Tuesday, May 05, 2009

So, Now it Appears to Just Depend Upon One's Perspective

Well this economic crisis certainly is "spell binding" now isn't it! One week, everything is bleak and unexpectedly worse, and the next week, it's leveling off, or at least not plummeting so drastically. I find it particularly ironic that Ben Bernanke now says the economic horizon is looking up, because it's not declining as rapidly as it was. I've been thinking about all this and all these "latest and most insightful perspectives" and I've arrived at this conclusion, which is a question. What if the hay day is simply over and the economic decline is slowing because "we the people" realize this is the reality of the new millennium and the results of years of "blame and diversion" administrations. What if the economic decline is a result of the fact that the boomers were right early on, and the materialistic establishment is the road to destruction? Remember the ad "Chevy, the heartbeat of America?" So with Chevy being our heartbeat, does that mean with the potential government take over or forced bankruptcy, that America is about to go flat-line? Oh, but that can't be, because TPTB say it's going to get better after it gets worse. Isn't that kind of like saying, "It will feel so good when it quits hurting?"
I'm not buying into it and I'm not investing in these promises. I really think it just depends upon where you are standing as you view the situation, and if I were in a government position, I think I'd be wanting "the people" to believe it was going to get better. As an itinerant minister and blogger, I don't think "a better economy" is on it's way, but I'm guessing the reference: "a better economy," is about to be redefined!
All these are the beginning of sorrows. New Testament
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