Friday, May 01, 2009

A New Supreme Court Justice to be Appointed

Well, the debate should heat up over the next couple of months. I can hear it now! So many in America will be thrilled that President Obama will be appointing a new justice, all ready, in his presidency. But there is a group that would rather President Obama did not have that power just now. I, think, as usual, the timing is just really interesting. Justice Souter isn't even 70 years old. I didn't know Supreme Court Justices retired at all, except for extreme health issues. The rest of us will have to work long after 70 . . . I did a bit of research about his fame for the decision regarding Eminent Domain and I didn't realize how that vote went down. Seems Sandra Day O'Connor agreed with Justices Thomas, Rehnquist, and Scalia, but were outnumbered by the others. All I remember hearing at the time, though was Souter's vote and of course the usual gripes about Ruth Bader Ginsburg's politics. We need to remember, fellow Americans. Each Justice is allowed only one decision per case. Until now, seven justices have been appointed by Republican presidents. So, the reality is, if the Supreme Court was going to change the laws about abortion, or reduce federal government in our lives, or protect small business, we'd have seen the evidence long before now. It simply isn't going to happen. Now, when President Obama appoints someone to replace Justice Souter, who by the way has been a disappointment to the expectations of republicans, the Supreme Court really will not change that drastically. Once the President makes a choice, which we know will have no problems for approval by Congress; of the nine Justices, there will be only 3 appointed by a democrat president. And even if this individual, probably a woman, were to be the most far left leaning person on the planet. Even if this person made a communist socialist seem conservative, they will offer only one opinion out of 9. Now, if two or three more "retire" that may appear suspect, but no one has ever known what to expect out of Souter, and we'll have a pretty good idea going in, as to the perspective of Obama's choice.
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