Thursday, May 14, 2009


The auto industry is simply, in a word, wrecked. I can't even fathom what the people that have invested their lives in their "franchise" dealerships are facing. The big guys get their bail out, but this depression is going to take the last of the independent businessmen and financially destroy them. The auto workers will get their severance, the executives will get their packages, and the dealerships get their notice, and the word is, the big company isn't even going to take back the inventory. So, it will come down to paying the overhead to give the vehicles away at the fire sale price, or bankruptcy. Where is the economy strengthened in this maneuver? I remember, "what is good for GM is good for America." I remember, "see the USA in a Chevrolet."
I remember, "Chevy, the heartbeat of America . . ." and I also remember Tucker! So, is this a case of "what goes around, comes around?"
Back to Henry Ford. According to everything I've read, Henry Ford had a hatred for farming . . . the very purpose for which G~D created man.
Looks like Ford will be the last auto-maker standing . . . Henry Ford was recognized, early on, as a globalist, yet wrote such as the "International Jew" which was anti-Semitic.
Just what is the difference between international and global?
And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee . . . Torah of Holy Scripture
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