Monday, December 21, 2009

Our Senators are So Concerned About We The People

. . . that they are staying up nights, to pass legislation that will forever alter everything about our nation and our individuality. What a group! I've got a feeling I know how we will repay them, but I hope we realize how we should repay them. We'll be paying for this legislation with our hard earned tax dollars as well as our lives. I agree that insurance has too much power, but at least with insurance plans, you can change companies. What do we do with government controlled health care? Which moves me to the way I hope we repay them. It's nearly 2010, and some of our Senators will be wanting our votes. I suggest we closely scrutinize their voting record, specifically in regard to this last piece of . . . legislation. With all the amendments and add-ons, I really can't, in all good conscience, even term it true American legislation. It's more of a pork schmorgasbord. Anyone that thinks adding more people to the health care roster with the stipulation that it's against the law to not have insurance is only kidding themselves if they truly believe it will reduce costs. Not only will health care costs increase, so will judicial expenses in prosecuting such cases. Seriously, I don't really think any politician truly believes this legislation will reduce spending, but I do think they are counting on it to increase the power over the people. Legislating health care to be mandatory makes it a legal matter or illegal as the case may be. With the economy the way it is, and American's losing hope as rapidly as they are, they may consider "the public option" of simply going to jail where they don't have to worry about becoming homeless, will have three meals a day, and health care!
I am forgotten . . . I am like a broken vessel. a Psalm of David of Holy Scripture
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