Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Simple Advice Through This Depressing Recession

We're all reading so many headlines that give conflicting information about our economy. One day it's better because it's not dropping so fast, the next week it's worse in other areas than first expected. What we know is this. We are Americans and our leadership operates completely in debt and we've accepted this as our way of life. I know so many people that are "one payment away" from getting on the right path. This is going to sound like a sermon or parental advice, and maybe it's a little of both! You know, we just have to drop it all and get on the right path, then pick up the pieces and pay for the broken mess, one piece at a time. Don't borrow any more, don't spend anything on anything unnecessary, and first and foremost we need to get back to giving G~D what HE expects, which is the first portion of our income. And here's the good news, HE doesn't even expect anywhere close to the percentage we pay in taxes! I heard more about this economy looking up later in the year, and that projection is based upon more spending!!! They don't get it yet, and "they" will continue to encourage the people to spend and borrow and borrow and spend, because it's really pretty simple. As the government begins to be a major shareholder in banks and big business, like say GM and Freddie and Fannie, the people that are indebted will literally be in bondage. This is getting closer to reality than we think. While we're arguing over credit cards and political parties, we're entering slavery to our own materialism and instant gratification.
We've got to just stop spending what we don't have, as individuals and as a nation.
. . . the borrower is servant to the lender. a Proverb of Holy Scripture
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