Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Our President Has the Answer

Does anyone actually remember the question? I received a post from a forum in which I participate, that haughtily stated our Big Government has come to the rescue and things are looking better, thanks to Big Government. From what I understand about this latest and greatest news, the banks and insurance companies that received bail-outs and are still in business are giving some money back, and the President said, "with interest!" According to the Fed Chairman, the interest rate is 0%! And before the bail-out, this money that has been paid back wasn't even in print. So, in a nut shell, our Big Government printed money that was basically worth the paper it was written on, loaned it to greedy corporations who paid greedy executives and after claiming no one knew where the money went, they've suddenly come up with it and returned it or paid it back, or whatever we are calling it today. So now, our government has 200 some billion dollars in the coffers that wasn't even real money last year. Yeah! Big Government!
Your false gods will not keep you safe . . . a Prophet of Holy Scripture
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