Wednesday, March 28, 2012

While We're Enforcing Freedom . . .

Things are getting pretty strange here on the home front! I know we're told that women have awesome rights here in this country compared to other nations, but I'm noticing some strange things going on. First, I believe most other countries believe mothers should have their children. I also believe most countries do not force women to work outside the home just to afford milk and bread. I also believe most countries do not take it upon themselves to invade the personal lives of its citizens unless there are inappropriate public displays. Oh, and before I forget, for all the deadbeat dads out there, who are years behind in child support, but still feel the need to make your ex-wife's life a living nightmare, I've heard of just the lawyer for you . . . Back to women's rights here in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Assertive women have been vilified for a number of years now, but that was just a distraction to what was really happening. Men have invaded the rights of women in this country and demanded they be treated like women of days gone by. That's right, they want to let the women be the bread winners and they want custody of the children in the case of divorce, because child support seems to be a pretty steady income. Congress just demonstrated the complete disregard of women regarding their own health. The big debate, and that's all it is, a debate to keep the citizens distracted . . . Anyway the big debate on reproductive rights had no women on the panel. The abortion laws are getting crazy and people simply do not have eyes to see or ears to hear that we are being led down a path of no return. Meanwhile our nation's universities keep shelling out lawyers who ultimately run for office to make more stupid debates resulting in more laws that require lawyers to either protect the guilty or legally exhaust those who are just attempting to keep life together . . . Which brings me back full circle to the way our nation is treating women. A plan purely from the pit of hell has brought this about. First, the idea that men needed to go to town for "real jobs" left women in town with way too much free time! So when TV came into existence, so did advertisements, which led to increased so called "needs," which were nothing more than "wants." I've always been amazed that with the invention of all the appliances, there was more stress and more "never being caught up." So to pay for all this "more" women went to work, but that ultimately only accomplished two things, and paying for stuff wasn't one of them. The two things that were accomplished was an increased credit limit per household and earlier public "education" for younger children. So, by women getting out of the house, they began to find out how other households ran and well men began to be expected to participate in household chores, which didn't always go well. Eventually the tables turned ugly and women are now expected to keep house, take care of the children, run a budget, and keep a full time job and sadly there are many men in their 30's and 40's that have a woman that will do all that while he plays video games and buys expensive toys. Then when push comes to shove and the parting of the ways, the man usually has more disposable income for the bottom feeding lawyers to settle the matter in court. And some will simply forego child support to pay attorney's fees. Let the mom's cover the basic needs and have no funds for representation. Sort of confirms some of the accusations about Western culture. They may have outlawed physical abuse in this country, but it has been replaced by the "legal sucker punch." I, personally, believe it might be easier to just know and live by the strict and tough rules of other cultures, rather than the constant barrage of legal assault in the land of the free.
And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. Words from the New Testament
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