop blowing people up and wielding swords.  That seems pretty logical to me.  Actually, I believe Islam is watching the gay agenda and taking their cues.  Although I've stated that I do expect swords down the road, for now, Islam is making great strides in this country as the "misunderstood minority."  That's how the gay agenda started until they got some power.  Now, I'm not homophobic, either.  I simply disagree with the lifestyle based upon my religious beliefs and Scriptural understanding.  They disagree with me on the same subject.  Can you imagine how silly it would be to call gays heterophobic or Muslims, freedomphobic?

I have to admit the religious fanatic label doesn't bother me nearly as much as Christians calling my beliefs a cult.  I feel really sad that while they espouse the Bible, they believe the Instructions to live as Messiah lived is legalism.  Who decides who gets to determine the definition of cult?  I hear repeatedly, "love G-d, love your neighbor" are the two laws of Christianity.  Well, I agree with Paul's writing in Romans and Galatians.  There is nothing in Torah against those two laws, nor is there anything in Torah against producing the fruit of the Spirit.  Having been called to the wilderness to establish a community and by not using pharmaceuticals, I admit, one could get the impression I might be a bit fringy. Realistically, many are heading out of the cities; and healing is all through Scripture even though there were doctors in those days.  So, while everyone complains about health care, I'll just trust the One Who created me.  As for establishing the community, I'm the one invested here, there'll be no signing over everyone's personal assets.  I'll be keeping mine and those who will join will be keeping their's.  This place is not 501c3 and everyone can just pay their own personal property tax.  The real estate tax is my responsibility until the country holding the big note on the US of A forecloses on all of us.

Let's talk conspiracy theory for a moment.  I've stated for some time now, I'm not sure how many are involved, but it's no theory.  I have no reason in the world to trust WalMart to have plumbing problems in every location they closed, without warning.  When it comes to Operation Jade Helm 15, since the southern states are involved in the "exercise" why not carry out this operation at the border instead of on the legal citizens?  I can't help but wonder where those millions of hollow point bullets are right now, which brings to mind those LEO targets of kids and pregnant women.  This paragraph has probably just earned me another label . . .

Now let's address my latest pet peeve in all these accusations:  lashon hara.   The interpretation of lashon hara is to "evil tongue."  The truth of the matter is, there is much evil going on in this world.  Sadly, just as there was evil and idolatry in the days of Jeremiah, by religious folk; it exists right here in the 21st century.  Speaking truth about our politics or religion is often labeled by the latest religious trend as lashon hara.  I'm of the notion that the accusation of "lashon hara" is often from the accuser of the brethren who does not want the truth to be made known.  Be it political or religious, folks in power do not like to be questioned.  Labeling those who would dare to speak out, is easier than being accountable.

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!  Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!  Prophet of Holy Scripture

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