Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea, Anyone?

Well, it looks like the GOP may be replaced with TEA. I don't know if the GOP got diluted or just soured, but TEA may be a refreshing change of pace for the conservatives, or just a fun distraction for awhile. Everyone likes to think they are making a difference. And the GOP followers are the easiest to convince they are doing something unique and powerful and RIGHT. They like that sort of programing. And so, in both name and the fashion of the Boston Tea Party, this new national platform is being presented and promoted. On one hand, I do see the correlation. The colonists dressed up as Indians and threw the tea over in protest of taxes. Now, we have disgruntled members of the GOP dressed up as movers and shakers and using TEA for an acronym in protest of taxes. I guess it took them awhile to come up with this, since it didn't happen when all the banks and big business got their party money. According to Glen Beck, it wasn't organized or orchestrated, just people all on the same page, doing the same thing. Well, okay, if Glen says so, but I heard him talking about it, before it ever happened, mentioning cities and places, and contacts. If that isn't organizing and orchestrating, I don't know what you'd call it. I read someone had compared this so called "grass roots movement" to astro-turf. Genuine? I think they do want the power back, and they know the last administration blew it big time for all the things the GOP supposedly stands for. And I do know, many Americans would rather keep the banks going, than have more government programs. So, maybe the same people will orchestrate the same agenda with a new name, and now that the government will own banks and business, the people will rally to the "new" party never realizing, it's the SOP, Same Old Politics. There is no party of smaller government. And this government is huge with a voracious appetite. It's already eating our great grandchildren's lunch! So let's all have TEA!
. . . the young children ask bread, and no man breaketh it unto them. a Prophet of Holy Scripture
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