Monday, December 07, 2009

Okay, Now I Think I Finally Do Have it Figured Out!

With nearly 13% of Americans over the age of 65, 18% disabled, almost 25% under 18, and now over 10% of the American work force unemployed, the government is taking care of quite a number of us. I'm not saying all the children under 18 are receiving government aid, but many of them are and most of them do receive public education, so . . . Upon further checking, I discovered 7.5% of Americans are government employees and approximately 1.25% are either active in the military or retired and receiving benefits for themselves and in many cases, their families. All of this adds up to nearly 75% of the American population, collectively not producing anything toward the GDP, but collecting something from the "common purse." These figures do not count the cops and robbers, who are also either paid or housed on public money. Okay, I still laugh at all the people collecting Social Security that are against Socialism, and everyone on Medicare that abhors the idea of socialized medicine, but I digress . . . Back to the point of all this. From what I could glean in minimal research, correctional facilities and health care are the main American employers in many locations. That is not saying government employees and military are not earning their money, but their earnings comes out of our tax dollars, so thus, by default they also are dependent upon our government's way of doing business. Now, it would seem, it has finally dawned upon someone that this present way of doing business is truly unsustainable, so the government needs to collect some assets or at least have control of some revenue producing business. Obviously the government already controls prisons and jails, and they are not financially self-sustaining, either, not to mention the fact that they house yet another 1% of the American population being cared for. So the last group of Americans to cause to be dependent upon the government would be health care workers and with reform, recipients. America's health care already has fostered a real mentality of dependency and submission! Oh, I hear people all the time talk about what they won't put up with and what they don't want to do or receive from a doctor, but ultimately, I'm the only person I know that has actually stood up and said, "NO!" to their faces. Believe me, I've heard some big talk, but when the chips are down, they either cancel their appointment or cave in compliance and they end up with big medical bills that they are stuck paying, and complaining about. This fear and submission will ultimately give our government the last stand needed for total control. The largest reason for personal bankruptcies is medical bills, so with health care reform, the government will run a certain amount of the provision, as well as put a choke hold on insurance, which will ultimately only serve to raise health care costs, which will put more Americans into poverty, or their assets in the hands of "the provider." Health care reform truly is about control and money, no matter how you look at it!
"Is it your desire to get well?" Words of Messiah
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