Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Thank you Senate and thanks to you too, Mr. President

What a gift! On Christmas Eve when purportedly the approximate 80+% of this nation that claims to be Christian will officially begin their Christmas celebrations, as well as many who do not claim any religion; our Senate will be working overtime and our President will postpone his arrival in Hawaii to bring us health care reform. And when it's all said and done, it's bad legislation all the way around. They keep talking like this is some sort of gift to we the American people.
Well, Merry *expletive* Christmas!
This is just smarmy, the way they are going about this. I have only voted for one republican in my life and that was a local election and a friend. I have never voted on a state level, much less national for a republican candidate, but these guys are really making me believe a change is needed in Washington. If the Republicans hadn't given us the USA Patriot Act, I might be considering them right now and if the Tea Partiers could spell and appeared to have gainful employment, I might consider them, but as it stands I'm afraid this health care reform is going to do what the USA Patriot Act did. We, the cared about and protected people, are just that much closer to absolute captivity for our own good! If there was anything really good for the people, would it need so much sugar coating? I mean these politicians are supposed to be representing us, so why so many amendments and buy-outs for votes? This is either good for the people or it isn't. This is the United States of America, right? If it's good for the people in Iowa, why does the Nebraska representative have to be wined and dined and promised the moon? What in the world does mandatory health care have to do with pumping even more money into New Orleans over Katrina? That was years ago now and health care has nothing to do with rebuilding, or it shouldn't. I just believe there is so much enshrouded in this health care bill, it will be years before all the damage shows, and we'll never get it paid for. If it was good for us, our representatives could agree before the cajoling or maybe if our representatives were good for us, they would need no cajoling. As for me, I'm not into a commercial Christmas, but I certainly wish Congress would take their holiday and I wish the President was already golfing in Hawaii. And what's with all these midnight votes and special meetings? It's as if daylight and sunshine would reveal what our Congress is really all about. If this was good legislation, it could be done in the light of day.
And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. New Testament
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