Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bumper Stickers Say Alot

I saw a Bumper Sticker that simply spoke volumes today. We had a crazy day all over the place and ended up still in town around 3 this afternoon, so we stopped at the little Chinese Restaurant to have lunch. Surprising for the time of day it was, the parking lot was fairly full. As we crossed the parking lot to enter the establishment, I noticed one of the old campaign bumper stickers from last fall on a vehicle. It was the one that mentioned "pitbull & lipstick," McCain-Palin. I told my husband that I'd be able to spot the owner of that vehicle, when we got inside. I'd done some work on the other place and I wanted to wash my hands before we ate, so I headed to the ladies room and my husband sat down and ordered our drinks. It's a buffet, so I fixed our plates and sat down with him. As we were eating I couldn't help but notice the people and their styles and manners. There was one table that appeared to be "four generations." When the generation about my age started harping at the toddler, I began to take notice. The toddler's mother had gone back to the buffet and he wanted to go with her. He really wasn't being loud, just wanted "Mommy." Grandma, on the other hand was quite a scene. As I watched this, I watched the Great Grandma placing napkins on the floor over what was a horrible scattered mess under the high chair of a little girl that was about a year old. I'm not just talking about something dropped, or even something spilled, I'm talking mess, scattered mess, and the adults are walking through it and putting napkins over it. I told my husband, I thought I had the owner of the bumper sticker in sight. Then, when I didn't think it could get any more socially unacceptable, I watched as they all went to the cash register, had the owner divide the ticket according to their specifications, watched the waitress take every cleaning supply on the place, to the "area" and they hadn't even left a tip.
Sure enough, I watched them all pile into the vehicle with "the message!" Bumper stickers really do say alot!
. . . thou hast made desolate all my company. Holy Scripture
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