Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Airport Security and Health Care Reform

Now that we are seeing something looming on the horizon, I have to reiterate a blog I wrote a few years back. Airport security offends me on many levels, as does health care reform. I realize now that many talking heads are telling us it is not a loss of rights to be groped, treated rudely and refused something so basic as our own bottle of water, and perhaps they are right. Perhaps it is not a loss of rights, but it is a loss of dignity. Now that I think of it, dignity is not a promised right in America, but rather earned. Apparently even if it is earned, in the airport; we are all equal, except of course, airport security agents. I think what offends me most is the loss of what I do consider a fundamental concept mentioned in the bill of rights. Does anyone remember the premise that we are presumed innocent until proven guilty? Airport security has reversed that basic concept. If the talking heads are right, and we're not losing any rights, then so be it, but I was under the impression is was a right as an American citizen. I guess, this is the place where I just need to be thankful I don't live in Iran. Well, back to my concept. Seeing that the failed bomber allegedly had explosives in his underwear, I have three thoughts. First, if he had succeeded, just what did he plan to do with the 70 virgins? And second, I think we can be terribly glad, for the sake of future security procedures that he didn't have any explosives where I've read of drugs being hidden. And third, since I'm still unsure as to the authenticity of this entire ordeal, I do clearly see the introduction of body imaging security coming soon to an airport near you. So, I say let's kill two birds with one stone. Considering the expense that airport security will soon be, and the similar attitude of unquestionable authority between airport security and health care professionals, as well as the fears of rising health care with the reform, let's just crank up the resolution on the body imaging at the airports and we can go ahead and get the MRIs and CT scans at the same time.
For the day is near, even the day of YHVH is near, a cloudy day; it shall be the time of the heathen. a Prophet of Holy Scripture
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