Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Just Thinkin' Out-loud

I've had this theory since early 2007, that the GOP really didn't want in the White House for a time. I even stated that I thought they were trying to "throw" the 2008 election. I, personally, believe they have discovered there is more power and fewer restrictions in the capitalistic, materialistic business world than in the US government. I believe they are capitalizing on every opportunity. I mean look at the power in talk radio. How many upper Middle Class folks do you suppose have divested of Wall Street and invested in Goldline? Once that took place, the Stock Market started gaining ground again . . . and the GOP upper-crust were there as the tide turned. Now, fast forward from my 2007 theory to 2008, when John McCain received the nomination. The GOP didn't want him in 2000!!! After 8 years of the man they chose over John McCain, it was John McCain's "turn" to throw himself on the political grenade and make a respectable showing, but not win. That "stunning loss" was enhanced by choosing the interesting running mate that he chose. Sarah Palin rallied the party, while making any intelligent person ashamed to admit they were ever a republican. Besides, it was obvious in 2004, that Barack Obama was chosen for the White House in the next Democrat run. Now fast forward to 2012. Barack Obama is the incumbent running on the simple platform that the GOP can't even get it together enough to come up with a candidate to run against him. He's not even campaigning! That can only mean one thing. Behind the scenes, the White House is already a done deal! Now, whether it's a done deal for the democrat incumbent or bought and paid for by the GOP, only time will tell. I'm leaning towards both of those factors, but . . . This GOP primary circus got me thinking today. I know Sarah Palin has been talking about a brokered convention and she very clearly stated in an interview that she will be in Florida for the convention. and certainly willing to "help her country." That's when this theory really came into full view. What if, the GOP really doesn't want to be in the position of elected political control, but will continue to control Big Business and Wall Street, because in materialistic Capitalism, that is really who holds the political power! So they've let each candidate have his moment in the sun, only to not really get behind any of them. Now Sarah P. is playing coy with the media she professes to despise, and yet without the media who would have ever heard of Sarah Palin? Now, here's where I see the ultimate win/win/win for the GOP. They don't get fully behind any one candidate, so the convention is brokered and Sarah P. gets the nod. Then when Sarah runs, the entire party takes at least one step back to regroup, while she basks in the lime light and fawns all over the media, while pretending she doesn't like all the attention. Then, come November, she loses and is finally out of the picture for good, while the GOP continues to tend to Big Business behind the partisan smoke screens or . . . she wins, becoming the first woman president and the GOP leaves the 'rogue elephant' out front in the White House while they get their Big Business ducks in a row. Either way, I'm thinking the GOP could use Sarah out front for awhile, again . . .
For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts, New Testament
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