Friday, May 22, 2009

Now He's Gone and Done It

I didn't think it would be possible and certainly not this soon, but President Obama has caused me to do the unbelievable. He's caused me to agree with Rush Limbaugh! Not on everything, but on more than I thought. Actually I only heard Rush Limbaugh for a few minutes in an interview with Glenn Beck. Glenn Beck is a case, and I have to admit, I thought Glenn and Rush would certainly be good material for a blog. Well, instead of lambasting in his usual fashion, and I only heard a few minutes of the interview, Rush was simply questioning the value of government owned "everything." Granted he was obviously pointing a finger at President Obama without mentioning the TARP by Bush, but he said some things I've been writing about and talking about. Our government is about to control everything in our lives. Our government is already controlling a great deal of the banking industry, the mortgage and lending, and now credit, and let's not forget the automobile industry. And we're about to have national health care, and let's not forget all the new bureaucracy being introduced to food and disease concerns. Before when it was simply regulations for FAA and FCC, it seemed that our government was protecting the citizens with a few regulations, but now. Our government is well on it's way to total control, of just about everything that affects the citizens. It's always for our good, remember. I just read about people signing up for the driving to be monitored to reduce their insurance. The article had the words "Big Brother" right in the headline, like it was a good thing. We will have no free market, no free trade, and ultimately no freedom. All that, and Rush and I AGREE it's a bad plan!
And that no man might buy or sell . . . the Revelation
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